15 Crimes Captured And Aired On Reality Television

When news of Josh Duggar‘s molestation and adultery broke, people felt dumbfounded. He came from a family who preached about morals, like being a virgin until marriage, and he also worked for the Family Research Council, where he spewed his homophobic agenda and thoughts on fidelity.

Needless to say, 19 Kids and Counting, a show that ran for nine seasons, got cancelled.

Nobody wanted to see Duggar’s face, and even though spin-off shows, i.e., Counting On, still document the lives of his sisters and their families, the TLC network banished him to the family business of selling used cars. Instead of polluting the cash cow of a program with anything but weddings, pregnancies, births, or babies, TLC made sure any other tomfoolery got cut. However, other networks and their TV shows live for the dirty drama.

While the Duggars only wanted to push wholesome content to the masses, reality stars usually just want Instagram followers and a check. The best way to get more clout is to start more fights, end up in a hospital, or capitalize on a drug addiction.

From Keeping Up with the Kardashians to Bachelor in Paradise, crimes aired for anyone with a television to see. While routine trips to jail or a drunken brawl seem mild compared to the prodigal son of the Duggar family, a DUI (here’s looking to you, Khloe Kardashian) and an enraged intoxicated beach-beast (hey, Chad Johnson!), still hurt and damage men and women close to them. At least their outbursts make for good TV (and a good read).

15. A Kardashian’s Cocktail-Catastrophe

Courtesy of Celebuzz

Never drink and drive, especially when you accumulated a sizable following on Twitter. As you read earlier, gym-junkie Khloe Kardashian started her ignition, put her foot on the gas pedal, and almost drove home… drunk. Police pulled her over, which prompted them to cuff her.

During the first season of the show, you see Kardashian in the midst of such a buzzkill. As they apprehended her, cameras cut to flashing red and blue lights, making you wonder if Kardashian will be okay. According to The Hollywood Gossip, the Good American owner never went to jail on that particular night; she just reenacted the arrest for good television.

14. ‘Almost Paradise’

Courtesy of Wetpaint

If you disliked Chad Johnson after The Bachelorette, then you hated him after Bachelor in Paradise. Last year, during the first day of arrival, he went straight to the bar. After a few drinks, his already obnoxious behavior turned violent. From his hurtful jabs to his violent threats, the businessman clearly lost his mind.

However, cameras captured his slovenly antics for the world to see. From his disturbing slurs (e.g., I’ll murder everyone hereI’ll kill your children and murder your family) to his disgusting mocks (e.g., F— that one-armed b—-), he turned light festivities into a frantic bacchanal. Everybody asked him to leave, including Chris Harrison.

13. ‘Little Women: LA’ To Little Women: Detained

Courtesy of Daily Mail

Even though the women stand at only a few feet, they pack a mean punch, literally.

During a season of Little Women: LA, the protagonists, Christy McGinity and Terra Jolé, battled each other. As the women sat down to eat, instead of focusing on the meal, they fixated on their brewing conflict.

Both women despised each other because of lies spread, which led to a blowout of epic proportions. They both chucked cups, but only one went to a hospital… and filed a police report. If McGinity wanted to see Jolé in jail, she had the hospital records and recorded footage to put her behind bars. The mother of two escaped cuffs and courtrooms, though.

12. Drunk & Hip Hop

Courtesy of VH1

The Love & Hip Hop star, Erica Dixon, shocked her fans when she got arrested in March of 2017. The young woman, who downed three shots of liquor, received a traffic ticket from police before she fled the scene. However, officers eventually caught her, which prompted them to arrest her.

While only an iPhone camera captured the hairy altercation, fans expect to see the star’s run-in played out on Love & Hip Hop. The show capitalizes on drama, so Dixon talking about her side of the story ups interest, not to mention ratings. However, until the next season airs, Dixon pacifies her fans with an abundance of Instagram posts instead.

11. Talk About A Situation

Courtesy of YouTube

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, a star of MTV’s hit Jersey Shore, faced the possibility of prison. He cheated the IRS out of $8.9 million, so, in April of 2017, the investigation turned into a public fiasco. Even though he may spend 10 years in prison, Sorrentino knows the strength of his character.

After all, when he appeared on the party program of the decade, he ran into several of his own obstacles. From intense fist-pumping to bar fights, the guy’s past on camera showed his low points. According to Sorrentino himself, he even filmed episodes either drunk or high off illicit substances. He broke rules, not followed them.

10. Not A Real Housewife Anymore

via People

You saw the loving relationship between Real Housewives of Atlanta stars, Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida, on screen.

However, you never saw the behind-the-scenes… until now. Nida, a man who got slapped with charges of bank fraud and identity theft, left jail on a $25,000 bond. He and his wife discussed their future following his temporary release.

With the cameras rolling, they talked about everything, from his crimes to their marriage. His sentencing affects more than just them, though; it affects their two babies. They suffer the most, which makes the show extra gut-wrenching. After all, their dad may spend years in a cell, and, to make matters worse, their family heartbreak debuts every Sunday at 8/7c.

9. The Russian Roulette Of Reality Television

Courtesy of Telemundo

While the Russian reality show Game2: Winter prepares to launch, critics express their concerns.

The program, which captures the lives of 30 contestants living in Siberia for nine months, allows everything, from r*pe to murder. If perverse actions fail to destroy a person, then a wild animal or harsh winter (and summer) may do the job.

Even though the concept seems surreal, people should expect to see horror on their flat screens; they should also expect to see police, too. If a man (or woman) chooses to hurt their counterpart, then they get arrested—if they can survive. Between the wolves, bears, weather in the negatives, lack of food, lack of shelter, and lack of safety, all the contestants could die.

8. Illegal Activity In ‘Intervention’

Courtesy of Intervention Directory

With a successful 18 seasons, the gripping docuseries, Intervention, shows you the reality of drug and alcohol addiction. Before each participant goes through an intervention, cameras document his/her life, which revolves around his/her drug of choice. Obviously, they commit crimes on the show, so they can feed their addiction.

From purchasing heroin (for example) to prostitution, Intervention follows an addict’s journey. Even the police make an appearance from time to time. Season 13 introduces people to Sarah P., a young woman who struggled with drugs, like crystal meth. During her intervention, the interventionist called the cops. They even convinced her to try rehab!

7. ‘Are You Still Texting B——!?’

Courtesy of YouTube

If you missed the drama of Rob & Chyna, then you spared yourself seven episodes of abuse and craziness.

While Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna broke up in December of 2016, their romance made headlines. Thanks to their television show, fans saw an in-depth look into their lives before the revenge p*rn and Twitter tirades.

Their relationship just looked broken from the start, though. Accusations of cheating put a wedge between them, which only caused them to fight. They clearly cultivated an abusive partnership. From Kardashian’s demands to Chyna’s verbal assaults, people felt like their crew needed to act as a barricade. The couple’s explosive anger made for good TV, but not for a good engagement.

6. ‘Sister Wives’ Doing Time?

Courtesy of TLC

Kody Brown, the husband of four wives on TLC’s show Sister Wives, might be arrested. By practicing polygamy, the man puts himself and his family in grave danger. Since their state, Utah, outlawed the marital practice, police kept close tabs on Brown and his family shortly after their show first aired.

Even though Brown, along with his wives and 18 children, left for Nevada, he still faces pressure from the cops. An article of TheHollywood Gossip states, “Now that a separate legal body has confirmed that the Browns are not protected by the constitution, however, law enforcement could decide to strike.” Not all publicity is good publicity, especially in a polygamist’s case.

5. What Would Jordan Belfort Do?

Courtesy of Splash/AKM-GSI

He would take a page from Scott Disick‘s play-by-play.

While Kourtney Kardashian carried their first child, Mason, she and her family traveled to Vegas for her sister Kim Kardashian‘s birthday bash. The get-together seemed like a great idea until Disick kept downing alcoholic beverages.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Kris Jenner asked the waiter to quit serving cocktails to Disick so, when the server continuously denied his requests, the indignant reality star screamed in his face and shoved a Benjamin down his throat. Disick left with the cameras following, and the waiter left with a larger-than-life tip.

4. Dr. Phil And Mr. McGraw

Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live

The man whom every housewife loves, Dr. Phil, shows his true colors.

Known for his talk show that delves into horrific topics like incest and murder, to mild annoyances like petty theft and laziness, people viewed him as a god among daytime TV. Maybe he acts more demonic than they thought.

According to a former employee, the host gathered 300 employees in a room, asked guards to block the door, and berated and belittled them. He even threatened them by saying, “If you f— with me, I’ll f— with you.” Why? Well, another employee sent the press classified information, which prompted his outburst. However, he poorly expressed his feelings. He should hire a therapist.

Note: No cameras captured the pooh-bah’s meltdown. But, if you want to see his justified meltdowns, you can watch them on YouTube here.

3. Another Boozy Brawl?

Courtesy of The Ashley’s Reality Roundup

While controversial Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, says she only drinks water, she cannot say the same for her mom.

In 2017, Evans and her fiancé, David Eason, recorded the older woman in the parking lot; they proceeded to accuse her of drinking with three small children. As Evans and Eason tore a new one into the sexagenarian, the kids looked extremely lost and sad.

As reported by Radar, Evans and her mother argued in front of the children. Eason stayed behind the camera, as he filmed the entire situation. While they resolved nothing on tape, Evans tried to convince her mom to call a taxi. Her mom was just flabbergasted. Where are the cameras and crew when she needed them? They probably got called and not the cops.

2. ‘Jersey Shore’: Jailhouse Edition

You read about Sorrentino recklessly living life on MTV, but so did his other colleague, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

In one episode, cameras caught him assaulting a man in a nightclub. He and the victim, Stephen Izzo, became embroiled in a nasty contention when fists started flying. The gym rat came out victorious in the end, though.

He knocked the guy out. Even though he felt like a champ, he really left the club like a criminal. He soon got arrested, and authorities slapped him with several charges. “Ronnie was indicted by a grand jury over the scuffle, and he could face up to five years in prison if convicted,” a TMZ article states. People take abuse seriously, especially when cameras can play the evidence on loop.

1. Already In Jail

Courtesy of Bullfax

Instead of cameras capturing the mistakes of civilians, cameras now capture the mistakes of prisoners.

In an innovative docuseries titled 60 Days In, seven people go undercover as prisoners for a couple months. Aside from hidden cameras, a documentary crew also follows them. Even though the prisoners think A&E only documented the “first-time inmates,” the crew duped them.

The program instead shows the secret lives of prisoners within the penal system. From fights to drug abuse, 60 Days Incaptures the sad reality of what Americans think of as rehabilitation. At least the show highlights the barbarity of the system, though. Maybe something good can come from the show.


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