15 Current TV Starlets You Didn’t Know Bared It All On Screen – NSFW



Acting in the buff is something actresses in Hollywood have had to deal with for a long time, some better than others. Many actresses prefer not to show off anything at all on camera and can still be successful. Others are famous for doffing it constantly and that’s mostly what they’re remembered for. But many are able to balance that, nude scenes but still taken seriously as actresses, even winning numerous awards. On TV, you can see that a lot with various hot ladies about but several stars that shine well with their various roles, supporting and leading. That includes how many actresses on major TV shows today have done nude in the past that may have slipped through the cracks.

Now, some actresses (like Krysten Ritter of Jessica Jones and Megan Boone of The Blacklist) were exposed in the infamous nude celebrity leak of 2014. But a lot of big stars of today have shown it in shows or movies of the past. Many were “before they were famous” stuff but others took place after initial fame but may have not gotten as much attention. It’s a sizeable list but if you cut out actresses who get nude on their own shows a lot, it’s still notable how some have done nude scenes even some of their big fans might not know about. Here are 15 current TV starlets who have doffed it on camera in the past in scenes well worth tracking down.

15. Hayley Atwell

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The moment she took on the role of Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger, Atwell was an instant hit with fans. ABC listened and made her the star of her own spin-off, Agent Carter, showing great drive, amazing sex appeal and rocking 1940’s fashions very well. For more of her, check out the Starz mini-series The Pillars of the Earth with a scene of her villager doffing her dress to go skinny-dipping and soon ending up in bed with a new love. Atwell’s full figure is shown off very well to enhance her beauty and she also did a nip slip in the film Falcon. A good way to show this secret agent in a nice new light.

14. Rebecca Romijn and Lindy Booth

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TNT’s The Librarians has won a good following with its humor, action and fun adventure stories. It also boasts two terrific female leads with Rebecca Romijn as Eve, the bad-ass Secret Service agent and Lindy Booth as Cassandra, a quirky genius. As a former model, Romijn is used to baring her body, including in blue paint as Mystique in the X-Menmovies. She was shown topless and mostly in shadow in Rollerball but much clearer in Femme Fatale with a hot love scene with another woman and stripping naked, including underwater to showcase a flawless body. As for Booth, the current redhead was blonde when she starred in 2001’s anthology Century Hotel. It makes watching the show more fun to know how hot both these ladies can be.

13. Caity Lotz

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The actress came to prominence playing Sara Lance, aka the first Black Canary on the CW’s hit Arrow. She was terrific in the leather costume and bisexual flavor, so much so that when her character was killed in the third season, the outrage was so huge that the producers found a way to bring her back to life. She’s due to star in the much anticipated spin-off,Legends of Tomorrow but if you want to see more, check out the 2013 British sci-fi film The Machine. She plays Ava, an android soldier who gains intelligence to fight against her creators and Lotz spends most of the movie in a skintight suit that enhances every curve of her body. She shows the rest when she walks down a hallway before her creators, nice shots of her rear and breasts from the side and whether her title color is Black or White, this Canary takes flight nicely with her sexiness.

12. Lucy Liu


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After breaking out as the wicked Ling on Ally McBeal, Liu got movie stardom with Charlie’s Angels and other roles. She currently can be seen playing the smart Joan Watson on CBS’s hit Elementary but if you want to see a different side, go back to the 1997 movie City of Industry and be treated to Liu doing a terrific striptease that shows her very lithe body off. Also, the horror-action movie Rise: Blood Hunter includes her topless in bed and a wild sequence hung upside down naked. In both cases, Liu shows off a body quite flexible and the alluring cool edge that makes her so hot.


11. Rose McIver


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The New Zealand actress is drawn to sci-fi and fantasy stuff as her first major role was Yellow Ranger Summer on theRPM incarnation of the huge franchise. She currently plays the hottest zombie ever seen on the CW’s hit iZombie working an excellent American accent. However, McIver has had a recurring role in the first two seasons of Showtime’s Masters of Sex as Vivian, the daughter of a pair of college professors. As expected for this show, she gets naked for some steamy scenes, McIver showing off a good body and little shame in being naked around other people. She may not show as much in her main role but a reminder how good her body is under that white makeup.

10. Lana Parrilla

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For several years, Parilla bounced around various shows that were okay but not really up to her talent. That ended in 2011 when she starred in Once Upon a Time and is easily the best part of the entire show as the Wicked Queen, rocking these outlandish but sexy as hell outfits and wicked smiles. Forgotten amid her various early credits is Very Mean Men, a 2000 comedy about a mob war that’s mostly forgettable. What is easily remembered is Parilla’s role as a call girl, engaging in a hot scene that lets the chest often held in corsets loose and nicely too. A nice way to prove his gal can be wicked hot.

9. Taraji P. Henson


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The star of Fox’ Empire has become an icon with her performance as the wild Cookie Lyons, always in fine style and dropping one-liners with glee. She’s shown her sultry side plenty of times on the show but the best way to see her body on display is in Baby Boy, a 2001 John Singleton drama as Yvette, an older woman taking up with a young man who eventually becomes her husband. Henson got attention for the role with some very hot scenes in bed and clearly has gotten even sexier with age, making this a nice start to a very colorful career that’s reaching its stride.

8. Gillian Anderson

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About to return to her iconic role of Dana Scully on the revival of The X-Files, Anderson has been a presence on TV several times from the short-lived Crisis to the acclaimed Hannibal and the British drama The Fall. She did show off briefly her chest in a love scene in the 1992 movie The Turning but obviously, her Scully role kept her pretty busy afterward. However, in 2007, she starred in the British indie Straightheads as a wife who, with her husband, seeks revenge on the gang who attacked them. Anderson gives it her all, going naked in a fantastic sex scene and showing the heat under her cool exterior. It shows how great an actress she is and more than ready to continue in her most famous role soon.

7. Catherine Bell


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One of those women who barely seems to age, Bell has been a TV mainstay since her big role as Sarah “Mac” Mackenzie on the long-running hit, JAG. She followed that with another long stint on Lifetime’s Army Wives and currently stars as the title role in Hallmark’s The Good Witch. She first showed off her amazing chest way back in 1990 on the HBO comedy Dream On. She was Isabella Rossellini for a scene exiting a pool naked in 1992’s Death Becomes Her but the best showcase for her body was an episode of the 1996 Cinemax anthology Hot Line as she plays a businesswoman sharing a story of a hot office hookup to her friends. From stripped against a door to amazing love-making, Bell lets it all hang out and in fine style to showcase how age has done nothing to stop this lovely sexpot.


6. Kerry Washington


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The star of ABC’s Scandal is well known for her fashionable style on the show as a ruthless fixer who gets into very steamy situations. However, Washington has doffed it a few times in the past.


Among the big ones: being with another woman before her husband walks in on them in She Hate Me; lounging with her male lover in The Last King of Scotland; in bed again with Mother and Child; and a bit darker, abused as a slave in Django Unchained. Either way, Washington shows a fantastic body off and no wonder she does such sexy scenes on network.


5. Ming-Na Wen


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It’s hard to believe this woman is 52 as she looks hotter than ever before kicking ass on a weekly basis on Marvel’sAgents of SHIELD series. If you want to imagine what she looks like under that leather suit, look at 1997’s One Night Stand, an ensemble comedy about various folks in Los Angeles hooking up. Ming-Na is shown in bed after one such stand, her very nice breasts on display and little shame with the rest of her body. As the woman looks almost exactly the same now as then, it still holds up and lets you enjoy a softer side to this bad-ass agent.

4. Eliza Dushku


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Breaking out as Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dushku has moved on with various hot roles in movies like Bring It On and the Joss Whedon series Dollhouse. One role mostly forgotten is The Alphabet Killer, a 2008 film where she plays a cop investigating a brutal series of murders. It’s a dark movie with Dushku given meatier material than usual and at one point, is hospitalized by injuries. She takes off and we see Dushku’s bare breasts as she changes her shirt, a very nice shot to showcase her great body. Dushku is about to return to TV in Cinemax’s wild crime drama Banshee and one hopes she shows off even more this time around to remind us what a sexy minx she is.

3. Shiri Appleby


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Following the end of her star-making role in Roswell, Appleby faded a bit with the short-lived Life Unexpected and various TV movies. She’s gotten back in the limelight, however, starring in Lifetime’s surprise critical hit UnREAL as a conniving producer who gets in hot circumstances. That should be no surprise given her brief but oh-so memorable appearance on the second season of HBO’s Girls as the latest hook-up of Adam Driver. Appleby shows it all, from her great breasts to nice rear in a wild sex scene that pushes boundaries but showcases that under that quiet “girl next door” look is a fantastic sexy lady.

2. Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander


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The success of TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles rests on the terrific chemistry of its two leads with Harmon as the tough cop and Alexander as her quirky medical examiner friend. For Harmon, you have to go all the way back to 1997 and the comedyLawn Dogs to see her naked in bed, showing her firm breasts and legs off well while hooking up with a teenager.


It took Alexander a while longer but in 2015, she finally doffed it all for an arc on Showtime’s dark comedy Shameless, playing a cougar professor with a young student, showcasing her own amazing chest and nicely toned body. It lets you enjoy the show in a new light (not to mention fuels their large fanfic) to know how hot both ladies are out of uniform.

1. Melissa Benoist


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The star of Supergirl got her big break playing the good-hearted Marley on Glee, showing her terrific singing prowess. However, her first big TV role was on the first season of Showtime’s Emmy-winning Homeland, playing Stacy, a small-town girl looking for a big payday. She’s in only two episodes of the show’s first season but makes the most of it as Stacy auditions for the harem of a Middle East businessman, stripping to just a thong. Benoist shows off a very nice chest with a smile, happy to be picked although hints it may not have a happy ending. Still, Benoist is great to show off one super-body.

15 Current TV Starlets You Didn’t Know Bared It All On Screen



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