A patient is restrained in a mental institution in France in 1900


Mark’s (Homemade Everything) wife, gives a final update after his death from cancer


The Utica Crib, as shown in this illustration, was a crib like structure used in mental asylums and institutes from the 19th to 20th centuries, it was used to restrain patients from lashing out


List of reasons for admission to an insane asylum from the late 1800s


A 911 call from inside one of the twin towers on 9/11


Rare 9/11 Footage


From 1917 and 1926, 4,000 workers were told that the luminous paint (radium) used for watch dials was harmless, and were encouraged to lick their brushes to form a fine point. These “radium girls” experienced gruesome effects. Radiation could even be detected above their graves.


This is Tess Richey. Three years after this video was posted, she was found strangled to death in a staircase of a basement apartment. Her killer was found guilty of first degree murder today


A “suicide note” written by a Russian teenage girl on her own arm. It says “Sorry, mom”


Judge gets emotional during sentencing of Ohio man who sexually abused 2 young girls (graphic)


Drawing by Karen Greenlew. Following her arrest in 1979, Greenlee, then 23, confessed to having sex with 20-40 male corpses. Since, necrophilia wasn’t illegal in the state of California, Greenlee was only convicted for illegally driving


Video of an Exotic Meat Market


Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos or La Bestia (“The Beast”) confessed to killing 140 boys between eight and 16 years old over a seven-year period in Colombia and neighboring countries. He is suspected of murdering over 300 victims, mostly street children (article)


Officer has panic attack after shooting at man with gun who’s behind the trees, EMT takes control of the situation


Short, horrifying video from the Mayo Clinic about a guy diagnosed with dementia in his 20’s


Italy’s fleet of the dead: Military trucks transport scores of coronavirus victims’ coffins to be cremated

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