Creepy security footage crops up on YouTube and other video sites all the time, primarily because it’s easy to fake. With its grainy, low-quality resolution, objects and people can be ‘shopped into the clips and made to look authentic. However, genuine examples of creepy security camera footage are out there, videos that, even if staged in some way, are not instances of post-production effects and trickery. Let’s take a look at the most horrifying, unsettling, and creepy camera footage clips taken from CCTV and other home-security devices.


The Infamous Miami Cannibal Attack
Video: YouTube

Originally believed to be the fault of “bath salts” or another drug-related incident, this footage hit the Internet in May 2012 and caused a bit of a stir, as it purported to show a “zombie” incident happening on the streets of Miami, Florida. In actuality, it depicted 31-year-old Rudy Eugene accosting a homeless man, Ronald Poppo, in a frenzy. Eugene chewed part of Poppo’s face and was eventually taken down by police.

Now that substances have been ruled out, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what sparked this gruesome event.

What Happened To Elisa Lam?
Video: YouTube

The body of Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old college student, was discovered floating in a rooftop water tank at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California, on February 19, 2013. No substances were found in Lam’s system, and medical examiners believed she inadvertently drowned in the tank. However, it is clear from the above security footage – captured on the evening of February 19 – that something is amiss. Lam appears disoriented and frightened, and she appears to converse with someone who isn’t there.

The exact details of her demise, namely how and why she found herself inside the Cecil Hotel’s water tank, are still a mystery. There are many theories as to what happened to Lam, although her case wasn’t the first instance of something sinister transpiring at the infamous Cecil Hotel.

Twin Sisters Repeatedly Run Out Into Traffic
Video: YouTube

In May 2008, twin sisters Sabina and Ursula Eriksson were running across the busy M6 highway. Their actions were caught on both CCTV cameras and, by pure happenstance, by a camera crew filming an episode of the BBC series Traffic Cops. They were repeatedly struck by oncoming traffic, and Ursula even deliberately went under the wheels of a large truck – though remarkably, the impact fell neither woman. Witnesses later described their strength and resolve as “super human.”

Apparently, the twins suffered a rare form of shared psychosis, in which the mental health of one sister influenced the other’s sanity. In this case, it was Sabina who heard voices and experienced delusions, and while investigators were baffled by the Erikssons’ behavior, it appears that Ursula shared in her sister’s madness.

But the story doesn’t end there. Ursula needed immediate medical attention, while Sabina was briefly detained and then released. Later that same evening, Sabina met a man on the street, named Glen Hollinshead, and asked him for directions. Taking pity on her and her situation, Hollinshead invited her to stay at his home. Not long after arriving, Sabina charged at Hollinshead with a kitchen knife, then fled. She was later apprehended by police and sentenced to five years in prison.

The Mysterious Clowns Of Springfield
Video: YouTube

Not to be confused with The Simpsons‘ tired old TV personality Krusty, these clowns made a string of appearances around the township of Springfield in Jacksonville, Florida, in October 2014. Note the month here (and the decorations on the porches in the video): is this merely an instance of early Halloween pranking, or is something far more sinister happening?

Regardless, these evil clowns doing evil things before the camera makes for some particularly hair-raising footage.

Woman’s Assailant Stalks Corridors In SWAT Uniform
Video: YouTube

In April 2016, attendees of a morning fitness class held at a church in Midlothian, TX, received a shock when they discovered their instructor Terri “Missy” Bevers deceased on the floor of their classroom. An unknown person struck her repeatedly with a sharp tool. Police only have one solid clue in the case: this security footage, which shows a person of unidentified gender in tactical gear entering the church shortly after Bevers and stalking the corridors.

The police have no suspects, and there is a $50,000 reward for any information leading to the perp’s identity.

Naked Peeping Tom In Ronald Reagan Mask
Video: YouTube

In January 2016, reality TV star Danielle Yancey spotted this naked peeping tom wearing a Ronald Reagan mask as well as a sock over his privates. The incident was captured in its entirety on CCTV security footage stationed at Yancey’s residence in Alabama.

It’s the Reagan mask that makes this footage especially creepy.

Man Holds Toddler Hostage In Walmart
Video: YouTube

This incident took place at a Walmart in Midwest City, Oklahoma, in July 2013. A man, 37-year-old Sammie Wallace, snatched a 2-year-old girl from her mother’s shopping cart and held the child at knifepoint. Police evacuated the store and began talking to the suspect, who showed clear signs of mental illness, quite possibly paranoid schizophrenia.

Midwest City Police Capt. David Huff aimed and took out Wallace, whose motives remained unclear.

A Woman’s Abduction Caught On Camera
Video: YouTube

In this unsettling security footage from November 2014, Carlesha Freeland-Gaither, 22, is seen stalked, assailed, and abducted by Delvin Barnes, a stranger to Freeland-Gaither. The incident took place in Philadelphia. Investigators used GPS to track Barnes’s car.

ATF agents discovered the woman alive 72 hours later in Maryland and subsequently apprehended Barnes.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Lars Mittank
Video: YouTube

There are thick layers of intrigue surrounding the July 2014 disappearance of Lars Mittank, a 28-year-old German man on vacation in Bulgaria. In particular, this security camera footage taken from an airport just before Mittank seemingly vanished into thin air. Note how the man runs – as though for his life – away from the airport medical office, out the doors, and as far away as he can get.

Mittank’s mother reports the man had been behaving erratically and showing severe signs of paranoia just before disappearing.

Strange Woman, Strange Behavior
Video: YouTube

YouTube user Rainey Schuyler posted this odd footage and summarized its content thusly: “A woman walks out of the darkness on a cold & wet night. In the mountains, far from a busy road & no immediate neighbors.” In total, the woman wanders around the property for over 10 minutes (the above video has been condensed some).

However, no one knows what she is looking for, or if she is aware of her actions.

A Strange Creature That Looks Like A Harry Potter Character
Video: YouTube

In June 2019, a woman, Vivian Gomez, uploaded a security camera clip taken fro her driveway that appears to show an alien or cryptid strutting past her car. Viewers of the strange video were quick to point out that the creature strongly resembled Dobby the House Elf, a character from the Harry Potter films. Did the filmmakers base their character design on this unknown being? Or is this a very well-made hoax inspired by Dobby?

The Fresno Nightcrawler
Video: YouTube

There might be a perfectly logical explanation for this bit of cryptid footage captured in 2010 purporting to show the famed Fresno Nightcrawler making its way across a field. Perhaps the video is a hoax.

Even if it is, however, it’s an incredibly effective one, as this grainy footage manages to chill, particularly late at night, with all the lights off.

Terrifying Home Invasion
Video: YouTube

In May 2015, three perps held 21-year-old Katie O’Connor hostage. The incident took place inside her residence in Overland Park, Kansas. One of the men held O’Connor, a mother, in a chokehold. O’Connor recognized the female intruder and later identified her as an acquaintance. She did not recognize the two men, but O’Connor believed the B&E was personal.

The perps took known valuables, such as O’Connor’s tuition money and her ex-beau’s expensive carpentry tools, which she had talked to friends about selling.

Chicken McNuggets
Video: YouTube

In 2010, Melodi Dushane, the 24-year-old Toledo, Ohio, woman featured in this drive-thru security footage just wanted some Chicken McNuggets. She got into a heated altercation with the drive-thru attendant when he explained the item was not available at that time of day. Dushane snapped and went after the workers, claiming she would go “Super Saiyan” on them.

She lunged from her vehicle, hissing and swinging at the workers, who desperately tried to stop her.

Giggling Fit Meltdown
Video: YouTube

Watch this elevator cam footage from February 2015 of an unnamed woman bursting into unsettling giggles. There is clearly something wrong, though no one else on the elevator seems all that inclined to help her.

Once alone in the elevator, the woman spirals into a bizarre frenzy.

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