15 Disturbing Confessions From People Who Were Catfished

You never know if the person behind the photos in a chat room or on a dating app is really true blue. MTV’s “Catfish” was developed by Nev Schulman and his good friend, Max, after the documentary of the same name became a cult phenomenon. Nev was the center of the documentary as his brother filmed Nev falling in love with a woman named Megan. Nev and Megan’s young sister became art buddies, and as Nev bonds with her family, he also finds himself intertwined into a deep deception. Eventually, he travels to Michigan to meet Megan, only to discover that she doesn’t exist and that the woman he has really been corresponding with is a married mother who lives a pretty sad existence.

The television show follows Nev and Max connecting with people who also think that their online relationships may not be all sunshine and strawberries. For every one person who actually turns out to be real, there are 10 stories of people who have lied. A common phrase that these catfishers use is “I really have feelings for you… the only thing I lied about was the photos I used.” Some people accept that excuse, but most don’t. The stories don’t end after the 30-minute episode is over; hundreds of thousands of people are being lied to or even scammed for cash every day. There are those that like to catfish others for money, but many, like the 15 stories we found on Reddit, just used fake profiles to win the trust or love of those who would never pay them any attention in real life… and they’ll say or do anything to keep them in their lying lives.

15. True Story That Made Headlines Because Catfish Ended Up Being A Killer

This is a story you may have heard of because when it made headlines, it seemed too unbelievable to be true. Kenny Wayne Lockwood was a 32-year-old man who seduced 20-year-old college student Kerry Kujawa by pretending to be a woman named “Kelly.” Before Kerry could find out the woman he was falling for didn’t even exist, he was murdered.

“In my sophomore year of college, my friend, Kerry (male, 19), met a girl named Kelly in a chat room. They talked a lot and got close. One day, Kelly revealed that her boyfriend beat her up and broke her jaw. Kerry drove to a city a few hours away to rescue her and learned that Kelly was really Kenny. Kenny tortured Kerry into giving up all his passwords and then murdered him and left his corpse in a field. Then, Kenny impersonated Kerry online for several days in an attempt to cover his tracks. He did a bad job, and got caught, and killed himself in jail before trial.”

14. Creepy Mom And Son Pick Him Up From The Airport

After reading this catfish tale, we’re just happy that this guy was able to make it home safely. He went to visit a girl he’d been dating online, but when he arrived, he was instead greeted at the airport by an older woman who said her son was waiting in the car.

“I had a friend back in high school who . . . told us this story a week after it happened at a graduation party. So he had been chatting with this girl from Florida for three years. Decides to finally go and visit her for a week after our high school graduation. So he takes a plane down and she was going to pick him up at the airport. He arrives and instead is greeted by her mother who says her daughter is waiting for him back at the house. So he gets his bags and heads for the car with her. Notices a guy sitting in the backseat around his age, funny he didn’t remember anything about her having a brother. He starts getting a little weirded out at this point.

They finally arrive at the house. No girl in sight. He gets angry and has the ‘mother’ spill the beans. Turns out this lady was using her niece’s pictures to talk with him. How he didn’t realize sooner I don’t know. Maybe they never talked on the phone or maybe her voice sounded young. Anyways, he immediately left this lady and her son and spent the night at a hotel and had his parents pay for a plane ticket back home the next day.”

13. She Had A Temper Tantrum In Public After He Rejected Her Drugs Offer

People want to show off their best photos when taking a stab at online dating. Nevertheless, if you don’t use a recent photo that most accurately portrays how you look right now, when you meet up with potential suitors in real life, it’s not surprising that they may be disappointed by what they see.

“Worst time: I did not recognize the girl. Her photos were pre-meth addiction. She had dyed her hair. She had gained significant weight. Once we sat down at the restaurant, she told me that this was the first date that she’d had since treatment for a communicable skin disease that she’d gotten having sex with a random dude. Right after we ordered, she said we should bounce to her place to get high and hook up. I said I was hungry. We ate our meal. She got a little drunk. I turned down her offer to get high and have sex. She made a scene in the middle of a shopping mall and I walked away.”

12. His Date Drugged And Sexually Assaulted Him In His Own Bed

A serious misconception that many people have about sexual assaults is that men can’t be raped. This Reddit user opened up about how he met a woman on Tinder and set up a date with her. The pair agreed that she would come over to his house and they would watch a movie… you know, something simple like ‘Netflix and chill’ without the ‘chill.’ Unfortunately, things didn’t go that way.

“She showed up 100 lbs heavier than her pictures, drugged and raped me giving me herpes. That’s what you get for trying to friendzone as a guy I guess. [I] didn’t turn her around at the door because she knew where I lived. Yeah, I made a mistake, but I didn’t deserve this.

Basically wanted to watch a movie and call it a night, but no. It was in my own bed, awake for the whole thing. [She drugged] my beer I’m guessing while I was in the washroom. Thought I’d be safe in my own house [you know]? Everything seemed cool; she was really nice till then. I was paralyzed, awake, and erect.”

11. Straight Woman Finds Happy Ending…With A Woman

Not every catfish story ends with people meeting a middle-aged creeper who lives in his mother’s basement. While this woman didn’t meet the man she expected, she did find love with a woman.

“I’m engaged to my catfish! I (24F) met ‘Charlie’ almost four years ago online. We talked every day for 8 months, and the entire time, I knew he was lying to me but couldn’t prove it even with all of the tricks they do on the show. After MAJOR digging with my friend, I discovered that ‘Charlie’ didn’t work at the store he claimed to. I finally got him to confess, and Charlie (male) turned out to be RACHEL, female (PSA I only dated men until that moment). I was upset for a week or so, but nothing between us really changed. We met a week later and hit it off, then dated long distance for a year before moving in together. 3 years later, we’re planning our October wedding and couldn’t be happier. Sometimes it does work out!”

10. Catfisher Tried To Pay Off Person Whose Pictures They Were Stealing

Most of the time, people who steal photos and catfish people try their best not to communicate with the real person behind the photos. The person in this story was using a stranger’s photos, but he truly did have feelings for the girl he was catfishing. Instead of coming clean to his new love, he offered the real guy in the photos money because he felt like they were “best friends.”

“I found out that someone I didn’t know on the other side of the country had been using my pictures from my Facebook to send to a girl online he had fallen in love with. I found out when he sent me a message begging me to make a video of myself so he could send it to her (apparently she was getting suspicious). He was offering $1000 for a 30-second clip. They had been talking online for two years at the time that I found out. I never sent the video to him because he had a wife and two kids. He wasn’t a bad-looking guy either, I guess he was paranoid that his wife would find out. I made my Facebook private and blocked him after that. He begged me not to because he said that he felt like I was one of his best friends and that he felt connected to me even though we had never talked… people are creepy.”

9. He Disappeared After Leaving His Wife For Online Lover

Here’s a chilling story a person recounting one of their colleagues who just dropped everything, including his wife, to move away to connect with this online lover.

“Something similar happened to a 50-ish coworker of mine. He was, we thought, happily married, until he gave his notice at work. He told us he was moving to Tennessee and getting with a woman he met online. As soon as he said that, the intervention was in full swing, with about five of us surrounding him and asking the relevant questions of whether he’d spoken to her on the phone or Skype (phone yes, Skype no), whether she’d asked for money (he claimed she hadn’t), and whether the wife knew he was leaving (‘I’m gonna tell her…’).

“None of us have heard from him since, and that’s been over a year ago.”

8. She Found Out She Was Being Lied To, But Loved The Person Anyway

To add a bit of credibility to their stories, catfishers will also make up fake family members. They hope that the unsuspecting people they’re fooling will be less suspicious, but this catfish did such a number on a woman for three years that she still thinks about them.

“About 10 years ago, I started chatting with a guy in one of the Yahoo chatrooms. We had only been chatting for a few weeks when suddenly, he disappeared offline for about 2 weeks. I was so worried, but then his ‘sister’ contacted me and told me he’d been in a terrible motorcycle accident. He was in ICU, but ‘she’ kept in touch with me to let me know how he was. After about a month, he got back online, and we talked every day. We traded pics, and eventually, I got on webcam to say hi. He couldn’t do the same because of some issues with his computer. We talked like this for nearly three years. It was around this time that I realized his ‘sister’ was actually him. It didn’t matter though. I was besotted with him, and I mean totally head over heels. Then one day, he just disappeared. His profile was deleted, all his accounts were gone, and I have not heard a single word from him since. I still have absolutely no idea who he/she really was, and it messed [me] up for a long time. I still think about [it] at times. I would do anything to know the truth.”

7. People Join Pregnancy Chats To Steal Information From Expectant Mothers

Pregnancy forums are a great place for expectant mothers to come together for support, but there are people out there that take advantage of these women to further their own diabolical deeds.

“I joined an online pregnancy support forum for women who were all due to give birth in the same month. We got catfished more than once. Women would steal ultrasound pictures and pass them off as their own, and then eventually, they would suffer a ‘loss’ and revel in all the sympathy they received. It was not just done with pregnancy, but also with some of the groups related to post-pregnancy, early childhood forums. It got to the point where anyone who lost a child during pregnancy or afterwards was suspected of faking it until a thorough search made it seem likely that pictures were not stolen from someone else.”

6. Guy Tells Woman He’s Transgendered Then Changes His Mind

“This guy messaged me out of the blue one day. We talked for a few weeks, and I got really attached. Then one day, he tells me his name is fake. He tells me his real name, (which sounded even more fake, but turned out to be real) and goes on to say that he’s male to female transgender. Although I had no interest in women, I was open minded & already liked him, so I gave him a chance.

She was still in the closet, so to everyone else, she was still just a guy, but I called her by her female name. We finally met and things were great. We dated almost six months, but in those months, she changed her mind a lot. She couldn’t decide if this was just a phase or the real thing. Because I thought I was in love, I went with everything he/she said. A lot of the times, one week he was Justin, the next week she was Jennifer. Five months in, he tells me the long distance thing was too much & he wanted to break up. Turns out he was cheating on me & after our breakup, he lived as a guy. I feel like our ‘relationship’ was more like an experiment than anything to him. It messed me up for awhile [sic], but I finally moved on.”

5. She Lied To Him About Being Sexually Assaulted For Sympathy

Like many boyfriends, this poor fellow wanted to be by his girlfriend’s side when she told him she’d been raped. Unfortunately, rushing to her rescue failed, and he learned through a chatroom that she wasn’t anything she presented herself to be.

“Back in the days of Talk City chat rooms. Ahhh, the good ol days. There was a lady and she was my everything. We talked on the phone for hours. Chatted for so damned long. Finally, she was gone for four to five days. No answer, so finally, I got a hold of her and she told me she was raped by this guy. I knew what town she lived in, where she worked, her real first name, and I had her phone number. Being a 20-year-old, I figured I could find her. Off to Indiana I go. I didn’t get but halfway there, stopped in a hotel for the night; I called her and she told me not to come. I told her I had to be there for her. She convinced me to go back home. I went back home and the chat was abuzz with news she was lying to me about everything. Someone else came in asking about her and spilled the whole everything. Finally, I got in contact with her again. She is married with three kids and didn’t mean any harm in breaking my heart blah blah. Not really really catfishing, but she destroyed my trust in women for awhile [sic].”

4. Catfish Told Her She Could Talk To Ghost Of Fake Dead Friend

It’s bad enough when a catfish pretends to be one person, but two is just too much. A guy went online posing as a girl. He then met another girl, and the two became friends. The catfish went on to create a fake profile for her “brother” who later told the friend that the girl had died in an accident, but he could talk to ghosts. Yeah, really.

“When I was about 17 years old, I’d chat online to random people. Eventually, I met another girl with a lot of the same interests as mine; she had a pretty cool brother, too. One day, she didn’t log on, and he told me she had died in a car accident. He then went on to tell me he could channel her spirit and then would talk as her online. Yeah, she never existed. The lying is one thing, but I work with the paranormal, so really, the betrayal was trying to use my own beliefs and experiences against me. A couple of years before that, I was in a chatroom for teens, and a friend turned out to be a 50+ year old male; the worst part was he lived locally enough, and we almost met up.”

3. He Found Out His Online Girlfriend Was Fake After She Attempted Suicide

It was devastating news when this guy found out that his girlfriend of one year, whom he never met in person, just attempted suicide. Things became even more bizarre after he talked with one of her friends and learned that the hot Latina he thought he was dating wasn’t the real girl behind the photos.

“So it actually happened after she tried to legit attempt suicide. I was talking to one of her friends who was filling me in on everything, and I mentioned something about her being Hispanic and her friend was like what? No she’s not. What pictures did she send you? I forwarded her the pictures and her friend said OMG I don’t know how to tell you this, but that’s not her and sent me some real pictures. Instead of an older than me drop dead gorgeous Latina, she was an overweight younger than me pasty goth. This was in about 2004. We had been ‘dating’ for a year. I was catfished before it was cool.

2. Man Discovers That His Mom Is A Repeat-Offender Catfish

How would you feel if you found out that your mother, who’s in her seventies, was tricking younger men online by pretending to be someone that she’s not? Because she’s not scamming anyone, this mom doesn’t think she’s doing anything wrong.

“My mother (73 years old) cyber fools guys all the time. She meets them on one particular online game that she is addicted to. She uses all the younger slang/emoji’s and she has fake FB accounts that she uses with a generic picture. She likes to lure them in with the ‘cougar’ line and get them hot-n-bothered. I have told her a few times that what she is doing isn’t right but she just gets mad and says she isn’t scamming anyone because she isn’t benefiting financially so she doesn’t see the problem in cyber humping 20-year-olds. (Imagine that people: the person you are talking naughty and whacking off to is old enough to be your grandmother!). If a person won’t Skype with you or send you more than one picture or talk to you on the phone, a red flag should be slapping you in the head that something is off.”

1. Drunk Guy Jumps From Moving Car To Avoid Date With Catfish

You never know whom you’re really going to meet when making a Tinder date. This guy was talking to a woman he had met on the dating app, but when she told him she would pick him up from a party for their date, he wasn’t expecting for her to look drastically different from the photos on her profile.

“A buddy of mine showed up to a date with someone he’d met on Tinder. Turns out her pictures were about 10 years out of date, and the decade had not been kind to this catfish. The plan was that she’d pick him up from a party and they’d drive somewhere. Well, my buddy was pretty hammered from the party he’d been at, and within a couple of minutes, he realized this wasn’t the date he’d signed up for.

A normal guy might have found a way to break it off early. A bolder man might have made a run for it. Well, this drunk a**hole opened the car door, jumped, hit, rolled, and dashed back home. Amazingly he lived to Tinder another day.”

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