The mother’s day card made by abuse victim Gabriel Fernandez, shortly before his death at the hands of his mother and her boyfriend

Gabriel was eight years old in 2013 when he was mercilessly abused to death, which has been the center of a harrowing Netflix docuseries called ‘The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez’. The six-part documentary, released last month, revealed that just days before he died, Gabriel made his mom, Pearl Sinthia, a card explaining why he loved her.

The front of the card shows a picture of a house Gabriel colored and says the words, “Open the door to see who loves you!” — which leads to a school picture of the boy. Inside, he wrote he thinks his mom is special because, “she is a loving mom, and I love her because she is beautiful.”

He also wrote down that he loved when his mom “helps me.”

The card included a Mother’s Day “coupon” that he wrote was good to be used for “a time for me and you.”

Pearl Sinthia pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and murder involving torture in 2018.


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I fear the people in the USA who already had CV19 are the lucky ones. Yes, it sucked. But at least there was an ICU bed. Look at that Italian actor’s plight. JFC…. Not even a gravedigger pulling a fukin hand cart yelling “BRING OUT YER DEAD!”

It’s going to be interesting about a week after Easter when “all the churches are packed”.

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