15 Dark Secrets You Didn’t Know About 90 Day Fiancé

15 Dark Secrets You Didn’t Know About 90 Day Fiancé

The wonderfully horrendous world of reality television has an offering for essentially any interest; really tall women who have really short boyfriends, polygamists who act shocked when people don’t get the benefit of having multiple wives, and Christian cult members who are birthing a doomsday sleeper cell in middle America, among others. If you want trash, reality TV has more flavors then Baskin-Robbins.

One of the crown jewels in the trash crown of reality TV is the TLC network; it used to stand for The Learning Channel, but it has quickly derailed into a home for arguing little people and guys who are sexually attracted to inflatable pool toys. Viewers won’t learn much about the world from watching The Learning Channel anymore, aside from how to hack footage into whatever prospective shape they’d like.

One of TLC’s newest and most successful shows deals with the K1 Visa process, where foreigners are able to obtain a Visa to visit their significant other; if they aren’t married within the 90 days that the Visa allows, they head back to their home country.

Cleverly titled 90 Day Fiancé, the show features some somewhat normal folks as well as some people who clearly share more genetic makeup with a C.H.U.D. With the wide array of hopefuls looking for love overseas, there are bound to be a few dark secrets that only the most die-hard fans of the show have any idea about.

So pack your bags, force your new Brazilian girlfriend to get some tests, and stop being on Mohamed’s side, because here are the 15 Dark Secrets You Didn’t Know About 90 Day Fiancé.


A lot of the relationships on 90 Day Fiancé may seem a bit odd to the outside observer, going to prove the fact that opposites do in fact attract, especially in the case of Aleksandra and Josh.

If you haven’t been on the 90 Day express that long, let us bring you up to speed: Josh is a Mormon and Aleksandra is used to clubbing. They get together, and love quickly flowers between the two.

Despite their differences they really do seem to be in love, so much that they recently had their first baby. However, there is a pretty strong possibility that the baby may not be Josh’s. Both the parents in question are white, while the baby (whose face they refuse to show on Instagram and on the show) is of a darker complexion, with curly, black hair.

The shady Instagram behavior, coupled with the unusual complexion of the child in regards to the “biological” parents, is a major red flag. Some fans went to defending Aleksandra, pointing out that several photos show her with her father, a Cuban man. All well and good, except the Cuban man is her stepfather.


This one probably won’t surprise a lot of Danielle Mullins fans, but the Sandusky resident has quite the rap sheet within the local jurisdictions. She admitted to having a bit of a past on the actual show when questioned by the production crew after similar allegations arose between her and Mohamed.

Mohamed accused Danielle of stealing and using his credit card, opening an account in his name, and stealing money on multiple occasions. Even though Mohamed is a bit of leech in his own right, his allegations might not be completely baseless.

Danielle has been charged with forgery (she was writing bad and fraudulent checks), as well as stealing and using a credit card, this time of a random unlucky individual– not her new husband that is half her age. Funny enough, she also has a failure to wear a seatbelt charge on there, meaning that she really could be just as dim as everyone thinks.


Everyone is familiar with Jorge and Anfisa if they’ve watched 90 Day Fiancé; Jorge has a gorgeous set of natural moobs and is a sucker for Anfisa’s smoking body, even if her screams for her “red byag with my myakup” are enough to send any potential suitor scrambling for the nearest window to jump out of in the name of self preservation.

While most fans would assume that Anfisa and Jorge met the way that most American men score Russian brides from the internet, their relationship apparently started in a much seedier domain than most.

News broke roughly four months ago that Anfisa used to work as a cam girl for one of the numerous outlets that live broadcasts naked ladies to the highest bidder. Whether Jorge actually met Anfisa through an exchange in one of these rooms is subject to debate, but the fact remains that Anfisa definitely used to make her living through bearing it all for top dollar.


Those who have even remotely heard of 90 Day Fiancé know about Mohamed and Danielle. Danielle, a sentient mound of mashed potatoes, lives in Sandusky Ohio, where she received a much younger Tunisian man named Mohamed as her husband who was definitely not after a green card.

After their easily foreseeable split, Mohamed was out on the market for a new woman, all while dodging personal attacks and threats of deportation from his ex-wife. While a few relationships were featured on the show, one lesser known attempt by the Tunisian two timer was tweeted by TLC itself; Mohamed was trying to score some quality time with the recently single Anfisa.

Whether this is just fuel for the garbage fire that is 90 Day Fiancé remains to be seen; a scattering of crumbs in an attempt to feed the many hungry ducks that make up the shows faithful following. With Mohamed’s history of slanging wang, it doesn’t seem to0 far out of character for him to try and get Anfisa’s number, for whatever purpose.


With Mohamed’s shady ways, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he isn’t above pestering adoring fans for money, especially when those fans are women that could potentially want a relationship with him.

During the messy divorce proceedings that took place in light of all of Mohamed’s supposed infidelity, Danielle accused her ex of trying to scam money out of women through social media, using several “job opportunities” that required travel as an excuse to collect money from potential female suitors.

Why any woman would want to waste their time with a scumbag like Mohamed is besides the point, attracted or not, why would you give the man money? The apparent jobs Mohamed was interviewing for never yielded anything; he never received a job from any of the trips he was reported taking for interviews.


Fans that have been following the relationship of Jorge and Anfisa may remember their original plight of having to move from hotel to hotel when Anfisa first arrived. Jorge played it off like he was house hunting, then like he was in debt (which he was), but cited it as the main reason why he was not able to actually afford a permanent homestead. Recent details have emerged that the real reason for Jorge not being able to sign onto a house for his botox-filled bride was his criminal history.

It must have been awkward having to explain that the felony on his record was the real reason why he couldn’t get the ball rolling on a permanent residence. In fact, his background has to do with his current job.

Jorge grows medical marijuana as an independent grower in a market that is flooded with them now that the practice is legal in his state. Besides having a bleak financial future, it seems that, when Jorge first started growing herb, it wasn’t exactly legal– this explains the moobs.


This isn’t necessarily an uncommon practice, as using a pseudonym is a widespread practice in various forms of media that has been prevalent for as long as people have been putting their name out under the never ending spotlight of public scrutiny.

Sometimes this is an artist or cast member’s choice, while other times the company that is sponsoring or paying the talent demands that they change their name to something more easily identifiable or catchy. Then, there are those name changes that make zero sense.

Astute fans may have noticed Jorge’s sister pronouncing his name phonetically in the typical Spanish pronunciation, while everyone else addresses him in the classic pronunciation of “George,” like the curious monkey that can’t shake that dude in the yellow hat.

Some fans speculate that his name isn’t any type of George, citing it as a moniker for his work in the marijuana industry. The same can be said for Chantel– her name seems a bit out of rhythm with the rest of her sibling’s names, River and Winter; it was obvious that her mom had a theme when naming her offspring. Apparently, Chantel’s real name is SeaAir, which honestly makes more sense than having a name that isn’t something as asinine as SeaAir.


Most reality stars make an ungodly amount of money for what they actually do; essentially living their lives in front of cameras, being their already bizarre selves, and if they aren’t bizarre enough, getting some quality coaching from production on how to be marketable.

Join a cult and pop out an unnatural amount of children, be morbidly obese and cry a bunch, or be willing to say that you love someone you’ve known for two weeks while simultaneously hooking up with other contestants; the roads to reality show riches are many. That is, unless you’re on 90 Day Fiancé. 

While some of TLC’s other reality show casts can make upwards of $40,o00 an episode, the cast during the first season of 90 Day were paid $7,000 for the season.That’s right, not an episode, $7,000 for the entire first season and only if they were American. TLC didn’t owe the foreign significant others anything, because they weren’t technically citizens at the time of filming.


Fans that have followed Jorge and Anfisa through their extremely turbulent relationship know that it hasn’t been the easiest– Jorge is a lying pushover and Anfisa can raise her voice to a tone that only Putin and dogs can hear. Fans will have no doubt noticed that Jorge and Anfisa had called it quits on the top floor of a parking garage of all places, and that it seemed like they’d be splitting for good.

Well they have gotten back together, and it seems that their little separation song and dance landed them gigs with a few new production companies, so it’s all square, right? Not so much, as Anfisa apparently was returning to her old ways and stripping, as well as dating a new dude or two in the meantime.

However, this wasn’t much of a surprise considering that Anfisa disclosed that she would be willing to shell out her love to the highest bidder during the tell-all special “Happily Ever After?”.


Dimness aside, Danielle’s entrepreneurship skills are apparently top notch; she’s currently selling autographed pictures of herself to interested fans. It’s as easy as shooting Danielle the shipping fee and she takes care of the rest, with most fans saying that they receive their photos in a somewhat timely manner, usually adorned with a personal message and one of her patented tag lines used to berate Mohamed during their relationship.

For who that don’t feel like squinting, the above message ends with her infamous “You’re gonna be lucky your d*** don’t fall off!” tagline, which she spouted with so much feeling in the midst of her questioning of Mohamed’s fidelity after she discovered that he was chatting with other girls on social media.


Fans who tuned into the “Happily Ever After?” special may have left with a few questions, such as: What does Anfisa really do for a living? Is Mohamed really going to disappear? and they really couldn’t have gotten a better mediator than this pair of eyebrows that can barely read a cue card without looking like she’s having a conniption?

Alas, some of these we will never know, but there is one question in this list that fans can answer with certainty– Mohamed definitely did not disappear (unfortunately).

The previews for the ending of the special quoted Mohamed as saying that he was going to disappear, before somehow peeling out in a minivan. Except, nothing like that happened remotely apart from Mohamed saying that he was going to disappear after the special, before popping up on social media roughly two hours later. We will not be baited again, TLC, or at least until the next 90 Day Fiancé special.


Fans who have been keeping up with everything 90 Day Fiancé have no doubt have seen the fresh batch of bizarre dumpster fire relationships about to unfold on Before The 90 Days, a spinoff series that documents the American cohort of the relationship traveling to the country of their potential soul mate to meet them in their home country.

If you’ve seen Before, you definitely know Paul; he’s the neurotic nerd who brought multiple giant crates to visit his potential fiancé, most likely to make carrying her chopped up body back to the US easier. While Paul tries to give off a shy, “nice guy” persona, he actually has a bit of a criminal background that would make any potential suitor run for the hills.

Paul was charged with violating an emergency restraining order against one of his ex’s by sending her text messages shortly after it was placed on him. Even though the text messages were civil, there’s a reason that restraining order was there, and we’re guessing it wasn’t for polite texting.

Paul was also charged with arson a few years back, and weirdly enough, took to Reddit to defend himself on the 90 Day Fiancé subreddit while pretending he was a girl from New York. Yeah, totally not a serial killer.


For those watching Before The 90 Days, it’s easy to miss Patrick, a “so different, he’s normal” DJ whose story immediately jumped into the sea of boring. Patrick met Myriam in real life before they both agreed to be on the show, a year or so before he traveled back to Paris with romance on the brain. After he arrives, Myriam drops the bomb right on Patrick’s bleached head when she tells him that she has a boyfriend. Shocking? No, not at all.

Myriam goes on to explain that, shortly after Patrick and her met the first time, she began a relationship with another guy. Again, this is nearly a year ago, and Patrick still has the gaul to be surprised. Sure, it could be that Myriam was too afraid to tell Patrick that she had a boyfriend, but why would you still let him fly to Paris to see you, thinking you were going to end up in a relationship?

Patrick made his intentions clear to her, and they both seem kind of “meh” after the big reveal. It seems like TLC and Patrick were totally in on Myriam’s current relationship the whole time, they just went ahead with it anyway, insulting viewers intelligence.


Larry, the guy who can’t stop saying “I took money out of my 401k for this,” is a bit of an odd duck. He’s always seen as being a bit jittery and nervous, which is totally acceptable when you’re going to meet a girl for the first time that you’ve already convinced yourself is your soulmate.

To believing that his potential fiancé was logging onto Filipino Cupid accidentally to screaming about chocolate in the airport parking lot, Larry seems to have some serious trouble just navigating through his waking hours. Aside from his odd outbursts and tics, Larry hides a much deeper secret in the eternal annals of the internet: he has a really awful YouTube channel.

Larry has mentioned his film-making aspirations on the show before, citing that he has made numerous films and features on YouTube, which he has. However, if his most recent post– a trailer for an upcoming film– is any indication, his entire collection of self made films function somewhat like a schizophrenic’s fever dream.

With nonsensical storylines fraught with psychotic characters all played by himself, Larry’s YouTube channel is a “watch at your own risk” type of affair that will leave most fans with a very bad taste in their mouths.


Wait, a reality show is fake? All obvious points aside, in the realm of respectable television “reality” TV is about as real as Larry’s film career; the footage that is captured is chopped and spliced to make the show appeal to a certain demographic that feasts on the schadenfreude of complete strangers (all of us). However, 90 Day Fiancé is a special breed, pulled from the slimy viscera of the master of trashy reality shows, TLC.

From Loren finally figuring out that Tourette’s Syndrome is genetically passed to your offspring to the “friends” that are brought on to advance the plot for respective couples, the show is full of all the typical gaudiness and forced drama that has made reality television a staple in the American media diet.

During the tell all special, Loren lashed out at fellow cast members for making the entire K1 visa process look like a joke, citing that quality relationships (her own), were cheapened due to their irresponsible behavior. She was right about one thing; the show has made the entire process seem like a giant joke.

However, it’s not just the botched relationships that make the K1 visa a joke, it’s every relationship that is featured on a program designed to make them all look like fools.


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