15 Debunked Myths That People Still Believe Are True


Since the beginning of human history, we have been learning about our surroundings and how best to live in them, to the point that we are now studying about the makings of the very universe itself. Through discovery and our need to learn new things, we have made incredible advancements in the fields of medicine, transportation, and science. But for all the progress we have made, we either still decide to ignore certain facts or we chose to not do proper research, and just believe whatever someone else tells us about specific topics. This is nothing new, though, as people have always been reluctant to accept knowledge that changes their point of view, and it is partly because of this reluctance that things like myths continue to exist.

A myth can be defined as a belief or idea that is widely accepted yet false in nature, and the world is filled with a ton of different myths. Some of which actually cause people to alter the way they live. Generally, a person is considered to be dumb or extremely gullible if they believe in myths that have already been proven false. But that is a bit unfair, seeing as most people are just uninformed when it comes to some things. Regardless of the reason, though, there are just some myths that people will continue to believe are real until they are provided evidence to the contrary. Hopefully, this list will do just that. Here are 15 myths that people still believe are true even, though they have already been debunked.

15. Sleeping With The Fan On Can Kill You

No matter who you are or what part of the world you come from, there are certain things that we can all agree on, and one of those things is the fact that we all like to be comfortable while in our homes. During the winter months, we make ourselves more comfortable indoors by putting on heavier clothing and turning up the heat via a fireplace or the thermostat. And when summer comes along, we go out of our way to make our homes cooler by either using air conditioners or fans. A fan may not usually be as powerful as an air conditioner, but it can still provide someone with a great deal of relief in the smoldering heat, especially when it comes time to sleep. But in some Asian countries, people chose to not use fans at night because they believe sleeping with a fan on can kill you. The belief is that the fan will actually blow the oxygen out of the room, causing the person to suffocate in their sleep, but luckily for us, that is not even remotely true.

14. Dogs Can Only See In Black & White

Over the centuries, humans have managed to domesticate many animals, many of which we continue to use for food. But we have also domesticated animals in order to have them in our homes and make them a part of our families. It is true that people are able to keep a wide variety of different animals as pets, but one of the most common household pets is still the dog. We have kept dogs as pets for centuries, and when treated right, they will care for and even protect their human family should the time ever arrive, which is why they are considered to be man’s best friend. Although we have been around dogs for a long time, many people still believe the myth that dogs are only capable of seeing in black and white. In truth, several studies have in fact proven that dogs do see colors just like humans, except in their case, the colors are not as bright as they are for humans.

13. Lightning Cannot Strike The Same Spot Twice

Over the course of history, there are some myths that have managed to stand the test of time, and the main reason for that is that some of those myths deal with mother nature itself. No matter where you live, everyone has to deal with thunderstorms and the heavy winds and rain associated with them. But virtually, every thunderstorm also gets accompanied by lightning strikes. Lightning is an electrostatic discharge that takes place in the charged areas of clouds, and not only is lightning fairly powerful and dangerous, but also has the ability to hit the earth’s surface. People believe that lightning strikes are completely random, which is why they say that lightning cannot hit the same place twice. But in reality, it actually can. Lightning can hit the same spot during the very same storm or during other storms. Plus, communities and cities now have lightning rods to attract the strikes, meaning that we are now actually forcing lightning to hit the same place multiple times.

12. Bats Are Blind

At any given time, there are literally millions of living organisms flying around, whether it be birds, insects, or people in planes. But there are also some small mammals out there who have the ability to fly. The most common of these flying mammals are bats, as there are literally hundreds of different species that can be found almost everywhere in the world. And, despite popular belief, only a few actually live off of blood, as most tend to feed on insects and fruit. Although it is a common misconception that all bats feed on blood, there is one myth relating to the animals that is even more prevalent—they are, in fact, all blind. The basis of this myth is that most bats rely on echolocation in order to hunt their prey, which leads people to believe that they naturally have no use for their eyes. However, in reality, all bats can see, and they even hunt using their eyes alongside their echolocation.

11. A Liar Will Always Avoid Making Eye Contact

Every single day, almost every single person in the world wakes up, goes to work and/or school, eats more than once, communicates with other people, goes to the bathroom, and eventually goes to sleep. That is not all, though, as virtually every person also finds himself lying at least once a day, either to themselves or to others, and if you say that you have never lied to anyone before, then you are most likely just lying. Lies, whether they are small or big, are either told to hurt someone or to protect them. But no matter what the intention is, no one likes being lied to, which is why people have tried to look for signs to tell if someone is lying to them or not. One of these alleged signs is that someone will not make eye contact with you if they are lying, even though they can be avoiding eye contact for some other reason like shyness and embarrassment. This myth is wrong because humans are actually very bad at visually detecting lies unless they are trained to do so, and if people are capable of fooling a polygraph, then they can easily fool you too.

10. Different Parts Of The Tongue Taste Different Flavors

Fortunately for the human race, we have made a lot of advancements in the field of medicine during the past 200 years. And over all that time, we have come to learn that the human body is a truly complicated thing. When it comes to our anatomy, we pretty much know everything there is to know, but despite our knowledge, there are many people who still believe that certain parts of our body, like our tongue, function in different ways. It is through our tongue that we are able to taste whatever it is that we put in our mouths, and when you were young, you may have been told that specific parts of your tongue are designed to taste certain flavors: like the tip being able to only taste things that are sweet, while the back can only taste things that are bitter. In truth, our tongues are designed to taste every flavor anywhere on its surface.

9. Microwaves Cause Cancer

The human race has constantly had to deal with sickness and disease. In fact, our species was almost wiped out by a plague more than once. But, thanks to cleaner living environments and better medicine, such massive outbreaks are mostly a thing of the past. Despite all the advancements in medicine, though, there is still one disease that plagues the entire globe—cancer, a malicious disease with no real cure that can appear in many forms which has affected most people in some way. Cancer has become so widespread that people try to avoid everything that could possibly cause it in their own body, including certain household appliances. Most homes have a microwave to heat up food faster, but many people do not own one because they believe the myth that microwaves cause cancer because it emits thermal energy through electromagnetic radiation. The radiation emitted by microwaves is harmless, though, because it is not ionized, whereas UV rays, gamma rays, and X-rays, which are all legitimately harmful, contain ionized radiation.

8.  Camel Humps Store Water

Our world is filled with some odd-looking and interesting animals, many of which we have still never seen before. However, there are still some odd-looking animals that we usually get to somehow see when we are kids, including the camel. There are currently 3 different camel species in the world located in parts of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, and they are all known for having thick fur, relatively long legs and necks, and for having either one or two humps on their back. Considering that these animals live in areas with fairly little water, where extreme heat happens to be very common, many of us have gone on believing that the humps on their backs are used to store water for future use, but that is not what they are actually used for. Camels can actually go several months without drinking water, as it is believed that they store water in one of their 3 stomachs, while their humps are actually used to store fat for their body to consume if there is ever some kind of food shortage.

7. We Only Use 10% Of Our Brain

Human beings are, without, a doubt the smartest lifeforms on the planet, and many of us truly take pride in that fact, as we should, seeing as it took literally thousands of years for our brains to become as powerful as they are now. Thanks to people like Albert Einstein and movies like Lucy, though, there is a popular myth that all humans use only about 10% of our brain, a myth that is 100% wrong because if we only used 10%, our species would definitely not be at the top of the food chain. If we did not use all of our brain, then we could remove parts without any issues. But if someone were to have a part of their brain removed, for any reason, they would never be the same person because either their mood, personality, mobility, or their ability to communicate would permanently change in some way. Humans do, in fact, use their entire brain, but not all at once. Because if we did, we would all be having strokes right now, and it is because we cannot actually use our brain all at once.

6. Blood Type Determines A Person’s Personality

As mentioned earlier, there have been a great deal of medical advancements over the past couple of centuries, and although it does not garner much praise, being able to identify different blood types was one of those important advancements. Knowing a person’s blood type is incredibly important because transfusions happen every single day. And if no one knew what blood type to give, a lot of people would end up dying as a result. In Asia, though, a lot of people continue to believe that a person’s blood type can actually determine their personality. This means that if you have type A blood, you are considered to be over-anxious, a team player, and a perfectionist; if you have type B, you are cheerful and selfish; if you have type AB, you are mysterious and unpredictable; and if you have type O, you are generous and stubborn. In reality, though, your blood type has no scientific influence whatsoever on your personality.

5. Vaccines Cause Autism

Every year, people go to the doctor to get vaccinated in order to protect themselves from things like the flu or curable diseases like polio and small pox, which means that vaccinations indeed save a lot of lives. Although they do a lot of good, there are quite a bit of people who decide to not get their children vaccinated, thanks to a myth which states that certain vaccines can cause children to develop the neurodevelopmental disorder known as autism. To be autistic is to have impaired social interaction and impaired verbal and non-verbal communication, along with either restricted or repetitive behavior. In truth, it is definitely not caused by vaccinations. The doctor who started this myth has since lost his medical license for breaking ethical codes and manipulating evidence, which shows that his findings are not to be trusted…at all. This myth happens to be one of the more idiotic ones out there because it shows that some people would rather risk their child dying than live with the idea of that child becoming autistic.

4. There Would Be No Life On Earth If It Were 10 Feet Closer To The Sun

There was once a time when the vast majority of people believed that the Earth was the center of the universe and that the sun revolved around the planet, but thanks to science, we know that neither of those two things are true. The Earth is situated within the habitable zone, which means that it is located in the perfect spot to support life as it is far enough from the sun to allow liquid water to flow, while it is also close enough to allow sunlight to help produce vegetation. In the grand scope of things, the habitable zone is relatively small, but not as small as people might think. This is why the myth that there would be no life on Earth if the planet was 10 feet closer to the sun is completely wrong. Our planet has an elliptical orbit, which means that its actual distance from the sun varies and often changes as we gradually move closer and then further away from it as the year goes by. In fact, each year, our orbit brings us about 3 million miles closer to the sun before pulling us away from it again. So, being located 10 feet closer to the sun would have actually had virtually no effect on life on Earth.

3. Sugar Makes Kids Hyper

Every single one of us was once a kid, and whether we were a boy or a girl, there were certain things that we all loved to do, like watching cartoons, going to the park, or playing with toys and friends. There was, however, one other thing that we all had in common—the fact that we all loved to eat sugar at that age just as much as current kids love eating it now. Our parents, though, would oftentimes try to keep us from eating too much sugar, partly because it is actually not healthy to consume too much, but mostly because they believed that too much sugar made their kids extremely hyperactive. Most people still believe this to be true, but it is in fact just another myth because kids are just naturally hyper. They just get very happy when they get to eat any kind of chocolate or sweets. In fact, the biggest reason why people believe this to be true is because of birthday parties, where a bunch of kids are seen having fun and running around like crazy after eating cake.

2. The Moon Landing Was Fake

The human race has truly achieved some great things, especially when it comes to science and our understanding of the universe. It was because of our need to discover and explore that we sent men to the moon. The Moon Landing took place on July 20, 1969 and is still viewed as one of the most important moments in human history, as the Apollo 11 astronauts became the first people to ever set foot on the moon. As monumental as the event was, there are still those who believe in the myth that the entire moon landing was a giant hoax and that footage of the event was actually filmed here on Earth, all in an attempt for the United States to beat the Soviet Union to space. This myth is not true for several reasons: the technology simply did not exist at the time to produce such a detailed hoax on film, the Soviets would have definitely let the world know if the whole thing was fake, and there were special mirrors used on the mission that can be tracked by lasers that are still on the moon’s surface today.

1. The Earth Is Flat

Our planet was first formed roughly 4.54 billion years ago. Since then, it has provided life to millions of different lifeforms, and as far as we know, we are the smartest species to have ever called the Earth home. Although we are the smartest species, there was once a point in time when we believed that the Earth was flat and that we would fall to our demise if we continued to sail towards the horizon. Thanks to science and exploration, we eventually discovered that our world was, in fact, round like a sphere. But despite the fact that this discovery was made over 400 years ago, there are still people who believe that the Earth is actually flat. This myth is rather absurd, as the basis for it is the belief that since the Earth’s surface looks and feels flat, the planet must therefore be flat as well, despite the fact that satellite imagery shows otherwise. But then again, some of these people also think that those satellite images are purposely faked by NASA.


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