YouTube houses a near-endless supply of insane clips, including those about Christmas highs and lows, TV gaffes, clueless gamers, and corporate edu-tainment. Sometimes the more random gems seem too good to be true — so unbelievable, so shocking, so dumb they make you utter noises you’re instantly embarrassed to have made. The videos below fit the bill. Brace yourself.


Spider killer

Near the end of 2015, an arachnophobe in Center Line, Michigan tried to kill a spider with a lighter. The problem: This Zoolander-esque story happened at a gas station.
What’s so unbelievable about this?: No one was hurt, not even the car.


Very, very high basketball shot

Remember the Harlem Globetrotters’ amazing 58-story bucket? This one, from How Ridiculous‘ trio of Aussies, comes with 10 added feet and absurd background music.
What’s so unbelievable about this?: Happened on the third try


Beer pong roof dunk

Four words you don’t, and shouldn’t, see together very often.
What’s so unbelievable about this?: Better form than Andrea Bargnani


Gallopin’ Gertie

On November 7th, 1940, fierce gales twisted Washington’s Tacoma Narrows Bridge like a ribbon until it snapped. Barney Elliott caught some of the action on film.
What’s so unbelievable about this?: Very good dance moves — for a bridge


Inventive skateboarding

Skate sites have heralded Richie Jackson as the modern-day Rodney Mullen for his fearless creativity, improvisational style, and kooky arsenal of tricks. He’s the kind of guy who thinks outside the box. So far outside you wonder if he’ll ever come back.
What’s so unbelievable about this?: The spiral staircase


Acid lady

Brenda’s Boric Acid Breath Mints, Shampoo, and Face Wash never did hit the shelves of Bath & Body Works, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t try really hard to sell her point.
What’s so unbelievable about this?: The reporter’s convincing objections


Russian fireball

Here’s the best of the Chelyabinsk meteor, which entered Earth’s atmosphere three years ago to do a very belated “Bright and Shiny” sing-along (space is far away) and scare the crap out of everyone in and around Siberia.
What’s so unbelievable about this?: The shock waves


Vin Diesel, action star and pitchman

Marky Mark’s Form, Focus, Fitness workout tape originally occupied this spot, but then we realized that that thing — though very real — is mostly just depressing. Instead, here’s fin-tastic footage of Vin playing with Street Sharks.
What’s so unbelievable about this?: Hand Shark!!!!


“The Impossible Goal”

Roughly two decades ago, Brazilian soccer great Roberto Carlos netted a goal from his opponent’s end line, kicking across his body, running out of bounds at full speed. The above breakdown explains why such a feat shouldn’t have happened.
What’s so unbelievable about this?: Just freaking watch it.


Skydiving gone wrong

A little more than three years ago, two planes with skydivers collided 12,000ft over Superior, Wisconsin. Everybody, including both pilots, survived. Helmet cams recorded the narrowly escaped disaster.
What’s so unbelievable about this?: All of it (warning: intense footage)


The “Hamburger Game”

In this harrowing five-installment food tour, three Japanese heroes (led by popular YouTuber Megwin) conquer and assess 10 of America’s most popular burger combos. Join them on this merciless journey, where roulette’s the game and — per Episode 3 above — indigestion’s the reward.
What’s so unbelievable about this?: The matchless heart of Falcon


Double K.O.

Volleyball head shots are not rare, but volleyball head shots that ricochet and also take out unsuspecting spectators are.
What’s so unbelievable about this?: The savagery of No. 7’s post-incident props


When man’s best friend flies

Good dog, bad gravity.
What’s so unbelievable about this?: That nobody thought to buckle up pup


Going crazy for Game Crazy

Honestly, all these corporate training videos should be on this list, but the Game Crazy one above is especially… whoa, nuh-uh, WHY?
What’s so unbelievable about this?: ZELDA


Disturbed is not a karaoke-friendly band

This compilation of failed “Down with the Sickness” openings is glorious proof.
What’s so unbelievable about this?: That this many people think they can David Draiman better than David Draiman


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