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15 Cool DIY Costumes That Bring It to the Next Level

15 Cool DIY Costumes That Bring It to the Next Level


Halloween 2017 is just around the corner, and if you’re one of those people who ALWAYS waits until the last minute to get your costume together, knock it off! In fact, why not impress all of your friends this year by DIY-ing the sh*t out of an awesome new costume? Check out the following cool DIY costumes to give you some inspiration so you don’t have to go as a cowboy/cat/ghost/regular person for the third year in a row.


1. Mr. Peanut



2. Hodor

via patmfitz


3. Tony Stark

via tookawalk


4. Groot

via chelley58


5. Star Lord

via chelley58


6. Shower Scrub

via AngelsSayNo


7. Lisa Frank

via biddybeep


8. Furiosa

via YouQueefedThatsDisgusting


9. Mad Max

via YouQueefedThatsDisgusting


10. Han Solo

via HeyyItsJmo


11. The Simpsons

via Ze-skywalker


12. Cheryl from Archer

via Clara Cosmia


13. Matt Murdock

via thatguyknownast


14. Jessica Jones

via thatguyknownast


15. Demogorgon



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