15 Craziest Things Ever Spotted In Google Street View



Goddamn Google. We want to hate them for their domineering corporate ways, data-harvesting and for the simple reason that they’re richer than you or I ever will be, but they’ve also thrown some of the best technologies in the world into our hands for free. One of these is Street View, which is as useful as it is reviled.

Its relentless pursuit to stick its all-seeing 360-degree camera where it’s not welcome has ruffled plenty of feathers in the past, causing the internet giant to be on the receiving end of a fair few lawsuits. But for all the people Street View has angered, it’s caused millions more of us to be entertained, shocked and confused by the strange things it’s spotted over the years.

Looking at some of these images, you can see how people – and tigers – would hate it, but that doesn’t stop them from being extremely amusing for us to ogle.

15. Tiger In A Car Park

Not even a tiger going for an afternoon stroll in the sun can get away from Street View’s cameras. Sure, you can ask what the hell a tiger is doing walking around a car park in Colorado, but would you want to be questioned about your every movement when you’re out at your local shops?

Besides, it’s quite clear that the tiger in question is following that arrow marking on floor, who knows where to… Also, credit to Google where it’s due. At least they blurred out the tiger’s face to keep it anonymous.

14. The Japanese Wicker Man

Pigeons are inherently quite creepy, so trust a school of Japanese art students to dress up as giant ones and stare down the Street View camera as if they’re starring in the Japanese remake of the Wicker Man.

Considering this has happened in the same country that recently released Hatoful Boyfriend – an extremely popular pigeon-dating simulator – you have to wonder if there’s some bird-related cultural nuance we’re not getting here… … Nope, after a quick search for ‘japan pigeons’, we can confirm that these students are just being creepy.

13. Like An Amateur Tarantino Movie…

A dead dog, a naked man in a trunk, and is that a gun sticking out of that bag on the left there? This whole shot looks like it could be the intro to a movie Tarantino made when he was still at film school.

In all seriousness though, that dog probably isn’t dead, and the man is clearly just testing out the trunk to see how easily a human being could fit in it. The lesson to learn here is check a trunk’s capacity for human bodies in the showroom before you buy the car… and preferably do it fully-clothed.

12. Badass Mobility Scooter

The day you realise you’re no longer capable of getting around on your own two legs will one of the more sobering in your life, but this guy has taken control of his situation by wearing a full-on over-the-face skeleton hoodie.

Now, instead of attracting patronising looks of sympathy, he’ll instil awe, fear and confusion into all he passes. His next step should be to get some shredders on those wheels…

11. Miniatur Wunderland

This one may not have been an accidental spot by Google Street View, but the recently-added Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg is still a sight to behold.

Google painstakingly captured 360-degree images of many of the iconic locations replicated in miniature form here, and looking at some of them you’d never have guessed that they weren’t the real thing (though that’s easy to say with the most artificial-looking city in the world, Las Vegas, pictured above).

10. The Spooky Old Man

In what could easily be a still from one of the opening shots of a Night of the Living Dead remake, this image of an old man with a briefcase is not only creepy, but also kind of beautiful.

That road leading to nowhere, the high-contrast lighting, and the gentleman with the suitcase – who seems to just be standing still and oblivious to the Street View van – combine to create a deliciously haunting scene.

9. Bad Body Disposal

We all know that Street View is filled with posed images, where people do silly things for the camera or stage crime scenes just to get their five seconds on fame in Street View (by making an appearance in articles just like this one). But how a man managed to squeeze himself into a public trash can in the few seconds that the Street View van drove past is beyond us.

Sure, he could’ve quickly taken the lid off and jumped in, but then the big question is “Is it really worth jumping into a filthy bin just to appear on Street View?”. Is this the depth that people will plummet to for momentary fame, or are we actually looking at a particularly shoddy piece of dead-body disposal?

8. Dolls’ Creepy Hot Tub Party

At first you look at this image and think to yourself ‘Ok, I’ve seen Gummo, and maybe this is just the kind of stuff people get up to in the American mid-west.’ But take a closer look, and you realise that you’re in fact staring at a bunch of mannequins, forcing you to re-evaluate your earlier ignorant thought and replace it with, ‘Ok, so this is what people get up to in the American mid-west’. Either way, you’re left befuddled.

So a question to all our mid-west American readers, can you explain this image please?

7. Is That… What It Looks Like?

Are we just being peeping Toms now? No, it’s Google Street View’s fault and so long as we keep telling ourselves that we’re absolved of any wrongdoing, even though we’re watching some kind of act between two people in their own backyard.

Of course, this might not be what it looks like, but if it is (and it really looks like it), then that amorous couple could soon join the long line of Street View-based lawsuits against Google.

Luckily for Google, it looks like the only witness is the dog… and the thousands of people who are staring at this image with bewildered amusement right now.

6. Doing It For The Cameras

While the previous couple on this list has a good case for saying that their privacy was violated by Google, you can’t say the same about these two, whose street-corner fondle was clearly done with the intention of the whole world seeing it.

There’s no way they didn’t know a Street View Van was just behind them, though the persuasiveness of the act is undermined by the fact that she’s still got her shorts on – unless dry humping is their ‘thing’?

Right, too much speculation on their sexual preferences. Moving on…

5. The Alien Monolith

Holy sh*t. It’s finally happening. The alien apocalypse has come. It’ll presumably find a spot in the desert to land in, ruin all civilisation with the force of the impact, then be discovered in hundreds of thousands of years by future-primordial people who repopulate the Earth (to the sound of 2001’s epic orchestral score, obviously).

But look a bit closer, and it looks an awful lot like a giant… screwdriver handle? Yep, that’s it, just Google leaving their tools near the camera again and causing alien conspiracy theorists to have a field day. Those jokers!

4. Mystery Explosions Around Hollywood

Explosions emitting a suspicious white substance all throughout Hollywood would normally be enough to trigger a state of national emergency, so it’s strange that we’ve heard nothing in the news about these images.

Thankfully, the only explosions that actually occurred here originated from some overhead bird’s anus, resulting in the dramatic-looking splatters we see here across several images throughout Hollywood.

3. Well, This Is Awkward…

Perhaps it’s a sign of our 21st-century discomfort and awkwardness around just about everything that we feel like we should look away from this woman breastfeeding her baby. She’s clearly not shy about it, sitting on the kerb and just getting milked away without a care in the world.

Maybe if Street View becomes smattered with breastfeeding images (there are quite a few already – with accompanying lawsuits), eventually we won’t be so sheepish around it?

2. A REAL Exploding Fire Hydrant

Over here in the UK, we don’t really have fire hydrants like they have over in the US. Sure, we have plenty of broken pipes and sewage leaks in our ancient pipelines, but the site of a broken fire hydrant blasting water a hundred feet into the air is the magical stuff of Hollywood to us.

Granted, this explosion pictured above looks way too powerful to have street kids splashing around it ‘like in the movies’, but it’s still a spectacular sight. With that said, there are quite a few of these images on Street View, suggesting it’s a regular daily event in the US that no one pays much attention to.

1. The Bipedal Cat

“Aww, pleaze mizturr. Me Lost Two Of My Legz …” Even trying to come up with an outdated Lolcats meme is irritating. While this list refuses to descend to cat pics and memes, this bipedal creature makes the list on account of the fact that if people call this a cat, then I call myself a member of the X-Men.

Is this the result of a genetic experiment gone wrong or Street View camera trickery? The fact that it seems to have no ears just adds to the mystery…

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