15 Current Technologies That Should Scare The Crap Out Of You


When it comes to technology, and the fast pace in which is develops, it can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, new breakthroughs are saving lives, connecting the world and making everything safer. On the other, emerging tech can be abused, mis-used and can spell doom for us all.

It’s scary how wide open our lives become, once we introduce technology into it.



Your smart home is watching and listening. Always.

As much as we try to convince ourselves that letting AI and smart tech control stuff is a good idea in our homes, it seldom is. Smart homes require the internet, and you never know what info your provider is gathering on you and selling to the highest bidder.

There are tons of stories of Google Homes, Alexa’s, Nest doorbells, Smart tvs and baby monitors being hacked, and you end up being watched and recorded at your most vulnerable.

Freaky stuff, man.




Russia might be working on a Nuke that we don’t even know about.

The official Cold War might be over but everyone still loves their weapons. There are rumors that there’s an advanced nuclear arsenal in Russia that can be used on coastal targets, and we don’t know shit about them.

These bad boys can be reportedly launched from a sub and are undetectable by radar. But then again, no one’s certain that these rumors are true. But the fact that everyone’s working on secret weapons is still kinda freaky.



drones might actually become a real problem.

Drones have become easily accessible over the past few years, and they’re used for pleasure, for military reasons, as well as to deliver packages. Who says they can’t start delivering bombs? It’s actually not a huge stretch for an act of terror to be committed by a group armed with a fleet of drones.

Stuff like this is already happening in the Middle East, so it may very well become a thing here too. They could also utilize facial recognition and follow, isolate and terminate specific people.



People are figuring out how to hack cars.

Used incorrectly, a car can be a deadly weapon, and car accidents are the fourth most common cause of death. That number could go up, however, once hackers learn how to override cars and take control. Given that cars have WiFi, Bluetooth and other computerized elements, they could end up becoming just another weapon.

While it’s never been confirmed that this has actually happened in the real world, in controlled experiments, scientists have been able to take over steering and acceleration remotely.



cams are being hacked and used to hunt endangered animals.

While trail cams can be used for hunting things in season, conservationists use them as well to monitor wildlife. These can get hacked by poachers and used to identify rare animals that are killed and sold on the back market.

It’s not just cameras. Hackers have also been known to break into wildlife tracking devices to find the location of specific animals to target. They also look at social media if people post photos of rare animals, and they find the vulnerable animals based on the location tags.


Bots are changing all of our opinions online.


We spend a lot of time on social media, and the time we spend on there, could be affecting our social and political opinions. There are a lot of sophisticated bots out there that are tweeting out opinions, hashtags, as well as conspiracy theories, fake news and other things that aren’t entirely true.

In fact, this kind of propaganda is incredibly popular in areas such as Russia, where the bots are ruling social media to sway public opinion one way or the next.



Your DNA code is being bought and sold by Genetic sites.

You know those DNA testing companies like & 23andMe? You think it’s all about submitting your DNA and learning about your genetic heritage, but it’s actually scarier than that. They’ve been collecting user’s DNA and storing it, and also claim to have a right to use your genetic material for all eternity. Don’t believe me Read the fine print.

While you own your DNA for the time being, it’s only yours until to die. Meanwhile, these companies have your profile in a database and could be selling it or saving it for something else.



Boston Dynamics might be responsible for building our next robot overlords.

I’ve seen the videos. They’re purposely building robots to piss off, and eventually, they’re gonna rise up and get us. Whether it’s the video of the Spot Mini opening the doors or that other robot that was avoiding the hockey sticks, it’s not hard to see these robots find a way to make us into slaves.



Ransomware can be used to shut down critical services.

Cyber attacks are a terrifying thing, and no longer the plot line of a Thursday evening drama on Fox; this shit’s real. One type of cyber attack is randomware, where you click on an innocent link and you get your hard drive downloaded and locked out. You need to pay a ransom to get your stuff back. When it happens to us, it’s scary. When it happens to a critical service like a hospital or something, that’s an emergency.

Such an attack happened in 2017. Called the “WannaCry” virus, it was launched against the UK’s National Health Service and locked down computers in all the hospitals. It took days to unlock and purge the virus. The scary part is that while we can protect against the things we know to be afraid of, there are other, more virulent cyber attacks out there, just waiting.



3D printers mean people can print their own guns at home.

While 3D printers sound like they could be a fun little toy, and really educational, there’s always someone who ruins it for the rest of us. While gun regulation and registration is a hot debate in the US, the fact that these guns can be made under the radar is scary. It’s not hard to find the design files and software online, and then all you need is access to a printer, which gets easier and easier every day.

They fucking have these printers in schools nowadays. That’s not ok.



Medical robots are doing minor procedures while you’re under.

Surgery is already scary enough, but throw in a robot with a handful of knives, and it’s downright chilling. As tech becomes more and more advanced, medical centers and hospitals are relying on robot surgeons. Currently, they’re only used on minimally invasive surgeries, and are controlled remotely by a doctor.

On one hand, it reduces infection and allows for more precision, it also could go haywire or have some sort of malfunction and then a small surgery becomes an evisceration.



Facial recognition tech can be used for mass surveillance.

Facebook does it. So does Amazon, your new iPhone and, I’m sure, tons of other tech. Every time you show your face, it’s getting scanned and matched to a database. While on one hand, this could work in favor of law enforcement, it can also document and track innocent people for nefarious reasons.

Plus the drone thing I mentioned earlier.



Deep Fakes and the FakeApp can swap faces at a level that even Hollywood can’t match.

There’s not much I need to say about this, do I? Between adding in Nicolas Cage’s face to everything, or putting an innocent actresses face on a porn star body, or even demonstrating that the app could solve Superman’s moustache problem better than Hollywood, this tech is dangerous.

Especially when regular people start generating their own revenge porn and distributing it all over the internet. Nope.


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