The 15 Creepiest Real Life Creeper Encounters


Many would agree that the world has become quite the scary place. Gone are the days where you could leave your bike on your front lawn and find it there the next morning. Gone are the days where you would hear your doorbell ring and be filled with joy over a guest visit. Now, you just question who it might be and panic at the thought of this surely being a threatening stranger because anyone you know would have called you or texted you saying s/he had arrived. Who rings a doorbell anymore?

There are creepy individuals among us. Some obvious, some harmless, others that are just down right, well, creepy. It has inspired countless urban legends, campfire stories, and campy horror flicks. ‘Creeper’ more or less refers to a stalker. A mysterious shape watching from the shadows, a car that follows on every turn, and even someone standing outside one’s house. There are countless ways to creep and there is no shortage of those who come up with new and creative ways to accomplish it.

Stalking is no laughing matter. Some of these stories, in retrospect, can be entertaining, comical and, utterly frightening. It happens at night, in broad daylight, in the woods, and the city; creepers are creeping everywhere and there is no sanctuary, not even one’s home. Here are 15 creepy encounters with real life creepers; because the world isn’t scary enough without knowing about these cases.

15. Put The Lotion In The Basket


Roland was fifteen years old when his parents entrusted him by going on vacation and leaving him home alone for the week. It had made him feel like a man. He lived as one would expect a teenage boy, ice cream for dinner and staying up late. One night, he awoke in bed and had to use the bathroom. Shuffling down the hall, he passed the living room and he noticed something. The shape of a large man sitting on the couch.

Roland froze— the shadow got up and walked right out the front door. He tried calling his parents, but there was no answer, he called his older brother whom agreed to come and stay. The brother hosted a party one night and this kept Roland up late. He awoke some time later, again at nature’s call. Fearful of the couch creeper and his older brother not back from taking a woman home, he opted to do his business out the window, being half asleep he returns to bed, window left ajar. Later, he awoke once more to see the looming shadow-man standing at the foot of his bed just staring at him. Then, as if by providence, Roland’s brother came home and the creeper ran for the window and escaped.

Roland’s dad had returned and found a note that read, “I Want Your Skin.”

14. He Burns People, Ya Know?


Carla started a new job at an artisan pottery shop. Her boss, Mike, was a jovial sort with a positive outlook and non-threatening demeanor. The following week, Mike announced he was leaving town and she would be left in charge. Carla was pleased that her new boss trusted her so. The days passed uneventfully, and she fell into routine. Then one day, an out-of-the-ordinary customer made his way into the ceramic shop.

The old man shuffled his way past the counter without even meeting Carla’s eyes. He made his way towards the back and just stared at the door leading to the Kiln room. Carla allowed five minutes before she worked up the fortitude to approach the creepy man. Standing next to him, she inquired if he was alright. He let out a heavy sigh and turned to face the college girl. With a mournful expression and what looked like tears welling in his eyes, he said; “He burns people, ya know? Never go in that room alone with him.” Then without waiting for the stunned Carla to respond, he shuffled his way back out of the shop.

13. I Know You Know 


Martha was outside with her husband while he worked on the family truck. They had recently moved from the city to a suburban neighborhood, so when the man approached, both were instinctively on guard. He appeared average-looking, yet, something had been off-putting about him. He stated that someone left his door open, all of his puppies had gotten out, and he was wondering if Martha had seen them. They said ‘no’ and the weird man walked off, shooting daggers with his eyes at the couple. As if they were responsible.

That night, Martha happened to look out the window and noticed the weird man standing outside staring right at her. He even walked up and looked through the blinds! For ten minutes he lingered outside and then vanished. A few nights later, Martha and her husband  are in a store for twenty minutes. They returned to their car and found a “Missing” flyer on their windshield, and only theirs. The other vehicles were devoid of it. The flyer was from the strange man asking about his missing puppies.

12. Clowns


Recently, there have been reports that would put some in tatters, even lose the ability to leave the house at night. Coulrophobia the fear of clowns. A paralyzing fear that may seem ridiculous. All the same, one who fears spiders, an Arachnophobiac, would understand how something trivial to others, can induce fear beyond measure.

Individuals dressed as circus clowns, wearing latex masks instead of makeup, are stalking streets at night. YouTube is laden with videos documenting the creepy clowns. Some stand on the side of the road, balloons in hand, waving mechanically at passersby. Others have stood in the view of security cameras for hours. Whether it’s an elaborate prank or something more sinister, it’s creepy as hell.

11. A Body Bag, A Sharpened Stick


Richard had grown up in South Africa. He was with his parents one day shopping and they had forgotten something inside the shop they’d just been in. They leave him and his brother outside. The sidewalks had been devoid of any pedestrians, besides two odd men that walked towards them. Two large, black males started coming towards Richard and his brother with a purposeful speed.

One of the men had a body bag draped over his shoulder and the other man had a large stick, its end sharpened to a point. Richard got a sickly feeling, grabbed his brother and headed to the shop’s alcove for safety. The man carrying the stick pointed at the two children, smiled and motioned the other to go to the kids. The lumbering giant began closing the distance in seconds, a look of intent on his face. Richard’s parents, his father an ex police officer and his ‘No B.S.’ mother, each standing six feet and in prime physical shape, come out of the shop and the creeper changed course.

When Richard told his parents the story a few years later, they claimed there never was a man near him or his brother that day.

10. Fuller Lips


Angie had been using Tinder, vainly, swipe left for “no, thanks”, right for “yes, please.” She met Daniel and after a few messages, they planned a date for Friday. He picked Angie up and went off to the cinema. She noticed that Daniel acted awkward and not the same as he had been online. Angie thought it was just first date jitters and focused on the movie. After the film driving to Angie’s, she instructed Daniel to take a right, he failed to do so.

Instead, Daniel went down a secluded road. He pulled over and literally pounced on the unsuspecting girl— “kissing her. Shocked, Angie tried to kiss back in reflex, however, he was sucking on her mouth so she couldn’t move her lips. She pushes him off— No Means No— and he drove her home in silence. He asked for another kiss when he dropped her off but she, understandably, refused and trotted to the door.

Upon entering, Angie’s mother grew concerned at the site of her daughter; she thought Angie had been beaten. Her lips had swollen to three times their normal size.

9. It’s A Me, Mario!


Alice was a teenager when this creepy encounter happened. She had woken in the middle of the night thirsty so she made her way to the kitchen. She was standing at the sink filling a glass, when movement caught her attention. Alice stared at the dining room entryway, the glass under the faucet overflowed, standing in the shadows was a man.

The man looked like he was in his sixties, was wearing red overalls, a blue shirt, and a red hat. Alice screamed and her parents ran in moments later, but, the creepy Mario had disappeared. The backdoor swinging when dad went to look. Mario’s princess must have been in another castle.

8. I Can Dig It


Rick and two friends are out one night driving and smoking grass. Joint after joint and block after block, they roam the streets. Suddenly, one of the passengers said there was a girl in the road. Rick and the other friend instantly supposed he was messing with them since they were stoned. As they got closer, they realized he was not joking.

In the road was a young woman in a strange, hunched position, “digging” at the concrete with her bare hands. They stared in disbelief as the woman stopped, slowly stood up, and in a creepy, mechanical motion, turned towards them. Panic washed over the trio as the ‘crazie’ began running towards the car. Rick— using a move that would’ve impressed the boys from Hazard county— slammed it in reverse, floored the accelerator, and backed out to the main road, the woman chased the whole way. When they hit the road they dared to look, but the woman was gone.

Rick and his friends aren’t alone in this creepy experience. There was a similar case in India and clips of the incident are still circulating the internet.

7. The Best Girlfriend Ever – So Far


Jessica had a party one night and all her friends showed up along with a man no one else knew. He was in his twenties and he roamed around the gathering saying awkward and off-putting statements. Sufficiently freaked out and being teenagers, instead of aggressively asking him to leave and fearful of calling the police, they move the party to another house, “forgetting” to let the creeper in on it. Jessica had gone from room to room before leaving to make sure everyone was out. The house empty, she left with her friends.

The other party broken up, Jessica and a few friends went back to her house. Jessica headed upstairs to get some refreshments when she opened the door that led to the kitchen— she froze. Standing at the fridge was the creeper man. He was chugging milk from the carton and stuffing pieces of bread in his mouth. Jessica screamed for him to get out which also alerted her friends. They tried to get rid of him, even called four cabs that the creep would send away. Finally, one of the fearless teen males, strongly suggests the stranger take a walk. He was taken down the street and advised that if he liked his current physical construct to keep walking.

A week later, Jessica is on Facebook and sees the creep posted she was the “best girlfriend he’s had so far.”

6. Did You Hear Banjos?


Terry and his friends took off for the weekend to go camping in the mountains. Finding a spot well off the beaten path, the foursome thought they would have all the solitude they needed. The day passed and when night was upon them, Jackie, Terry’s girlfriend, requested a fire while Howard and Fern decided to go for a walk. While sitting by the fire and talking, the couple hear a diesel engine echo through the forest. A Dodge truck crested over the hill and spilled its headlights on the camp, blinding Terry and Jackie.

A man climbed out of the driver’s side and a female on the passenger’s side. The duo walked up to camp and they seemed very friendly. Both had beaming smiles on their faces, savage ones, all teeth. The man was overly nice, offering them just about everything he could think of and then finally asking if they want to shoot his gun and if they had any. Terry, not thinking clearly from fear, said no to both inquires. “Good.” replied the man. He then asked if they knew the two walking down the road. Terry claimed them as his friends and on that, the man and woman walked back to the truck and left.

Later that night, the sound of the diesel engine once again filled the air, the headlights illuminated the site and everyone sprung into defense mode. Once more, the smiling couple walked towards camp. Terry and Howard are armed with sticks and frying pans. Some force intervened and the Cheshire Cat twins suddenly stopped, stood for a moment and then turned back, a large thud sound before backing out. They had left firewood for the campers.

5. Pour Some Sugar On Me


Amy and Maya were walking home after a movie. It was after ten at night and the two eighteen-year-old girls walked arm in arm and chatted. Within a block of Amy’s home, they noticed a man standing near a hedgerow of a neighbor’s yard. Not wanting to show fear, Amy grabbed Maya’s arm tighter and bravely they walked towards the figure. Upon closing the distance, they see the man is in his fifties, with grey hair, a huge smile, and blank eyes staring. Panicked, Amy walked up to her lifelong neighbor’s house hoping they were awake.

Amy rings the bell and the two girls stand with their backs to Creepy McCreepface. She could feel his presence at the edge of the yard, that creepy smile spread across his face like butter on bread. After several rings, Amy, at wit’s end, was planning an exit strategy when a squeaky, congested voice called from behind; “Well, now. Looks like no one’s home.” Amy tried to answer the smiling creeper but merely utters something incomprehensible. Maya answered more forcefully and in a tone that implied STFU. Not taking a hint, he responded; “Hey, you pretty girls want some sugar? Look right over there, it’s not far.” His decrepit finger pointed towards a windowless van parked across the street. Spray-painted on the side in runny red paint is “Sugar Wagon.” Amy, without missing a beat, said “No. We’re diabetic.”

Without hesitation, Amy and Maya sprinted through backyards and alley ways and arrived at Amy’s in moments.

4. Quick Survey


Maria and younger sister, Sophia, were home alone one night while their parents enjoyed a date night. Maria, eighteen, believed her sister was ‘thirteen going on thirty’. They argued most of the time and the younger defied the older. Around nine o’clock, there was a knock at the door. Sophia jumped up announcing, like always, she would handle it. After a few moments, Maria became alarmed and proceeded to the door to see who Sophia was speaking with.

Standing there was a man, early twenties, wearing a polo shirt with no company logo and holding a clipboard. Maria got there just as Sophia was saying their parents weren’t home. Alarms went off in Maria’s head. It was well after business hours and here was this creepy man claiming to be doing a census survey for a research company. When he started asking Sophia if she had any boyfriends, Maria ended it with a slammed door to his face. For several moments the man stood there cursing at the girls and claimed he was just doing his job. Finally, he left.

3. Midnight In The Olive Garden Of Creepy And Evil


Jack was hammered. He headed outside to vape, he swayed and was taking long pulls off his e-cig, when an attractive woman approached and came up to the inebriated man. Jack assumed his game was Aces, he made witty remarks about how she knew her way around a bread stick. Drunk speak. The beautiful young woman seemed to be taken by his B.S.

Then, a white sedan pulled up in front of the pair. The woman began enticing Jack to come with her. She promised his trust would be well rewarded if he came, she said they could even just give him a ride home. Better than risking a DUI, right? Jack had just about swallowed the Kool-Aid of deception when he noticed the other passengers in the vehicle. Two large men in black looked over their shoulders as if waiting for him.

Apparently just drunk and not stupid, Jack declined the offer and wobbled back towards the McDonald’s of Italian food’s main entrance. Once safely inside, he reported the incident to the manager who offered little— besides more bread sticks.

2. Bridge Closed


Crystal and her family traveled the back roads of Arkansas to visit her grandmother. They had gotten underway later than her father had hoped and he had insisted on driving through the night. Like most country roads, it was winding and lacked artificial light, which had given Crystal a sickening feeling from the motion and the darkness.

Suddenly, her father slowed down. She raised her head and asked what was going on. Her dad said there was a sign that said the bridge ahead was closed. The sign, plywood with letters done in black paint. Her father had been nervous and commented that there was no sign on the left side of the road or at the other end of the bridge. Crystal turned to look out the window and whimpered in fear. Standing five feet away from their car, were two men in black clothes creeping towards them. Her father, responding to her whimper, turned to look and saw them. He slammed the transmission into drive and sped around the sign and across the perfectly safe bridge.

1. Going My Way?


Erin was a night owl. She did her best work at night, so it was only natural to take a graveyard shift. One that ended at four in the morning, just in time for the local transit train to start running. Usually, Erin rode the train with a co-worker, however, she had called in sick that day leaving Erin to ride alone. That hadn’t bothered her, she lived in an eclectic city with a ‘Keep It Weird’ motto. Erin boarded the train, and sat in a row of aisle bench seats that faced the interior. Across the aisle was a tall, pale, thin man with a creepy grin directed at her.

He began asking her flirtatious questions; “where are you going?”, “what do you do?”, “what’s your sign?”. Erin had none of it, gave him the cold shoulder and backed it up with a ‘Resting B*tch Face’. He wouldn’t take the hint and when Erin’s stop came, she jumped out of the train like an action star. Thinking she was rid of the grinning creeper, she checked her six only to see that he was following behind slowly on his bicycle. She ran into a small store and asked the clerk for help. The clerk acted quickly, put Erin in the employee office, and called his manager, why not the police? It’s a mystery. The manager responded faster anyhow, and after some loud, choice words, the grinning creeper lost that grin and shrunk off, riding his Schwinn into the sunset.


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