15 Of The Most Disturbing Gang Rituals

15 Of The Most Disturbing Gang Rituals


There are benefits to being part of a gang, and it could seem appealing for a lot of reasons. To the outsider, being part of a gang can seem like it’s a dream come true, and those people are the ones that probably listen to too much gangsta rap. They think that a gang is about brotherhood and a bond that cannot be broken. If you have ever watched the movies Scarface or Goodfellas, then you probably think that being part of a gang is a great thing because you always have someone to watch your back; plus, you get to feel like a total badass as well.

But in real life, gangs aren’t always the way that they’re depicted in the movies, and even if there are similarities, there are a lot of downfalls to being part of a gang as well. There are aspects of being a gang member that are dangerous, illegal, and could be potentially psychologically damaging. It’s not all fun and games when you’re in a gang, and things can get very extreme. There’s a toughness to a gang, and the rules are very strict. You respect your elders, and you cannot break the rules, or the consequences are fierce.

When it comes to gangs, there’s often a trial period or a probation period, and that time can be a disturbing event in anyone’s life. Gangs aren’t easy to get into, and to get in means that you may have to do things that you might not like. What would you be willing to do to get into a gang? Think hard because you might find the rituals they engage in very disturbing.

15. Killing People

What are you willing to do to become a gang member? Would you kill someone? We tried to warn you that initiation into a gang can sometimes be a little harsh. When it comes to certain gangs like The Aryan Brotherhood, initiation isn’t a cakewalk. Apparently, this gang is the deadliest one in the prison world, and they don’t just let anyone in. They want you to prove your loyalty to them, and the price is high. The one benefit of being part of a gang in prison is that you get protection, and that’s definitely something you need in prison. The only problem is that the requirement to join is you have to kill two people. It can be your fellow inmates, or you can attempt to kill a prison guard. These gangs mean business, and in this case, if you aren’t comfortable killing people, then maybe being part of a gang just isn’t your thing.

14. Burning of the Cross

You can say that there are some gangs out there that really come close to getting themselves in trouble with the man above. The Ku Klux Klan has been burning crosses for centuries, and it’s one of the more disturbing gang rituals out there. Even an atheist could cringe at the sight of a burning cross because of the underlying feeling that it’s just a disrespectful thing to do. So, why do the KKK burn crosses? It was a ritual that the gang did just before they went out to lynch a black man. It was represented pretty well in the silent film The Clansman: An Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan used the practice as a means of intimidation to the people around them, especially the black men that they hunted down. Their whole goal is to instill fear in others.

13. Scars for Life

If you want to become a member of the gang The United Blood Nation or Bloods, then you should expect to be scarred for life. We’re totally serious about the scarring part. That’s what you come to expect when you get involved with gangs. But these are not psychological scars we’re talking about. The Bloods are a gang that belongs in the New York prison system. In order to become part of the gang, you have to endure a ritual called “Blooding In.” It’s a horrifying act where a gang member will take a box cutter and slash a person’s face numerous times. As you can see in the picture, it’s a horrifying display of misused power, and obviously, these members must all be covered in terrible scars. What a terrible way of initiating someone into the group.

12. A Golden Shower

Hey, we aren’t ones to judge; maybe a golden shower is your thing. But if we were to hazard a guess, we would assume that most people don’t want gang members’ fluids on them. In the case of The Hell’s Angels, they’re one of the most notorious and famous gangs in the whole world. If you’ve never heard of them, you may have been living under a rock this whole time. You can’t even say the word Hell’s Angel’s without thinking about crime and violence, and who knows what else goes on behind closed doors? In order to become one of the gang, you have to endure a very different baptizing ritual, and it’s a little disturbing, to say the least. The members will all get together and poo and pee in a large bucket. That bucket full of urine and feces gets dumped all over the member in waiting. We’re betting it makes you want to gag just as much as it makes us want to.

11. Intercourse

We couldn’t imagine why any woman would want to become part of a gang. Usually, there are groupies who are involved but not actual members. There are gangs out there like the MS-13 gang, however, that do take in female members. Why would a female want to be involved in something like a gang? Is it that feeling of acceptance into a group who will protect their own? Many girls who grow up in terrible home environments often go out and seek love in some of the lowliest places. Well, in the case of MS-13, they may allow females into their group, but it’s for a price — a degrading price, in this case. If you’re a woman and you want to be part of the MS-13, you have to have sex with more than one of the members. Talk about disgusting and sexist, to say the least.

10. Drinking of Blood

Did you know that there’s an underground Chinese organization? There is, and it’s called the Chinese Triad. It’s actually a very dangerous organization, and many cops have tried to infiltrate it and try to bring it down. It’s been no easy task; that’s for sure. The Chinese Triad rules the underground in China, as well as Macau and Hong Kong. So, if you want to become part of the Chinese Triad, you’re going to have to get used to drinking some blood. That’s what a new recruit has to do in order to be “one of the gang.” Gang members are required to drink the blood of other recruits as well as drink their own plasma. It’s a seriously disturbing ritual and one that could be dangerous if someone happened to be infected with a virus. Do people think these gross rituals are really worth it?

9. A Good Beating

Unfortunately, there are gangs out there that recruit kids right out of high school. They probably do it because young kids are a lot easier to manipulate than grown men and women. There’s a gang called The Junky Funky Kids, and it’s in Cape Town, South Africa. It may sound like a fun place to be, but it’s the furthest thing from that. When it comes to becoming part of the gang, the kids have to endure a brutal beating in order to become a gang member. The lowly recruit must run through a group of members holding clubs, planks, and other blunt objects. They beat the kid with these items until they feel like he’s earned his way into the gang. It’s a sad thing because there are a lot of kids that have nowhere to turn, and they get caught up in gangs that are very dangerous because they don’t have any other options.

8. Kill One of Your Own

Could you kill a fellow gang member if you were asked to? Maybe it would be easy since as a new recruit, you don’t have any loyalty to any members. For the Roto Gang, they like to use their recruits to seek out vengeance against members who have done them wrong. If you want to become a part of their gang, they have a few requirements first. This is a gang in South Africa, and they like to rob the rich residents of Randburg. Before you think they’re like Robin Hood, they aren’t. Recruits are forced to kill, beat, and even mutilate a Roto member who’s offended the group in some way. Killing is bad enough, but mutilation puts you on a whole new level of sickness. We’re not sure if the offending member gets forgiveness, but we highly doubt it.

7. Beating Prison Guards

Having to beat down a prison guard is a great way of getting yourself in a lot of trouble or getting yourself killed. That’s the initiation into the prison gang Numbers. They expect that anyone who wants to become part of their gang has to show some loyalty to them, and that means beating a prison guard. But not only that; they also want the new recruits to beat the prison guard without making a sound. That can’t be an easy task. We understand why people feel the need to become part of gangs in prison because it’s part of a network that offers protection. The problem is that a lot of people get killed by being in gangs as well. It’s not just fun and games, and there’s usually a lot required of you even after you become part of the gang.

6. Eating a Heart

Do you think that you could do it? Eat a heart just to get into a gang? Just the thought of it makes us want to puke. The Knights Templar Cartel are a hard-assed organization that originally started from the La Familia Michoacana. Oddly enough, this is one group that frowns upon killing or drug use; in fact, it’s prohibited. They also claim to have a lot of respect for women and children, not something that you hear a lot about when it comes to gangs. So, it comes as a surprise that their initiation ritual is to force recruits to eat the heart of a child. It’s got to be the most disturbing ritual out there. But don’t get us wrong; they aren’t out there killing kids and taking their hearts. They take the hearts from one of the gang’s organ trafficking networks. Now that’s some seriously messed up ritual.

5. Cannibalism

The Latin Kings are a Chicago gang, and they’re notoriously violent. These are not the kinds of gangs that you want to mess around with. They have some pretty messed up rituals, and some we’ve heard of while others are just plain sick. In order to become part of the gang, The Latin Kings expect you to do violent acts and even steal military weapons. But that’s not the worst of it. The members of the gang expect recruits to perform acts of cannibalism to become part of the group. Is that something that you think you could do? We thought killing a person might be the worst of it, but this gang is on a whole other level. It must be a real mind f*ck to be involved in an organization that can manipulate another human into eating his own kind.

4. Assassinations

It’s pretty clear that in order to become a part of most gangs, you have to be willing to kill someone. We find it shocking how easily people are just willing to end another person’s life. You have to prove that you’re badass as well as prove your loyalty to these gangs, and it seems the only way to do that is to end a life. When it comes to things like that, you probably would rather drink blood or get bathed in urine. In the case of this gang, it’s no different. If you want to be a part of the Mac Baller Brims, they request a new recruit to assassinate someone of their choosing. Shockingly enough, there are a lot of people in the world that would think nothing of killing someone to get into a gang. Boys as young as 14 are asked to kill, and some of them get killed in the process.

3. Public Humiliation

Some gangs don’t take it as far as ending a life, but their rituals are no less dehumanizing. Public humiliation has been a form of hazing for centuries; it’s something that just hasn’t gone away. The Elite Boys are filled with upperclassmen who are a gang similar to that of the Hell’s Angel’s. They don’t require you to kill someone to get in, but they do make recruits perform public acts of humiliation and will have them drink disgusting liquids. Many of their recruits have ended up in the hospital because of things that they’ve ingested. These men go on to attend Universities such as Yale and Cambridge. You would think that upper classmen wouldn’t participate in things like this, but that’s where movies such as The Skulls crop up. Gangs aren’t just for the downtrodden, but all gangs are dangerous.

2. Beating Children

We already know that if you’re a female recruit, the MS-13 will force you to have sex with several male members as part of their “sexed in” rituals. It’s disgusting, and you think that the women have it worse than the men. But what do male recruits have to do to get in the gang? Well, one of the disturbing rituals involves beating children. These gangs have strong followings not only in the US but in Honduras and Guatemala as well. They’ve been in the news numerous times for disturbing acts that include beating an eleven-year-old so badly that they almost killed him. These are the sort of acts that are required in order to become part of the MS-13. They even, at one time, sacrificed a child victim of trafficking to Satan. The level of depravity in the group is astronomical.

1. The Umbrella

In the Numbers gang, they have a little ritual they like to perform on new recruits to determine what kind of member they’re going to allow you to be. Not all member are created equal. This organization that originated in Johannesburg is one of many gangs that are prevalent in the prisons of South Africa. When you want to become part of the gang, you’re asked a simple question: what would you do if it were raining and you had just one umbrella with another gang member? Now, your answers could vary. You could say that you would keep it for yourself, give it to the other member, share the umbrella, and so on. Your answer is what determines what kind of a member you get to be. If you think that saying sharing the umbrella is the best answer, then you would be wrong. Sharing means that you would have to become a sex worker, a male prostitute. Was that what you had in mind when becoming part of a gang?


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