15 Cruel Backhanded Compliments That’ll Leave You Shook

Nothing stings more than the slap from a backhanded compliments, especially when it comes from someone you know.

It kinda feels like an adorable forest creature hopping up to you and then stabbing you in the stomach with an old rusty knife. Like, come on man, I thought you were gonna say something nice and now my guts are all over the place!

All we can say is, Et tu, Brute?

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1. jassieone gets schooled:

After final exam results were posted I ran into a teacher who said, “Congratulations on your results – when I saw you’d passed, I knew everyone else had too.” English was her second language, so for many years I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Then one day I realised that she did actually mean it.

2. -eDgAR- isn’t very photogenic:

“That’s a really great picture of you! It doesn’t look like you at all!”

3. abushk needs to consider shutting up:

At a party last Saturday.

“abushk, how do you have the energy to talk so much?”

Still not sure how I feel about that one.

4. PimemtoCheese isn’t that ugly:

When I first started dating my now husband, we were watching tv and an actress came on and he was trying to be smooth but English isn’t his first language, he said “You’re not as ugly as she is!”

I got mad and left and now we’ve been married 8 years.

5. efbangs143 is tasteful:

I got called tastefully slutty.

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6. Batspank is a pretty good dad, at least.

When my now exwife broke it to me that she wanted a divorce I asked why. Was given a laundry list of everything that I did wrong in her eyes. When she was done telling me all of them I asked if there was anything that in her eyes I was good at. She said, “I guess you are an ok dad.”

7. EdwinLongwood is left scratching his head:

I asked my son to pay me a compliment. He said ‘I like what you’ve done with your bald spot.’

8. manlikerealities has made up her mind:

“Usually girls who wear as much make-up as you aren’t smart enough for me, but I would actually date you.”

I’m pretty sure the people who judge me for wearing make-up are the same people who would judge me for the significant rosacea it’s covering, bit of a lose-lose situation.

(I said no.)

9. trippykestrel77 gets their hair and ego cut:

After a major haircut: ‘wow, your hair looks SO much better now than it did before!’

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10. You_minivan knows you can’t be pretty AND smart:

One time in college a dude we didn’t know at a bar walked up to me and a friend of mine (we’re both females) and declared which of us he thought was the pretty one and which was the smart one. Clearly, if two females are sitting together, they can’t both be pretty AND smart

11. vampwatching insults two for the price of one:

In high school there was a popular guy who had a crush on this one girl, and had opened up about it to me and this other guy who was a ‘nerd’ and much less attractive, but had dated her in the past.

He decided to ask her out and was rejected.

“At least we know she doesn’t care about looks.” I said, and they were both pissed at me.

12. DisgruntledLlama hears a fast food slam dunk:

I heard one of my managers at my old (Sonic) job tell one of our other shitty new hires (other as in, including myself) “You are impossible to underestimate” and she said thank you.

13. _-InsertNameHere-_ is rockin’ it granny style:

I was at a party with a group of people I didn’t know well. A girl comes up to me and says “I love your dress! My boyfriend never lets me wear floral stuff like that, he says it makes me look like a grandma.”

I didn’t get the feeling that she was trying to be rude but it was kind of unnecessary to add that last bit haha.

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14. am-i-rite-ladies has met too many idiots:

I’m half latina, and immediately whenever that’s known by some men it’s always followed by, “wow, you’re pretty hot for a mexican!”

15. ashrae9 can see the harsh reality:

“You look so pretty without glasses!”

First of all bitch, I need them in order to navigate the world so that’s a shit thing to say. Why would anyone think this is a compliment!?

Second of all, I love my glasses and they’re part of who I am.


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