The 15 Most Difficult Sex Positions Ever Invented


Sex is great. Everyone knows that. After a while though, you and your partner might want to change things up in order to keep it fresh and have new sexual experiences. You two might even want a challenge. Here are also the most dangerous sex positions and bizarre injuries that happened while filming porn.

These are the most difficult sex positions ever conceived by mankind. In fact, none of these can really be recommended because most of these positions require superhero-levels of strength, and taffy-like flexibility. So, you’ve been warned. In any case, read all about, and rank, the hardest sex positions of all time.


Stand & Carry
Photo: YouTube

This move is super hard, and not every couple is going to be doable for everyone. The guy stands and carries his partner while she wraps her legs around him and he thrusts. It sounds easy but the guy needs a lot of upper body strength to make it work.

The Lotus
Photo: YouTube

To get into the Lotus, the guy sits on his butt with his legs crossed in a traditional yoga pose. Then the woman sits down on him while facing him and holding on to him tightly by wrapping her arms around his back and her legs around his back.

The Jellyfish
Photo: Men’s Health

The man starts by kneeling in the middle of the bed, with his butt resting on his calves while keeping his upper body upright. Then the woman straddles him and squats down so he can enter. There’s not going to be a lot of thrusting. When performing the Jellyfish, you will spend most of your time doing a grinding motion, back and forth, onto each other.

The Spider
Photo: Women’s Health

I have no idea why this is called “The Spider” instead of the “Double Crab” since the sex position is a couple crab-walking their genitals into each other. If you have the tricep strength to keep yourself aloft and don’t mind a neck cramp in order to see what you’re doing, then go for it. Otherwise this position is more like a game of Twister rather than sexual congress.

Wheel Barrow
Photo: Picoblog

The man penetrates his partner from behind, the partner wraps his/her legs around his waist, and then the man holds onto his partner’s legs for dear life as he/she does a permanent push-up to prevent his/her head from slamming on the ground. There are easier positions for a man to enjoy the view of his partner’s buttocks without potential head injury.

Butter Churner
Photo: Trident Media

This position is accomplished by having the lady lay on her back and raise her legs over her head as the male penetrates her on top. This position puts a lot of pressure on the woman’s neck and shoulders. Plus, I hope the guy has done his squats since sitting on the woman will just crush her.

The Head Game
Photo: Cosmo

The lady lays on the base of her neck as the man enters her from his knees.

Problem #1: She’s going to get a giant neck cramp at best or a more serious injury if she loses balances and tumbles onto the ground.

Problem #2: His erect penis is being bent downward, which can lead to new sensations but is also extremely risky. One slip and pop goes the wee-wee.

Problem #3: This sex move is called “The Head Game” when based on its position it should clearly be called “The Piledriver,” one of the most dangerous moves in professional wrestling.

The London Bridge
Photo: Stoned Girls

Just the standard woman-on-top position but with the man doing a back bridge. To accomplish this position, the man would require massive core strength and balance. This position is also purely for bragging rights since it doesn’t enhance the man’s pleasure at all and there are less gymnastic ways to penetrate a woman deeper.

The Accordion
Photo: Cosmopolitan

He’s on his back with his legs up, she squats down and goes for a ride as you are both folded into each other. I hope she didn’t skip leg day otherwise she’ll risk bending his dick too far if she is fully seated or loses balance. Also, why name a sex position after the least sexy musical instrument?

The Triple Lindy
Photo: Mandatory

The man comes in from behind in a standing position and lifts his partner up by the waist while he/she arches his/her back in a position that looks like something from the Naked Ice Capades. I hope you don’t sweat and slip your grip during this move otherwise it’ll end with a face plant and an injured penis.

The Pair of Tongs
Photo: Mandatory

This sex move is essentially a standing scissors position but with great risk. First, the man has to hold his partner like a human gym bag and not drop her like one while keeping himself erect and thrusting. Secondly, the woman has to keep her torso taut and straight while keeping herself aloft with one arm. If not, a concussion is imminent.

The Torrid Tug of War
Photo: Cosmo

Essentially, the lovers engage genitals from a seated position face-to-face, place their legs under their partner’s spine, grab arms, then just lean back. I hope both participants are of equal strength otherwise the man’s erect penis will bend down too far in a way nature doesn’t want it to go. There is also the potential problem of a sit-up into a headbutt if one partner “wins” the tug-of-war.

The Amazon
Photo: YouTube

To correctly perform the Amazon, the fellow needs to lie down on his back, swing his legs upwards, and bend his knees. Then the lady squats down on top, while he pulls his legs close to his chest so they’re out of the way. Then the gal moves up and down for penetration.

The Overpass
Photo: Unsplash/Pixabay/CC0 1.0

The woman lies on her back and kisses her knees as the man penetrates her sideways. This can only end with her needing to visit a chiropractor after the man’s weight crushes her lower back and neck. If you’re a man dating a stability ball, this position is for you.

The Jugghead
Photo: by Janine/flickr/CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

No, you don’t each a bunch of burgers and wear a crown while doing the Jugghead. But  if you’re a guy you do have to lie on the floor and swing your legs over the arm of a couch (or head board if you have super long legs) on all fours with one arm and one leg on either side of him. Then you lift your crotch and lower back off the floor and then start penetrating your partner, while she thrusts back onto you.

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