Heather Price Papayoti moments before she would jump to her death off the Hoover Dam, taken by an unsuspecting tourist, 2014


On the day of his execution for the murder of his employer, Dennis Dilda was allowed to sit for this portrait with his family. 1886


Am i not a man and a brother? Anti-slavery propaganda. 1800s


A group of 6th graders, their teachers, and two National Geographic employees just before boarding Flight 77 on September 11, 2001.


Young boy performing the “doll test”, 1947. When asked to pick the “nice/good doll” the vast majority of both black and white kids chose a white one. When asked to pick the bad doll they chose the one with brown skin. This was especially the case in children in segregated schools

The doll tests results were replicated many times. It helped to prove the harm of the “separate but equal” policies accross the south and was thus instrumental evidence in trial of Brown V. Board of Education


Japanese troops using Indian Pow’s for target practice


Last Instagram post of photographer Anthony Causi who passed away from Covid 19


Yoko Moriwaki, a Japanese girl who lived in Hiroshima during World War II. She kept a diary starting in April 1945. Her last entry was on August 5, 1945, the day before she was killed in the atomic bombing of the city. She was thirteen. Her diary has since been published in many languages

It ends with her heart-breaking final entry: ‘Tomorrow I am going to clear away some houses that have been demolished. I will work hard and do my best.’


Nicole Carol Miller, boarding Flight 93 on 9/11/2001. She would be dead just a few hours later


Five teens charged for murder after throwing rocks off an overpass


The Utica Crib, as shown in this illustration, was a crib like structure used in mental asylums and institutes from the 19th to 20th centuries, it was used to restrain patients from lashing out



An interview with a heroin addict living on Skid Row. This whole channel is extremely depressing and fascinating and gives you insight into why people are drug addicts


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