15 More Current TV Starlets You Didn’t Know Bared It All On Screen (NSFW)

15 More Current TV Starlets You Didn’t Know Bared It All On Screen

It’s been noted a lot of times how actresses in Hollywood have to face a tough double standard. Sure, guys strip down for movies and get judged by looks but the ladies get it a lot more. Many a starlet has noted the famed “casting couch” legends are all too true and pressure to doff it all on screen. Some are able to resist while others give in and the rise of shows on cable TV that offer seriously adult themes and actresses go all out for them. Witness Lizzy Caplan unable to go an episode of Masters of Sex without getting naked or the actresses of various Starz series. It’s also true that quite a few ladies have doffed it all before their rise to their current fame in bits that may have escaped notice.

We’ve noted some of these gals before, stars of current shows who doffed it some time in the past before they became well known. However, with so many TV shows abounding, it’s no shock that some might have slipped through the cracks. Some are more famous than others, a few veterans mixed with newcomers but still a slew of very sexy ladies that some fans of their shows might not realize have shown some skin over the years. Here are fifteen more ladies currently on big shows who have bared it all beforehand and you can be sure plenty left to come in the future.

15. Portia De Rossi

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The Australian actress has mastered playing the cool, conniving blonde bitch since her TV career began on Ally McBeal. She’s added to it with the critical darling Arrested Development, Nip/Tuck, Better Off Ted and right now ABC’s hit Scandal. That’s not to mention the attention for her marriage to Ellen DeGeneres. De Rossi’s very first role was a very notable one, 1994’s Sirens which featured extensive nudity by model Elle Macpherson. De Rossi also showed off as one of a trio of models of a sexy artist, not as knockout as the other two then but still great skinny-dipping in a lake.

14. Paget Brewster

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Brewster is among the many “before they were famous” faces who appeared on several episodes of Friends before short-lived sitcoms Love & Money, The Trouble With Normal and Andy Richter Controls the Universe. In 2006, she joined the cast of the thriller Criminal Minds, highly popular in the role to the point that when her character was seemingly killed off, ratings dropped and she returned for another season. Brewster was featured in the last season of Community and currently can be seen on the hit comedy Grandfathered. Lost amid her TV roles is the brief Showtime dramedy Huff that had her doffing it for several rather intense love scenes. For a gal who plays it cool on her shows a lot, Paget got pretty hot for this one.

13. Rachel Skarsten

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Before the current domination of super-hero TV shows, Skarsten played Dinah Lance on the short-lived Birds of Prey. After time for school, she became a regular presence on various Canadian series like Flashpoint and The Listener. Her most famous would be Tamsin, the sexy Valkyrie on the cult series Lost Girl. Right now, Skarsten is taking on the task of playing Queen Elizabeth I on the CW drama Reign and doing a nice job making her a hot regal presence. Among her credits is Transporter, a series based on the hit movies where she plays a spoiled General’s daughter brought on a mission. Skarsten doffs it all in a scene changing in a store and later a hot love scene with main character Frank. Dressed up or down, this blonde is a great sexy figure with a smirk that always promises a good time.

12. Zooey Deschanel

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The actress has pretty much trademarked the term “adorkable” for her lead role in the sitcom New Girl but even before then was winning people over with funny roles in slews of movies like Elf, Your Highness, Yes Man and many more. You wouldn’t think of her as the type to get naked but it happened in 2008’s Gigantic as a woman who helps a man try to adopt a son. The two break into a pool at night for some skinny dipping with Zooey taking a dive off a high board. It’s dark and from a distance but clearly her and shows her ample chest off quite well. She may be a funny gal but incredibly hot when she tries and this lets you see the “girl” in a new light.

11. Erica Durance

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After several guest spots in various TV series, Durance took on the iconic role of Lois Lane on Smallville and showed her stuff in episodes that had her doing everything from possessed by a witch to doing a strip act and looking hot through it all. While her star has faded in the States, Durance is still busy in her native Canada starring in the hit medical drama Saving Hope. Back in 2003, Durance starred in House of the Dead, an adaptation of the video game by infamous director Uwe Boll and was easily the highlight stepping out of a lake topless to reveal a great chest. Say what you will about Boll, this is the best thing he’s ever put on film.

10. Roselyn Sanchez

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The sultry Puerto Rican was a finalist for the role of Gabrielle on Desperate Housewives but producers worried about her thick accent so it went to Eva Longoria instead. Sanchez had starred in the short-lived Fame: L.A. and Kojack reboot but got major attention for her role as an FBI agent on the long-running hit Without A Trace. In 2006, she produced and starred in Yellow as a dancer whose dreams of fame in New York lead to a strip club. Naturally, Sanchez showed off very well from an intense sex scene to dancing in what amounted to cat-flavored body paint and some very limber moves. Sanchez currently stars on Lifetime’s hit Devious Maids and that series showcases how wonderfully limber and sexy she can be in one go.

9. Julie Benz

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A true TV veteran, Benz is known as the sultry blonde in films like Jawbreaker and Rambo while her first big TV role was vampire Darla on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She reprised the role for the spin-off Angel before taking on the part of the doomed Rita on Dexter and then a super-speed mom on No Ordinary Family. After a run as a stripper on Desperate Housewives, Benz played the tough mayor of a future Earth town in the sci-fi series Defiance. Currently, she’s a cop with a big secret on Hawaii Five-O but if you want to see her in her sexy glory, track down 1996’s Darkdrive, a sci-fi thriller that includes Benz in a fantastic sex scene. She’s older but still utterly glamorous and a silky blonde you can’t take your eyes off of.

8. Jenna Coleman

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The actress got her break as a popular figure in the long-running British soap Emmerdale and later the equally successful Waterloo Road. In 2012, she starred in the mini-series Room At the Top as a woman in post-WWII London and showed off her surprisingly firm chest in a memorable scene. Coleman soon attained international fame as Clara Oswald on the iconic series Doctor Who and is starring in a series as a young Queen Victoria. No matter the time period, Coleman has shown a very sexy side under that British exterior to launch her stardom.

7. Vera Farmiga



Farmiga’s TV career goes longer than some think as she played a warrior woman in the Fox series Roar opposite a young Heath Ledger. She followed that with a stint as a cop on UC: Undercover and the short-lived Touching Evil. She has moved into movies more, using a body double for her Oscar-nominated role in Up In The Air. That’s a bit surprising as Farmiga didn’t seem shy about doffing it in other films. Down To the Bone had her as a drug addict sleeping around. Numerous other movies have had Farmiga getting nude or at least topless like The Departed, Never Forever and A Heavenly Vintage. Farmiga is getting acclaim for her turn as the mother of the future murderous Norman Bates in Bates Motel, nicely unraveling as the show goes on but her past roles showing how hot a mess she can get.

6. Sarah Shahi

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When you’re part of the cast of Showtime’s lesbian drama The L Word, it’s only natural you show some skin. Shahi didn’t do it as much as others but still very notable for her scenes and getting into the girl time nicely. Since then, Shahi has played a cop on Life (cut short by her getting pregnant) and starred in USA’s Fairly Legal. She joined Person of Interest as the cold Shaw and quickly became popular but Shahi’s unexpected pregnancy had to have Shaw written off. She’s due to return for the show’s upcoming season and Shahi has been cast in a pilot as a grown-up Nancy Drew. So many roles but it’s her skintastic Static showing that’s best remembered.

5. Katie Cassidy

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Equally hot as blonde or brunette, Cassidy first got attention as the demonic Ruby on Supernatural then the innocent bride on the thriller Harper’s Island. She was easily the best part of a reboot of Melrose Place as a bitchy ad executive that she would carry over to Gossip Girl. That led to her current role as Laurel Lance on Arrow which started off just the girlfriend but has moved on to her as the leather-clad Black Canary. In 2014, Cassidy finally showed her body off in the indie The Scribbler as a woman with multiple personality disorder getting in wild situations. This included a frantic sex scene showing off her tattooed and pierced body to reward her fans and prove herself truly super.

4. Elodie Yung

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The French actress isn’t well known now but that’s due to change as she plays Elektra, the woman who puts the “fatal” in femme fatale in the new season of Daredevil. Her big break came in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo with some very intense love scenes with Rooney Mara to get some attention. She also showed off in the film Still as well her role as Jinx in G.I. Joe Retaliation. Yung is ready to rise up far more and proves she has a body for both action and sin to become a star in her own right.

3. Neve Campbell

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In 1994, Campbell hit with the role of Julie Salinger on Fox’s hit Party of Five. Two years later, she was rocketed to film stardom with the first Scream film which she’s reprised in three sequels. While it’s speculated she used a body double for Blind Horizon, Campbell definitely showed it off in 2004’s When Will I Be Loved which famously opens with Campbell enjoying herself. She showed off far more in the British comedy I Really Hate My Job and her surprisingly firm chest. Campbell has returned to TV as a conniving political consultant in the latest season of House of Cards and shown how well she has grown up.

2. Gillian Jacobs

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Starring in various Broadway plays, Jacobs would move to movies and TV before her big break playing the tightly-wound Britta on Community. With that show sadly canceled, Jacobs can now be seen on the Netflix comedy Love in some pretty risqué scenes. That’s no surprise given her role in 2008’s Choke as a stripper falling for a mentally disturbed man and Jacobs goes all out in the dance moves to show off her nice chest and rear. She dresses down a bit on her shows but this film illustrates how hot their blonde can get.

1. Stana Katic



The Canadian-born actress had slews of appearances in various shows, her largest an information broker in the fifth season of 24 but nothing really spectacular. That all changed in 2009 when she was cast as Kate Beckett, the tough cop who forges a partnership with the titular writer on ABC’s Castle. Katic starred in the 2007 drama Feast For Love that included some steamy love scenes with Selma Blair. She showed off more in the 2010 indie For Lovers Only in some more hot love scenes. A very nice look at how this TV cop is out of uniform and makes you appreciate the show even more.


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