15 Creepy “Glitch In The Matrix” Reddit Stories



Have you ever felt like reality wasn’t real? Or suffered an identity crisis? Or even experienced something weird; something unexplainable; something that shouldn’t or couldn’t have happened? If so, you might want to join the ranks of those who firmly believe in the Simulation Theory or the Matrix Theory.

What is the Simulation Theory, you might ask? Well, it’s a theory that proposes that reality isn’t real and that humans are not in charge of their own lives. According to the Simulation Theory, each one of us is a computer simulation of a real person which is controlled by a more developed civilization.

To put it in simpler terms: the Simulation Theory proposes that we are all living in a giant computer game and we don’t even know it. Sounds scary and dare we say, false? However, the Simulation Theory is not just another one of those crazy conspiracy theories that scientists ignore.

In fact, some researchers say that our world could, indeed, be a simulation game, which would mean that we live in the matrix. Neil deGrasse Tyson says that the odds of our entire existence being a simulation game are 50-50. Tyson talked about the huge gap between humans and chimpanzees despite that we share more than 98% of our DNA: “We would be drooling, blithering idiots in their presence. If that’s the case, it is easy for me to imagine that everything in our lives is just a creation of some other entity for their entertainment.”

But if the Simulation Theory is true, then it would make sense that a few glitches would occur once in a while. You know those weird, unexplainable occurrences that you may sometimes experience? They could be proof that we are all living in the matrix.

15. When Your GF Doesn’t Know Who You Are

A year or so ago, a Reddit user named Jim was driving home from work late at night when he got a call from his then-girlfriend Sarah. The two had been going out for two weeks. The call made Jim angry – he worked late night shifts at the call center and had told his family and friends not to ring him in the evening unless it was an emergency.

Since Jim was driving, he didn’t answer Sarah’s call. Instead, when he came to a traffic light, he texted her saying that he would ring her as soon as he got home. Once Jim got home, he rang Sarah, as promised.

A tired female voice answered. It didn’t seem like Sarah was expecting his call. Jim said – “Um, hi?” The female replied – “Who is this?” Jim was annoyed – “It’s Jim, is this Sarah?” The girl replied – “Yeah, it’s Sarah… Jim who?” Jim stammered – “Jim… your boyfriend!” There was silence on the other end of the phone and hushed voices. Finally, the girl said – “Look, my name is Sarah, but my fiancée’s name is Jason and he’s with me now so please don’t call me at 11:30 at night again.” Then she hung up.

Jim was perturbed. Had he dialled the wrong number? But his phone listed Sarah as his last call, and it did sound like her. Then, his phone rang. It was Sarah, asking Jim to pick her up because her car broke down. Jim asked if they had just talked. Sarah said no, she said she got his text that he’d call but he never did.

Jim’s and Sarah’s relationship did not last. But they stayed Facebook friends. And, according to Jim, three months ago when he was scrolling through his newsfeed he noticed that Sarah started a new relationship. With a guy named Jason.

14. Switched Timelines

Reddit user Third_Level and his girlfriend often share family stories with each other. According to Third_Level, about two years ago his girlfriend told him that her grandfather had received a very special gift from his Jewish friend. The gift was a secret religious book that only very advanced people could have. According to Third_Level, his girlfriend – “would always be somewhat braggy about it and commonly commented on it on our trips around the country and it was getting boring because of how repetitive it was.”

Recently, Third_Level and his girlfriend went on vacation together. They were browsing souvenirs in an occult shop when Third_Level’s girlfriend started telling him the story of her granddad’s book once again. Since Third_Level had heard the story ten times or so, he finished it for her, mentioning all the details.

Third_Level’s girlfriend was shocked. She asked him how he knew about the book. He told her that she has been repeating it for years. Then she said – “It happened 2 weeks ago and this is the first time I’m telling you about it.”

13. A Mirror Disappears And Then Re-appears

About three weeks ago, Reddit user PlzProbeMe mysteriously lost his handheld mirror that he uses in the bathroom. Since then, he has had to drag in a huge standing mirror into his bathroom just to do his hair. Of course, keeping a huge mirror in your bathroom is no fun – it takes up too much space, so naturally, PlzProbeMe has searched for the handheld mirror around his bathroom and his house multiple times. Alas, it was nowhere to be found.

However, one morning about two weeks after the handheld mirror disappeared, PlzProbeMe walked into the bathroom to find the handheld mirror sitting on the bathroom sink like it had never disappeared. PlzProbeMe says – “This is far from the first time this has happened. I’ve taken to just saying out loud ‘I’d like my (keys/brush/cell phone) back right now, please!’ and the missing object ALWAYS appears within minutes, in plain sight, where I’ve looked many times already.”

12. Missing Ring Re-appears In Car That Was Purchased AFTER Ring Was Lost

Magnison first posted on Reddit detailing how his girlfriend’s ring, which she had lost about two years ago, suddenly mysteriously reappeared in a drawer in their house. Then, a few weeks later, he posted that a similar thing just happened to his girlfriend’s sister.

Magnison says – “She lost her class ring about 2 years ago at a high school during a competition. Apparently, she had the ring in a bag of her that she forgot in a bathroom […] Today, her mom gave her the ring back after finding it in the floorboard of her SUV. It’s definitely her ring since it has her name inscribed on it in two places. The kicker is that her mom didn’t buy the car until after the ring was lost.”

11. Starting The Day Off Twice

According to Daniel, he usually starts his day “by waking up, showering, making coffee, waking my little girl up and getting her off to school.” On this particular morning, his alarm went off at 6 am. He showered, drank coffee and dropped his little girl off to school. He came back home and decided to nap on the sofa. Suddenly, he woke up with the alarm going off. It was 6 am. Again. Daniel was confused. He thought he had already started his day. He checked on his little girl. She was asleep. He went down to the kitchen. His coffee pot was still warm.

When Daniel woke his daughter up for the second time, she put on the same outfit as before. She ate the same cereal out of the same bowl. The car ride to school was exactly the same. But, according to Daniel, “the craziest part of this whole story is this; The first time I woke her up to get her ready for school she came out of her room and said, ‘Today we are going to the gym and playing soccer.’ The second time I woke her up she told me the same thing.”

Later, Daniel updated Redditors on the abnormalities that he noticed that day, including: the first time he woke up, he put cat food in the bowl. The second time he woke up, the cat food was still there. The towel he used when showering the first time was still damp when he woke up the second time. The first time he woke up the phone was put on charge. The second time, it was in bed with him. You have to admit… that’s creepy.

10. A Girl Predicted The London Bridge Terrorist Attack

In June of this year, Reddit user _Kenaz_ went out to meet her friends. They were going to spend the day together. All was going fine but then suddenly, as they were walking, _Kenaz_ stopped for no reason and said – “Something terrible is going to happen today, not here but South.” _Kenaz_ looked up and saw her confused friends staring at her. She laughed it off, saying that they should forget she said anything. They had a great day and parted ways in the evening.

The next day, _Kenaz_ learned that a man had driven into pedestrians on the London Bridge the day before. She was shocked. Her prediction had come true. But the creepiest occurrence was yet to come. A few days later, when _Kenaz_ was in a store buying groceries, she noticed three people staring at her. She felt uneasy and looked back at them. They turned away immediately.

But, according to _Kenaz_, when she was about to leave the shop, something even weirder happened – “I looked up and the cashier was staring at me, so was the other cashier on the next aisle, also the woman at the checkout, a man behind her with a scruffy white beard and a navy cap like a sailor, two other kids looking into the window from outside, and a mother with her crying child… All staring at me, blank expression, not breaking eye contact even when I made it clear I noticed them. “

9. A Young Woman Travels Through Time And Space

A few years ago CatMote was running with her friend on a popular running trail in her town when her friend stopped to tie her shoelaces. CatMote decided to keep on running and her friend said that she would catch up with her.

What happened next freaked CatMote out – “I remember I ran across the bridge that arched over a brook, spent a few more seconds going into the forest and I took a turn and all of a sudden the ground was gone?? I realized I had accidentally run over an edge I hadn’t seen that was partially covered by some big flowers and ferns, and I was falling towards the brook […] When I was about to hit the ground I heard this weird sound I can’t describe… It was kind of like voices in my head speaking really fast.”

Then, suddenly, CatMote was back right where she started – in front of her friend who was still tying her shoelaces. When her friend looked up and saw her, she shrieked. Apparently, CatMote’s friend had seen CatMote run off into the woods, looked back at her shoes for a second, looked back up and saw CatMote back in front of her.

8. The Pizza Place That Never Was

A couple of years ago, Ghost-Fairy and her partner Rob moved to a new place and as is custom, started searching for local pizza places in the hopes of finding their new “spot”. They found a cool hole-in-the-wall type of place that did amazing pizza. Unfortunately, the pizza place was located in a very traffic heavy zone. Plus, they didn’t do delivery. But the pizza was worth it so Ghost-Fairy and Rob began frequenting the place every week.

One day, the family that owned the pizza place told Ghost-Fairy and Rob that they were opening a second location which is closer to Ghost-Fairy’s and Rob’s house, and that this new place would do delivery. Ghost-Fairy and Rob watched the progress of the second location and constantly asked the family that own the pizza place how everything was going. Then, the new location opened officially. Ghost-Fairy and Rob got their number immediately.

A few days after the official opening, Ghost-Fairy and Rob tried ringing the new place multiple times. But no one answered. They then rang the old pizza place and asked for the number for the new place. But the family had no idea what Ghost-Fairy and Rob were talking about. They did not open a second location. And no, they still don’t do delivery.

So Ghost-Fairy and Rob ordered pizza from the old place and then drove down to collect it. On their way there they went past the building where the second location had just opened. But it was now a drive-through coffee shop! In addition, when Ghost-Fairy and Rob got to the old pizza place, something was off. It was like the family didn’t recognize them. And the pizza was different too.

7. Daredevil Is Now DC

In the summer of 2005, Quantumlepper was hanging out with his friends in a now-defunct rock bar called The Riffraff Room in Chico, California. Since Quantumlepper doesn’t really drink, he had a glass of the cheapest beer, chatted with his friends and left to go home quite early. However, before Quantumlepper went home he decided to walk around for a bit and came upon a small comic shop that was still open at 11 pm. Since Quantumlepper is a huge comic fan (that night he was even wearing a t-shirt with all the Marvel heroes on it, including Daredevil) he decided to check it out.

A young goth girl was working at the store. She was polite but kept staring at Quantumlepper’s t-shirt, so he said that he was a huge Marvel fan. The girl replied by saying that Daredevil was no longer Marvel anymore and that Marvel had traded him to DC for Flash after the DC versus Marvel event in the 90s. As Quantumlepper was looking around the store, he noticed that all Daredevil books were indeed DC, and all the Flash books were Marvel. Quantumlepper couldn’t believe it, he was sure he’d have heard of it. He bought two DC Daredevil’s comics and even showed them to his friend.

When Quantumlepper went back to Chico sometime later, the comic store was gone. When he moved to Los Angeles, the comic books did not make it through the move.

6. After A Complicated Operation, This Man Thinks He’s Someone Else

When Dean was 31 years old, he underwent a routine operation under general anesthesia. The operation was supposed to last less than an hour, but because of complications, ended up lasting five hours. However, during the operation Dean’s life was never in danger.

But when Dean woke up from the operation, he couldn’t shake off the feeling that he is someone else. Dean says – “Although I have the same personality and memories as the man that was wheeled into that operating theatre, it definitely feels like he died on the table – and I keep getting a strong feeling that his body is in some other reality and buried underground with the kids visiting occasionally mourning the loss of their dad.” Dean believes that the being that is him was somehow swapped during the five-hour operation.

5. Two Glitches At The Same Time

About two months ago, Dorian went to visit his aunt. When Dorian was standing outside his aunt’s house, she opened the curtains, and the two saw each other and waved at one another. When Dorian opened the gate, his aunt was waiting at the front door for him. Seems like a normal occurrence. Except according to Dorian, it wasn’t.

You see, when Dorian saw his aunt waving at him at the window, he could swear that she was wearing a long sleeve red jumper that had golden swirls on it. However, when she answered the door five seconds later, she was wearing a short-sleeved pink button up blouse.

But that’s not all. According to Dorian’s aunt, she was standing at the window watching the birds eat from her feeder. She neither saw Dorian nor waved at him.

4. Water Is Not Wet

Is water wet? A couple of years ago, Reddit user Driedwater17 was home alone, lying on his bed with a glass of water. When the glass was still about three-quarters full, Driedwater17 spilled it “all over the right side of my bed and the floor.” Both the bed sheets and the mattress were soaking wet and there was a big puddle of water on the floor next to the bed.

Driedwater17 had a cloth in his room so he wiped the floor and then brought the glass he was drinking from downstairs. While downstairs he also picked up some dry towels to help dry the mattress. However, when Driedwater17 went back upstairs, his bed was completely dry, as if he had never spilled any water. Naturally, Driedwater17 was freaked out – “I even went downstairs to check on the empty glass in the sink and the wet cloth drying outside, they were both there and I never really found an explanation as to how my bed got dried in less than 3 minutes.”

A few weeks after the water accident, Driedwater17 made a mess again – this time he spilled a can of coke on his bed. However, just like before, when he went down to get some dry towels to clean up the spilled coke and came back up again, he found the bed mysteriously dry.

3. The Road That Doesn’t Exist

About a year and a half ago, Rando2222 was driving back home from college for fall break. To get home, Rando2222 has to drive on the Interstate for about half of the way. Even though he is pretty accustomed to the road, he still likes to use the GPS system just to be sure.

After a while, Rando2222 merged to what the GPS said was the Interstate. However, according to Rando2222, something was off – “no other cars were on it. It looked brand new and had shiny new light posts every 5 feet on either side […] This was also around 11 am so I had perfect vision of the road […] Suddenly I notice my GPS map picture is showing I’m driving through an uncharted sort of forest.”

Rando2222 could not see any exits to get off the weird road on his side, but he did notice an exit going back towards the city he had just come from. Feeling like he had no other option, Rando2222 illegally turned around in the “police only” section, found an exit, and in his own words, “got back to civilization.”

Rando2222 has never seen the turn off since and says – “honestly am afraid if I got on it again I’d be trapped in the Twilight Zone.”

2. Teleporting Car Keys And ID

About three weeks ago, Tardisja_ was studying in a lab on his campus. As he finished studying he packed his stuff and got up to leave. Tardisja_ was heading out the room when he realized that he was carrying the core of an apple he had eaten previously. Not wanting to carry it with him, he remembered he saw a bin near his table.

Tardisja_ turned back and noticed that he had left his college ID and his car keys on the table he was sitting at. He threw away the apple, grabbed his keys and ID, and headed towards his car. To get out of the building, Tardisja_ had to scan his ID twice.

When Tardisja_ reached his car, he unlocked it, plopped down onto the driver’s seat, threw the keys on the passenger seat and responded to his mother’s text. Then he reached for his keys, ready to start the car. But the keys were nowhere to be found.

Tardisja_ immediately thought that he must have dropped the keys outside his car and that someone might have picked them up and returned them to security. He couldn’t get into the building without an ID, but luckily his friend walked by and scanned him in. There was no one at security so he walked with his friend to the room he was studying in. And, on the table where he was previously sitting, he saw his ID and his car keys.

1. Morning Time Glitch

In 2009, Reddit user CMDR_Fude got up at 7 am in the morning. CMDR_Fude’s high school started at 9 am and his whole family would get up at 7 am and leave the house slightly after 8 am. According to CMDR_Fude, his whole family used different alarm clocks, including an alarm clock on the phone, and constantly checked the time, as you do in the morning. They showered, ate breakfast, and watched the morning local news.

However, when the whole family piled into the car and glanced at the car’s clock, they were shocked to find that it said 7:10 am instead of 8:10 am. They all checked their own devices and watches – it was 7:10 am.

The whole family went back inside where they checked the time on the cable box and home PC. It was 7:15 am. But, according to CMDR_Fude, “the only way this could be possible is if all our alarms malfunctioned and none of us read the time correctly during our entire morning routine.” What’s even weirder, when the family returned to the house they noticed that the local news was running the same story as earlier that morning!


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