15 Creepiest Things People Have Seen Other Families Do

15 Creepiest Things People Have Seen Other Families Do

You might consider your family to be peculiar, but unless you’ve stumbled across a Reddit section, you haven’t seen nothing yet because there are a lot of creepy things that people have seen other families do. Many Reddit users have shared some of the most hair-raising things they’ve seen families do that they believe is “normal.”

Leo Tolstoy is famous for his own writing as well as his harsh, critical judgments. The late Russian writer was regarded as one of the greatest writers of all time. As he once said, “All happy families are alike; each weird family is clinically insane in its own way.” In other words, in order to be happy, a family must be successful in each range of criteria, including s*xual attraction, financial issues, parenting, religion, and in-laws. Failure on only one of these counts can lead to unhappiness. So, there are more ways for a family to be unhappy than happy.

That being said, families are the foundation for our weirdness. They’re the reason why we’re the way we are. They know a lot about us because they were the first people who got to know us.

Families can be very strange when no one else is around. We have a whole new level of comfort with our families unlike anyone else. Our families literally have to love us, no matter what, because we’re blood-related. But, what if a family goes too far with one another and, as a result, makes outsiders cringe? That’s super creepy. Here’s a list of these 15 creepiest things people have seen other families do.

15. Treat Dogs Like Family

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against dogs. But, there’s a fine line between having friendly companions and flat out treating dogs like we’d treat other human beings.

One user wrote, “I had a close childhood friend whose mom insisted that we treat their dogs like people. Whenever I went round there, I had to “greet” these two cocker spaniels, say goodbye to them when I left, say “excuse me” if I walked past one of the dogs in the hallways. Stuff like that. Sometimes, we’d be eating dinner and having a conversation and the mom would try to “include” the dogs by asking their opinions and we’d all sit there in silence like idiots until she decided they’d had enough time to reply, which they never did, being dogs.”

The user also mentioned that there were other stuff the family did with their dogs, but she didn’t want to re-live those unusual moments.

14. Stash Sticks Of Butter For Snacks

via The Pioneer Woman

One problem with labels is that they draw so much power and danger. Imagine if I were to introduce you to a snack and say that it’s “traditional.” If you’re a free thinker, you’d likely think I’m morally wrong for criticizing the snacks in your family’s household. But in this case, butter isn’t an appetizing idea for a snack. It’s just a yellow cream-based product that’s used as a spread or as oil for cooking.

“Growing up, my best friend’s family didn’t have traditional snacks like fruit roll-ups, gushers, etc. They ate sticks of butter. Sticks of f*cking butter. Whenever they offered me some, I always told them I wasn’t hungry. They had multiple packages of butter in the fridge and freezer. They didn’t consume the entire stick, rather would cut off pieces. They weren’t poor, they weren’t fat, but they were f*cking crazy,” wrote one Reddit user.

If you want to impress your guests, please stash legitimate snacks in your fridge.

13. No Talking Allowed

PTSD is a distinct mental condition that can result from an extremely traumatic event like combat, violence, or s*xual abuse. It can occur in adults and children who live with persistent toxic stress.

A user wrote, “There was a family of girls I went to church with and none of them were allowed to cut their hair. They had to wait until they were sixteen so they wouldn’t get a haircut they’d regret—because the mother had. They also weren’t allowed to talk at the dinner table. One time, one of the daughters was laughing at something and coughed on her food. The mom was afraid of one of them choking and dying, so talking was banned. No one told me that when I came over for dinner. I just talked and they all stared at me.”

A parent’s experiences can be passed down to future generations, which isn’t good. Instead of trying to avoid the issues you’ve faced by setting up unrealistic rules, just educate your children about the issues and move past them.

12. Eating Charred Meat

via Foodbeast

Many people enjoy eating grilled meat, but at the same time, you’ve probably heard that eating charred meat is a bad idea. It can be dangerous for your health because burned meat contains potentially cancer-causing substances.

One user elaborated on his previous relationship in a comment, “I have an ex whose family would literally burn any meat they cooked for dinner. Chicken, fish, steak—all completely burned. They were terrified about bacteria on their food. I got them to cook my steak medium well (less burned, but still above well) once but I got some serious looks of disgust. The mother also forced me to draft a living will and instructed me on the proper way to seal a room to protect from a very likely chemical attack with duct tape and plastic sheeting.”

If you’re firing up the grill to cook meat or simply cooking meat on the stovetop, keep the cancer-causing compounds at bay by using safe cooking tips like marinating your meat, cutting the time and temperature, and using the right oil.

11. Talking About Puberty In Front Of Everyone

Puberty is the process of physical changes that allows a child’s body to mature into an adult body. It was awkward enough when you were the one going through it. So, how can you make all the changes sound even worse? Talk about them with everyone else.

“When I was about twelve, I went to the bathroom at a family gathering. The bathroom was just off the living room where everyone was having coffee. Surprisingly, the door was not soundproof. I therefore got to listen to my entire extended family have a conversation about my physical development and how my puberty was progressing,” recalled one user.

The installation of soundproof doors have one purpose—so that the kids are not disturbed by the sound of adults and vice versa. Although we don’t know why this family didn’t install such doors in their home, there’s a possibility that they didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on the process. If so, they should’ve looked for a better deal through another vendor.

10. Mother Neglects Kids To Pray For A Son

via Udupi Today

Saying a prayer for abused and abandoned children to find love and hope is a righteous thing to do. But one mother was too busy praying for a son that she ended up neglecting her own kids, who wore the same dirty garments for a week at a time.

One user recalled, “I went to elementary school with this really nice girl. She was the eldest of 4 girls, all perfectly healthy and beautiful. Kids were laughing at her because she was smelling really bad. I talk to her about it and she told me that her mother makes her wear the same clothes for a week before washing them. Her mother was really busy praying to have a son. She was in the Church at 6am every morning and spends a lot of time there, always praying to have a son. Well, the “miracle” happened and she had a son. That’s all they could talk about. It was like Jesus himself was reborn. It was weird.”

The user added that she crossed paths with the eldest daughter on the bus a few years ago after not seeing each other for 30 years. And the first thing she asked her was “Did you know I have a brother?”

9. Son Begs Father For His Pleasure

A male user remembered attending a friend’s sleepover at 12 years old, which took place during the Euro 2004.

He wrote, “So we go to his house where his and my mom dropped us there and left. His dad was there, though. I never liked this man. Anyway, he welcomed us with the most unwelcoming manner, like he hated to have me for sleepover. We proceeded to his room and played on his PS2. After half an hour, his dad enters the room and says, ‘ok I think its about time Michael (my friend).’ So Michael sits up and unplugs the PS2 and hands it to his father, who takes it and places it on top of a high shelf. Then, the dad makes a hug gesture, like welcoming Michael to hug him, saying “speak the words,” and Michael hugs his father saying “thanks father for reminding me to be moderate with distractions from the real life.” The hug ends, he nods us to go to sleep. I went to sleep totally weirded out due to the happening and caused my child brain back then to feel bad for playing PS2 like it was bad. The next morning we wake up, eat, and greet his mother who was there. Michael goes to his father and kneels before him and says “please father can I be distracted for a while?” His mother was making coffee like it was totally normal to have her son kneel in front of her husband and beg for his joy as if it was a sin. His father looks at me, then to Michael and goes and brings down the PS2 like it was the worst thing he had to do.”

The user didn’t even touch the controller because he was totally uncomfortable and vowed to never attend another sleepover in that house.

8. Parents Ask Each Guest To Cover The Costs For Son’s Birthday Party

via Men’s Health

There’s always one weird kid in your neighborhood with some sort of abnormality. There’s nothing wrong with abnormalities, but they really stand out. In this case, the user knew another boy named Neal, who has clubfoot—a foot that’s twisted out of position.

One user posted, “There was a weird kid in my neighborhood named Neal. He had a club foot. That’s not what was weird, it’s just sort of memorable. Anyway, we were invited to his birthday party down the street. His parents sent invites that we were to bring a present and ten dollars to cover the costs of hosting the party. My mom was annoyed and confused but sent us with the presents and the money. We had to give the money to Neal’s parents before they let us in the house. We were each given one water balloon to throw and exactly one slice of cake. Then, we gave this kid his present and his parents sent everybody home after maybe half an hour.”

It seems like Neal’s parents attempted to garner more profits than they initially spent for the birthday party, which was unnecessary.

7. Mother Snaps Photos Of Kids Using The Restroom

Digital and mobile phone photography have made it easy for parents to document every waking and non-waking moment of a child’s life, but some parents should take fewer photos of their children. The current culture of photography is intruding on the preciousness of childhood. It can also affect kids’ personalities as they might grow up to believe that they’re on top of the world; thus, increase their egos in a detrimental way.

A female user wrote, “My friend’s mom used to bust in on her daughter’s friends using the bathroom and quickly snap a picture. She proudly showed me the photo album of random kids using the toilet looking surprised/confused as hell. Didn’t really kick in how f*cked up that was until later in life.”

If a registered s*x offender snapped photos of your children using the restroom, you wouldn’t be happy with that. So, you should practice what you preach and realize that the kids will see those photos when they grow older.

6. Mother Slabs Mayo On Raw Onion For A Snack

via The GO Mamas

One day, a girl invited a friend over to hang out. When snack time came, the friend seemed to be absolutely disgusted and tried her best not to gag or throw up.

One user recalled a specific moment, “Went to a friend’s house when I was 17. She asked her mom for a snack and her mom brought out a huge raw white onion completely slathered in mayo on a plate and she and my friend just went at it with their forks like it was filet mignon. 4 years later and I still think about that sh*t from time to time.”

We all know the onion is an edible bulb consisting of several layers and has a pungent taste and smell. It’s often used in cooking. But to just slab some mayonnaise on a raw onion is gross. That friend’s mother seriously needs to reconsider the snacks she prepares in front of her daughter and her friends.

5. Mother Licking Wings Before Setting Them On Plates

via YouTube

A family picnic is supposed to be fun, but some people just know how to ruin your outing (and your food).

One user wrote, “I went on a picnic/barbecue thing with this family. Mom, dad, three or four kids, i don’t remember. We light the barbecue and start preparing food. The main attraction is chicken wings. Yum. The wings are covered in sauce. They are placed on the barbecue and the mother tends to them. After a forever, the food is ready. She brings the huge platter of chicken wings, sets them on the blanket. Everyone is taking plates, fixing drinks for themselves, etc. The woman picks up a chicken wing, holds it with two hands, as you do, and starts licking it. She’s licking it, turning it over, keeps licking. I think, ‘umm weird, but okay.’ Then she puts it back on the platter.”

The user had every right to be freaked out. But that didn’t stop her friend’s mother from picking up another chicken wing and licking it while talking as if she’s preparing the wings for the kids’ consumption by doing so. She also said things like ”alright kids, come on, get your chicken wings, eat.”

4. Mandatory Cuddle Time With Kids

via The Nanny Company

Cuddling does kids and parents good. But sometimes, it’s an outgrown habit that’s borderline pedophilish.

One user recalled a memory of his neighbors, saying, “I hung out and played with these 3 siblings. They were all pretty normal kids, but the mom seemed kind of clingy. During the summer, we would play outside a lot. Baseball. Hockey. Go carts. Swimming. The norm. Every single day at about 12, the mom would call the kids back to the house, one at a time. They would have to go inside for about a half hour, then come out and the next kid would go in. Never thought too much about it, until one day I was actually in their house with them and found out why she called them. She had mandatory cuddle time with each of the kids. They would lay on the couch, and she would spoon them, in the quiet, for about 30 minutes each.”

According to the user, this was one of weirdest things he has ever encountered.

3. Daughter Mistakes Vibrator For Breathometer

via hypeorlando

As most of you are aware, a vibrator is a s*x toy that’s used on the body to produce erotic simulation. Of course, there are some people who don’t know what a vibrator is, but the girl’s actions were beyond stupid.

“When I was about 14 or 15, I would go over to this girl’s house (I am also a female) and we would hang out, blah, blah, blah. One day, she came out of her parents’ room with something in her mouth. At first, I didn’t realize what it was but once she sat back down on the couch, I saw that it was a f*cking vibrator. In her mouth. On. I kind of flipped sh*t and asked her what the hell she was doing. She said her gums hurt, so she was massaging them,” a female user recalled.

The girl just found the vibrator in her parents’ room one day and thought it was a breathometer. Even worse, her parents knew she used it for those purposes because they walked in and talked to her while she had it in her mouth. Accordingly, the user never returned to that house.

2. Parents Skin Dead Cats

via Velvet Pets

Cats are cute and cuddly creatures. That is, until they die after their nine lives. Then, they become creepy cats that look like nightmares.

“I was babysitting for a girl and noticed weird furs on her bed. She explained to me very matter-of-factly that they were her cats. Her parents skinned her pet cats after they died (presumably of natural causes) and put the pelts on her bed. That was the only time I babysat for them,” one user wrote.

It’s one thing to bury your pet’s remains after death, but it’s another thing to skin your pets for their pelts. Prehistorically, cavemen reportedly wore leotards made from the skin of fierce lions and drove them to their extinction in Europe. Today, there are much more laws regarding animals, so the girl’s parents raise a plethora of concerns. That being said, the user’s refusal to babysit the family after seeing the pelts is perfectly understandable as it’s an unpleasant sight for anyone to see.

1. Daily Dump Check

One user was horribly disgusted when she discovered that her project partner, Gary, had to undergo a daily dump check given by his mother.

She recalled the nasty memory, writing, “We were working on this project when he excused himself to use the restroom. 15 minutes later, he returned. A little while later, I decided to use the restroom while he was making snacks. I walked into the bathroom and behold! Before my eyes, floating like a manatee through the brown estuaries of Florida, was the result of Gary’s earlier bathroom excursion. I shrugged it off—I mean, we all forget at least once, right?—flushed for him, took a leak, flushed again, and went to work on the project. Gary’s mom gets home from work a couple hours later. She nods to us and says hello politely before heading towards the back of the house. A few seconds later, she returns to the kitchen where we were working and screams “WHERE IS IT?” I jump and am confused, so I shoot a “wtf” look to Gary. Gary muttered, “It wasn’t me, it was TheCosmicCoasta.” His mom glared at me, huffed, and walked out.”

Gary later explained to the user that he had to take a dump each day after school and was required to leave it in the toilet so his mother could check it to make sure he was healthy.

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