15 Cringe-Worthy Pics Of Celebrities Before Fame

Celebrities weren’t always those shining, sparkling perfect icons they are today. They may look absolutely perfect now, but there was a time when these picturesque people were cringey, embarrassing losers. And although they might now wish that no one will ever remember their former selves, we have the photo evidence that proves that these celebs weren’t always as perfect as they are right now. Some of these celebs that look like total rock stars right now once looked completely unrecognizable. Some of the pictures of these celebs before they were famous look so unlike the stars they would once become that you have to stare at them for a few minutes before you can see any kind of resemblance. But believe me, these photos are real. And as hard as these celebs have tried to forget them, they’re still here on the Internet…

Sometimes these pictures are from the celebrities’ yearbook and school photos. They look like the lamest kids possible – the type of kid that had absolutely no friends. Other photos of these celebrities before they became famous are from a time before they had their “Hollywood makeover.” This just goes to show how much appearance matters in Hollywood. A little adjustment here, and a little alteration there, and poof! You’re a movie star. It makes you wonder… Could you be a movie star, given a certain haircut, some dental work, and so on? Because if these lame-looking people can one day go on to become major stars, anyone can!

15. George Clooney

At first, I couldn’t believe that this was George Clooney. It’s a picture of him way back in time when he was a child. He looks almost like that kid who was obsessed with science or math. He has one of the worst haircuts I’ve ever seen. Let’s be honest, all of us had a mushroom cut just like this one at one point. But the fact that this is George Clooney, the king of cool – one of the most suave, charming men in the world… It’s almost too much to bear. But you do see some of those same charming features even with this young, unrefined version of Clooney. Those eyes are almost identical, and they’re just as charming as they are now. That smile is also reminiscent of his later career. Who knew that one day, this young man would go on to be such a driving force in Hollywood. He was an A and B student throughout his high school career, and was also a very good athlete.

14. Brad Pitt

Another suave actor who has some seriously embarrassing photos is Brad Pitt. Looking at pictures of this lame-looking basketball player, you would never guess that he would grow up to be such a major star in so many films. This just goes to show that you should never treat kids badly just because they look lame. You never know, he might just become the next Brad Pitt one day! The young Brad, much like Clooney, seemingly had a thing for mushroom cuts at a young age. He also has a slightly portly body that you would not expect from a guy like Brad Pitt. Also like Clooney, he was very involved in athletics. He was very interested in film, and moved to LA. The rest, as they say, is history! Although he kind of looks a little nerdy, you can see the potential within him. He looks like a bright, happy child that seems to radiate positive energy. It was only a matter of time until that energy translated onto the big screen.

13. Steve Aoki

Some of you may not know who Steve Aoki is, but he’s a pretty famous DJ and EDM artist. He’s characterized by his long hair and moustache, although he didn’t always look that way. Just look at this embarrassing picture taken from his high school yearbook! That hair is… interesting to say the least. This was obviously during the 90s, when hairstyles like this were fairly common. But this would probably seem lame even back then. What was he thinking? The most hilarious part about this is the way the ends of his hair seem to curl upwards in a very weird way. I don’t even know how he made his hair do that. It’s kind of impressive. Of course, he didn’t exactly make his hair less weird as he got older. Today, his hairstyle probably gets all kinds of strange looks. So basically, he went from really weird hair to slightly less weird hair. Well, at least he’s improving!

12. Taylor Swift

I know what you’re thinking – no way in hell that’s really Taylor Swift. But rest assured, that really is the famous singer when she was just a young child. I’ll say one thing: This little girl really filled out. I’m not sure quite how it happened, but this rather plain-looking child blossomed into the stunning beauty that became Taylor Swift. Maybe she wasn’t the most sought after girl when she was young, maybe most of the boys weren’t fighting each other to ask her out… But I guarantee you that every single guy who ever went to school with her is kicking themselves for not being nicer to her. She looks like she has a little bit of a sunburn, and her face looks much less thin and chiseled. The transformation is stunning, but it’s actually pretty common for previously unremarkable girls like this to become stunningly hot women when they mature.

11. Avril Lavigne

I bet you never knew that Avril Lavigne used to look like this. It’s almost unbelievable that these two people are the same. But look at the jawline, the smile, and the forehead, and you will soon realize that these two are indeed one and the same. Obviously, this famous Canadian singer went through a HUGE transformation since her days in high school when this yearbook photo was taken. I bet no one who went to school with her had any idea what kind of success this girl would have one day. She looks like a nerdy, unremarkable girl, the type who probably spent most of her time in the library. But apparently even when she was very young she was already well on her way to becoming a famous singer. She performed on stage with Shania Twain at the tender age of 15! I guess the missing piece of the puzzle was to give her a makeover and make her image more appealing.

10. The Rock

The Rock didn’t always look quite so handsome. There was a time when he looked rather ordinary. This picture of him when he was young looks amazingly different than what he looks like now. He almost looks like Dwayne Johnson’s lame brother who never got famous. But rest assured, these two people are the same guy. He was born in California, but spent his childhood moving around a lot, at one point living in New Zealand. He was also an amazing football player when he was young, and played for the University of Miami with a full scholarship. Judging by these two pictures, you may think that The Rock had plastic surgery, but the transformation in his face was completely natural. As he got older, his face just got thinner and more chiseled. One type of cosmetic surgery he did have, however, was breast reduction surgery. Go figure.

9. Megan Fox

Who knew that Megan Fox was once a weird looking teenage girl with a creepy smile? It’s pretty obvious that these two people are the same person, but it’s really shocking that one of the hottest women alive today once looked like that. Her younger self seems really sunburned, and she has this crooked smile that makes her seem almost like a cartoon character. The fact that those lips would one day turn into the sexy mouth of Megan Fox today is really surprising. According to Fox, she had a very strict upbringing and she was not allowed to have boyfriends or even invite friends to her house. Somehow that makes total sense when you look at pictures of her from when she was young. She also says that she was bullied in middle school, not because of her looks but because she always got along better with the boys and that “rubbed some people the wrong way.”

8. Bruce Willis

One of the most disappointing things about Bruce Willis is his perpetual lack of hair, but judging by this picture of him as a young boy, maybe he’s better off without a full head of hair! This picture, presumably taken from his days in high school, presents a time when Bruce Willis had one of the worst haircuts of all time. It was probably back in the 70s when this type of hairstyle was popular, but today it looks the lamest style of all time. And then there’s that strange, pensive expression on Willis’ face, as if he just remembered that he left the stove on. It’s just a weird photo. Who knew that he would later go on to become one of the most successful actors of all time, and an action hero. He was nicknamed “Buck-Buck” in high school, and suffered from a stutter. But his love for acting would begin because he realized that he would lose his stutter when he was acting.

7. Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix wasn’t always a total rock star. At one point, he looked totally ordinary, and you would never expect that this guy would go on to become a total icon of what the 70s were all about. In the image on the left, he looks like a banker, or a car salesman, basically anything but one of the most famous rock stars the world has ever known. But along came the 70s and with it the transformation of Jimi Hendrix into this wild, unapologetic artist who helped take rock n’ roll in a completely new direction. I guess this is a perfect example of what marijuana and other drugs does to people. On the one side you have a respectable young man that looks like he’s a model member of society. But on the other you have a wild looking hippy that does whatever he wants. He started his career in the mid 60s, a time when the style was very different than it would become in the 70s. That explains his change in dress and appearance.

6. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is considered by many to be the hottest of all the Spice Girls, and one of the hottest sports wives of all time. But she wasn’t always that hot. Go back in time to when she was a young girl, and you’ll be amazed that she once looked like this. She looks cute enough, but her smile is very crooked and her teeth are terrible. It’s a good thing she grew up to be such a beautiful woman, otherwise she might not have had the career that she did. She came from an incredibly wealthy family in England, and begged her father not to drop her off in front of school with his Rolls Royce for fear of being bullied at school. First world problems… She became set on a career in music after watching the musical film Fame, and the rest is history. She didn’t really change much over the years, though, other than the fact that she got a boob job, which she later regretted doing.

5. Zac Efron

Zac Efron is known for being the love of many young girls because of his Prince Charming good looks. But it wasn’t always this way. I highly doubt all the young girls would have been as crazy about Zac Efron when he was a young, weird kid with a lame haircut. It almost reminds me of Steve Aoki’s haircut, although it’s nowhere near as bad. It looks strangely wavy and looks like the roots have been dyed. He looks totally like a California kid, and that’s where he grew up. He describes himself as the class clown, which makes sense because he totally looks like a clown in this picture! He also was a very studious child, and said that he would get extremely frustrated if he didn’t get an A in class. Although he looks a little weird in this photo, you can definitely see the potential in him to become the charming, attractive man he is today.

4. Ricky Gervais

A lot of people are familiar with the work of Ricky Gervais these days, and he’s become a mainstream actor and comedian. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that he started off his career as a singer. It was his dream to become a pop star, and he tried and failed to break through with his New Wave group, Seona Dancing. Although the pop group failed, it provided us with some hilarious pictures of a young Ricky Gervais taking himself way too seriously and trying to look “epic.” Is that eyeliner I see there? This was honestly pretty normal back in the 80s, as everyone was trying to look emotional and deep. But now it just looks hilarious, especially because of the fact that we all know Ricky Gervais as a comedian, and someone who is able to laugh at himself. In truth, he’s probably looking back at these photos and laughing at them harder than anyone.

3. Billy Bob Thornton

Is that a picture of a serial killer? Nope, that’s actually a young Billy Bob Thornton. I know what you’re thinking – it looks nothing like him, but it’s true! That’s actually what he used to look like. This picture was taken from his high school yearbook and I bet no one in his grade thought this geeky looking guy would go on to be a major film star. His mother was a self-proclaimed psychic, and maybe that’s why he has that look on his face like he’s trying to read your mind or summon demons. He had no idea he would later go into film at this young age, as he would only begin to pursue that career in his thirties. He apparently grew up in a shack with no electricity or plumbing. After a hard beginning to his life, he became the huge star we all know today. Maybe the reason he looks so suave and cultured today is because he went through a lot before he finally made it.

2. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is a celebrity that everyone loves to hate. Well, here’s some more ammunition for the next time you want to make fun of him. Yes, that’s a young Simon Cowell in the picture to the left in a shirt that’s open way too far. He also seems very skinny and unsure of himself, almost as if he’s embarrassed about something. As you can see, Simon Cowell never quite got over his obsession with wearing shirts unbuttoned halfway down his chest, but a few things have changed since then. First of all, he seems a lot more confident these days. Secondly, he’s developed a lot of hair on his chest. I’m not sure if that’s more or less embarrassing than his younger picture. He did not have too much success in his early life. He tried a few different jobs, including running errands for people on the set of Stanley Kubrick‘s The Shining. He would have to wait a while until he got his big break.

1. Nicole Kidman

Yes, this is a real, genuine picture of a young Nicole Kidman. How can someone go from looking like that from being one of the hottest most beautiful women in the history of Hollywood? It’s hard to believe, but truth is stranger than fiction, as they say. This is a prime example of how Hollywood can transform even the most ordinary-looking people into near perfect stars. That frizzy hair was tamed into a more straight, wavy style. Her skin seems to have become less pale, and her smile got a little more seductive. But that’s about it! Just a few little adjustments, and this strange looking redhead was transformed into to a total ten out of ten. It really is that easy. She reveals that her childhood wasn’t easy, saying: “I am very shy – really shy – I even had a stutter as a kid, which I slowly got over, but I still regress into that shyness. So I don’t like walking into a crowded restaurant by myself; I don’t like going to a party by myself.”


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