15 Chilling Secrets From Ex-Cult Members

Usually referring to a social group that has been defined by religion or certain philosophical beliefs, cults have been around since the beginning of time itself. Controversial to say the least, cults are often thought of as being negative and carry with them a number of dark and frightening connotations.

In fact, even the word ‘cult’ is as controversial as the organization that lies beneath it with the term considered an attack on certain groups. Think about it? Certain cults hold different beliefs to what is considered ‘the norm’ in society, but does that mean it’s wrong? Not at all. But it is how these groups conduct themselves that really gets people worried. After all, those negative connotations are there for a reason with a number of groups said to be extremely dangerous with regards to what they are trying to preach.

From brainwashing and new religious movements to racist, political and polygamist cults, such groups seemingly pop up all over the world with only one agenda in mind: To get more followers. Yep, the more and more followers they attract, the more attention they seem to get, causing the cult itself to become much more powerful and controlling. However, whatever the case, cults are always going to be extremely fascinating, despite the terrifying stories that come out of them. It is time to put a spotlight on the world of scary cults with 15 chilling secrets from ex-cult members.

15. The Cult Member Who Sacrificed His Own Child

Joining a cult is much more common that you might think, just ask 54-year-old former Ogboni member, Chris Obi. Chris recently revealed a harrowing account of his time in the Ogboni cult where he was a member for 15 years. Yep, joining Ogboni to find wealth, Chris was promised the world. However, only managing to dine with the high and mighty during meetings, Chris was still left with nothing when returning home, despite paying an enormous registration fee. Unable to feed his family, Chris became fed up with the numerous fees and costs that followed, resulting in him giving the cult a second thought. It was upon meeting a former colleague and fellow cult member that really made him think twice when the man in question had revealed that he had sacrificed his own son in order to get rich with the Ogboni.

14. Former Beach Boy Dennis Wilson Gets Close To Charles Manson, Who Then Threatens His Kids

Even celebrities can’t hide from the power of the cult. Somehow managing to get involved with the notorious Manson family in the 1960s, Beach Boy drummer Dennis Wilson even ended up housing most of them. After picking up two somewhat innocent female hitchhikers on the side of the road, Wilson thought he had hit the jackpot. Inviting them back to his Hollywood mansion, the girls soon invited some of their friends, some of which included cult founder, and full-time murderer Charles Manson. Seemingly getting on for a while, Wilson even introduced Manson to the music scene and helped him put a record together. However, things soon turned sour, when Manson threatened Wilson with a bullet along with the message, “Every time you look at it, I want you to think how nice it is your kids are still safe.” Manson was later arrested for the murder and slaughter of a number of high-profile killings in Hollywood.

13. 39 Members Convinced To Take Their Life For Heaven’s Gate Cult

Probably one of the most famous cults on the list, Heaven’s Gate is also one of the craziest. Led by founder Marshall Applewhite, the cult was an American UFO religious group who believed that an extraterrestrial spacecraft would come and collect them on the Comet, Hale-Bopp. Deciding that the best way to reach the comet was via mass suicide, Applewhite somehow convinced 39 members to kill themselves in order to board the ship. However, managing to evade the big event, former member, Rio DiAngelo recently shed some light on those who were involved. When describing his three years within the cult, DiAngelo claims that although he hopes to join his “brothers and sisters” one day, suicide will never be part of his plan stating, “I lost 39 of my closest brothers and sisters, my friends, and even though I’m trying to have control of this vehicle, it still disturbs me.”

12. The Illuminati Has Secret Bunkers And Controls The Weather

We know you have heard of it, but what exactly is The Illuminati? Whether it be real or fictitious, the secret society has most certainly freaked out a number of people around the world, with some even suggesting that the real controllers of the world are those who reside in The Illuminati. Said to be in charge of everything, even the weather, one particular ex-member recently revealed the secrets of the cult in an open letter that detailed a number of terrifying and extraordinary insights. Said to have spent 47 years inside The Illuminati, the author goes on to describe Barack Obama as extremely evil, as well as claiming that there are several underground bunkers designed to hold the most powerful men and women in the world. With it likely that The Illuminati rumors will go on until the end of time itself, it is clear that we will never truly be certain of its existence or their true power.

11. Women Are Seen As Second To Men In The Jehovah’s Witnesses

One of the most secretive Christian cults out there, Jehovah’s Witnesses are mostly known for knocking on your door and trying to convert you. However, much more sinister than you might think, one particular member recently revealed the hardships and atrocities that regularly come out of the cult, especially towards women. Detailing their experiences on the notorious website, Reddit, the ex-member claimed that women were thought of as, “A compliment for a man”, declaring that they “Should be submissive to their husband, who is the head of their family and it is he who makes all the important decisions.”

The user also revealed that women are unable to teach or even give speeches and are often forced to wear a headscarf as a sign of being submissive.

10. The Moonies Forced Separation From Family + Mass Wedding Ceremonies

Dubbed The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, the religious group was originally founded in South Korea and has since found worldwide fame due to the several mass wedding ceremonies that happen each year. Nicknamed The Moonies, due to the founder’s name, Sun Myung Moon, the cult has been the subject of controversy since the very beginning and is often labeled heretical and antisemitic. Accused of brainwashing its members, one former member recently described the torment that he had been exposed to stating that he was first introduced to the cult by three women who were pretending to be students at his school. Brainwashed from the start, he was then persuaded to go on a 40-day break from his family which then resulted in a three-year stay before managing to escape. Claiming that the cult had trained him into becoming a cult leader, he then recounted days where he was forced to stay awake for days on end in order to set an example for future members.

9. Leah Remini Spills On Scientology Including Abuse

One of the most famous cults in the entire world, Scientology also has one of the worst reputations but still manages to attract the rich and famous. Known for its abundance of celebrities, one particular former member recently revealed a number of sinister secrets from the cult itself. World renowned actress Leah Remini joined the cult at the age of nine when her parents decided it was the best thing for their family at the time. Deciding to leave in 2013, Remini instantly became an outspoken critic of the cult, even releasing a memoir titled, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology. From claiming that the church forced members to become dependent on them as well as constantly covering up rituals of abuse, Remini also admitted that they had tried to recruit her then best friend, pop star, Jennifer Lopez.

8. Order Of Nine Angles May Include Human Sacrifices

One of the creepiest on the list, the Order of Nine Angles, is a Satanic cult originally founded in the United Kingdom. Now, affiliated with groups all over the world, the cult is also said to be one of the most dangerous. Known for its Neo-Nazi ideologies, as well as “Traditional Satanism,” former members have been reluctant to discuss what goes on within the group fearing that it may cost them their lives. Shrouded in secrecy, it is thought that British Neo-Nazi activist David Myatt is likely to be the “Grand Master,” who regularly promotes the idea of an Aryan race. Former members have confirmed that Myatt is indeed at the helm of the cult and it has been suggested that members are often encouraged to break societal taboos, commit crimes, and actively take part in political extremism and violence with some even convinced to carry out human sacrifices.

7. The Latter-Day Church Of Christ Encourages Inbreeding

Known as The Latter Day Church of Christ, the religious group is also commonly referred to as The Kingston Clan or The Order. With a whopping 3,500 members, The Order is one of the most successful cults in the world and is dubbed The Most Powerful Polygamist Cult in America. Never far from controversy, the group has often been accused of incest, with former members claiming that founder, Ortell Kingston has experimented with inbreeding within his followers.

If that wasn’t enough, the group has also allegedly encouraged underage marriage with girls as young as 13 said to have been married off to men twice their age. Somehow managing to escape, one particular former member recently revealed that she was in the process of marrying her 42-year-old uncle, despite her being just 14 years old and blood-related. Discussing the Kingston family, the ex-member stated, “They love their blood. They think they’re direct descendants of Christ, and they think their blood is pure. It’s almost like they want to have purebred Kingston families.”

6. Black Israelites And Anti-Semitism

Known as the African Hebrew Israelite Nation of Jerusalem, or simply, the Black Hebrews or Black Israelites, the religious cult believes that they are descended from the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. Consisting of just over 5,000, the majority of members live in Israel, with many migrating from the USA. The group has been accused of antisemitism on a number of occasions, with one former member recently revealing the atrocities of what goes on inside the group. Detailing accounts of abuse in her book, Israel’s Secret Cult: The incredible story of a former member of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, author Mahaleyah Goodman gives an honest and open view of the world she lived in, as well as helping others recognize signs that they also might be involved in a cult themselves.

5. The Freemasons Will Not Testify Against One Another

Much in the same way as The Illuminati, The Freemasons have been shrouded in mystery since the very beginning. Said to have formed during the end of the fourteenth century, The Freemasons are a group entirely made of men and the discussion of religion and politics is banned.

It was recently revealed that the bond between fellow masons was stronger than originally thought with one particular ex-member recently stating that Freemasons would under no circumstances testify against one another, even if it meant going to jail. Sworn to protect, Freemasons are extremely secretive meaning that they can just about get away with anything, even murder.

They are even linked to the Jack the Ripper killings in London during the late 19th century. It has been suggested a number of times that the Freemasons were indeed responsible for the slayings, but covered the whole thing up.

4. Church Of Scientology Has “The Hole” Where They Torture People

Over the years a number of former Scientologists have come out with reports of abuse and torment within the Church of Scientology. From physical to mental abuse, the accusations have come from celebrities that have been involved, as well as regular normal civilians. However, it was one aspect, The Hole, that has become the most harrowing. It is rumored that the facility exists with the sole purpose to be that of destroying one’s mind. One former member described the room as, “a place of confinement and humiliation where Scientology’s management culture — always demanding — grew extreme. Inside, a who’s who of Scientology leadership went at each other with brutal tongue lashings, and even hands and fists.” In fact, The Hole is so feared, that ex-members have likened it to a North Korea death camp.

3. Members Expected To Donate 10% Of Salary To Faith Assembly

Known as the Christian Assemblies International (Or Faith Assembly), the religious group was led by the self-styled guru, Pastor Scott Williams. However, Christian, it was not, with the pastor recently revealed to have tormented and abused a number of his followers, as well as reports of a secret homosexual sex ring funded by donations from the members. Managing to escape the cult after a number of years inside, one former member claimed that they were forced to fund such evil practices, stating, “There was enormous pressure placed on members to donate to this organization. We’re talking 10 percent of their gross income plus many more offerings throughout the year.”

2. The Light Cult Hates On Homosexuality And Women

Original to say the least, religious group, “The Light” is a secret society currently based in Manhattan, New York with leader Tom Baer claiming that the group has descended from a master Aryan race that once lived on the moon. With only 200 members, the cult is considered small, however, that’s not to say that it’s not dangerous. Recently heard speaking out against the group, one former worshiper revealed that the cult has an unhealthy obsession with homosexuality and considers it unlawful and disgusting. The cult is extremely controlling, with one ex-member describing how Baer actively encourages corporal punishment, as well as considers women to be second class citizens. In fact, Baer is said to be so controlling, that he is also in charge of how they decorate their own houses and makes sure that the symbol of the cult, the owl, is seen in every room.

1. Church Of Latter-Day Saints Involved Polygamy And Daily Abuse

A former member of the Fundamentalist Church of the Latter-Day Saints, Rebecca Musser somehow managed to pull off one of the best escapes in modern history and even managed to put the cult leader in prison. Known as a polygamous cult, which meant men could have several wives, leader Warren Jeffs was also a sexual sadist with an unhealthy obsession with young women. Forced to marry Warren’s father who at the time was 85 years old, Rebecca was subjected to a daily dose of abuse at the hands of her husband, leader Warren, and her very own half-brother. Finally able to escape, Rebecca went straight to the cops and exposed the gruesome realities of the cult, as well as sending Warren to jail for the rest of his life.

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