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15 Drone Photo Captures That You Weren’t Supposed To See

15 Drone Photo Captures That You Weren’t Supposed To See


Drones are no longer a thing of the future. They are roaming the earth; there are thousands flying around as we speak. Who knows, there may be one flying over you right now. Did you just look out the window? If you did, it’s not that crazy. Sometimes drones capture beautiful scenery for National Geographic. Other times they invade the privacy of others in ways they never should have. In fact, drones are banned in dozens of countries, including North Korea and Sweden. In almost every country, however, they are illegal to fly on private property or without a permit. But when did something being illegal ever stop millions of people from doing it? Follow the law is only appealing to some people. People… and drones, of course. Although they aren’t living, it seems they know how to find the unspeakable.

A small handful of you may be wondering what a drone is. Well, a drone, in short, is an unmanned aerial device/vehicle. To qualify, it must have some sort of communication with its pilot, even if it’s automated. It must be able to send or bring its pilot information. It can have a video surveillance camera or simply just be remote controlled by the pilot. So, yeah, we used to call these remote-control helicopters, or “spy gear” that ten-year-old boys used in 90’s movies. But today we call them drones, and they are everywhere, catching shocking acts! Here, we have fifteen photos captured by drones that we really weren’t meant to see.

15. Reality Of An Illegal Dump (Those Are Not Pebbles)


This may look like piles of tiny pebbles or rubber. But the reality is, each one of those specs you see is a full-sized tire! This illegal dump was captured in San Antonio by a private drone. The 29-acre dump hosts millions of tires, fire hazards, and mosquito breeding grounds. The site was founded in 2005, gathered two and a half million tires, and then was abandoned until 2016 when it was discovered.

The thing is, this would take months, or even years, to dispose of, which makes little sense. If done properly, no matter how far gone the tires were, the owner could have made at least $7.5 million dollars off of this dump! If only they had turned it into a recycling center rather than a dump. If the tires were in good shape, they could have made $60 million at least! But like I said, even if they sold them for one dollar each, an understandable price for scrap tires, that’s still two and a half million!

14. Slums In India To Break Hearts


This is more heartbreaking than the cesspool or the tire dump. This is the truth, and the truth is often more depressing than anything else. This photo is not something Indian government officials, or many residents, wish for us to see. I mean, in short, flying drones in India is illegal. With the right government permission, go for it, but that is no easy task. In this case, someone needed to capture the awful living situation in India, and someone stood up to the plate.

Can you see how tightly these buildings are packed? We all know the truth, but it doesn’t mean we don’t ignore it. It took one brave soul to fly this drone without a permit to try and expose the truth. This photo doesn’t need words, really. It tells a story all on its own.

13. Beautiful Hawk Flying Too Close


This may seem like an innocent and breathtaking image of a hawk, but take a minute to let that sink in. A shot similar to this won a National Geographic competition featuring aerial photos. For hundreds of years, we have wanted to see this sort of stuff up close. To experience what it would be like to fly with the lone eagles or hawks. And now, thanks to drones, we can. Sure, they capture a lot of illegal activity, but they also capture things that nature never intended us to see, things that man allowed us to see using technological innovations.

We finally get to see a hawk flying up close, and it’s a little scary. I can only pray that this hawk was not disturbed by this drone.

12. Smithfield Farms Cesspool


Mm… bacon! An innocent drone flew over what he believed to be an innocent pig farm a few years ago. What he found was what nightmares are made of. The man, Mark Devries knew something was up with pig farms in North Carolina, but he had no idea it would be this gruesome. He found out an open sewage lagoon filled with pig fecal matter, urine, blood, stillborns, and fleshy remnants. The worst part was that this was no private farm. This was a farm that belonged to the biggest pork producer in the world, Smithfield Farms!

After seeing this, he kept going to discover barns with pigs packed so tightly that they couldn’t even turn around or lie down. For months they suffer in this predicament before they are executed. But it gets worse. These are abused animals, but they also involved humans as well. This cesspool full of waste needs to be disposed of when it gets too full. To do so, the company sprays it out evenly around the field and neighbors. The lower income neighborhood knows what’s going on, but it wasn’t until Devries brought this injustice to light that the world knew.

11. What Are They Carrying?


What is happening in this photo? I mean, all we see is two stooges in mime/prison gear, carrying a body bag out the door. We have so many questions. Was it a movie set? Is this on Halloween? Were they actually escaped convicts? Or are they two murderers trying to dispose of a body? There are so many options, but nothing seems to really fit.

If this is a real crime caught on camera, well, I hate to be the one to point this out. If it’s a joke, props to them. If it’s a misunderstanding, well then that’s hilarious. But since we don’t know, we will all have to make up our own story.

10. He May Be Kidnapping Himself


There’s only one thing we know to be 100% true in this photo: this man must be drunk. Let’s just hope that dog is alive, because if he isn’t, that’s the real crime here. But why is he in the trunk?

My best guess is that he got kicked out of the house and chose to sleep in the car. However, is the trunk that much more appealing than the back seat? Come on, now. You can think and think and think, but I guarantee you will not come up with a logical reason why that man is in that trunk. He looks pretty content, so the only logical reason is that he is not sober and will not remember napping in the trunk of his car. Oh wait, let’s hope and pray that it’s his car, or he’s in more trouble than just being kicked out of the house.

9. The Brutal Circle Of Life


This is very Animal Planet-like, but it’s also slightly disturbing. The picture is completely real. The drone may have captured an alligator with a dead pig in his mouth, but that is life. It is way less disturbing than cesspools and men in trunks. After all, animals can in no way come close to bringing us the horrors that humans do.

The fact that this photo is crude, dirty, and sad, yet doesn’t make us feel as uncomfortable as if there was a human in that river, says a lot. He could be there, in trunks, swimming “innocently” and we’d think, “something’s up with him”. We would be wary and wouldn’t let our kids near him. But since it’s a reptile, we will be wary, but not in the same way. Animals only follow their natural instincts. The living truth of human brutality, however, is harder to accept.

8. A Likely Crop Circle


We have seen the most intricate crop circles “caught by drones” that look more photoshopped than Vogue magazine. They are extremely, extremely impressive, but then, they look too fake to be believable. That’s where this one stands apart. The circles are perfect, but not unnecessarily fancy. Like, sure, aliens might be advanced, but their style would not be the same as the patterns we see at Hobby Lobby or on grandma’s couch.

Whether you believe in aliens or not, you can’t deny that seeing crop circles doesn’t make you feel something, even an admiration for the artist, whoever (or whatever) he may be.

7. Sunbather Gets Fed Up

This sunbather was lying on her rooftop completely in the buff when she saw this drone. Quickly, she covered up, and went on the chase. As you can see, she was rather angry, seeing the invasion of privacy. But just imagine how angry she’d be if she saw her own face, and everything else, on the internet for everyone to see. Maybe she thought of this and thus, tried to stop the drone before it was too late. But… it was too late.

She was captured, and there’s nothing she can do about it. Maybe don’t sunbathe on your roof. You may cause a helicopter to crash anyway, and Google Maps can see anything. This was a private drone who thought he hit the jackpot, but he’s not the only one floating around. People like this lady are the reason there are drone hunters in this world, armed and dangerous.

6. Renaissance Man Says No To Technology


Another, less guilty, victim of an unwanted lurker drone. I don’t think that the people of renaissance fairs enjoy having technology at their events. The whole point is to go back in time, so the video surveillance is not something they are too fond of. It’s likely this drone was illegally flown, and we know whatever goes on at those fairs are not to be seen by outside sources. We’ll watch a good LARP, but things get shady after dark.

But one guy took things to the next level, all the while proving his worth. He accurately threw an arrow and hit the drone point blank. You can only imagine the cheers that followed by his fellow Renaissance men and women. He was the talk of the crowd and the man to date that night, all thanks to the technology he so hated.

5. One Woman’s Public Bathe


This woman is likely unashamed or embarrassed to be caught bathing by a drone. Why? Well, she is in public, isn’t she? Not many know where this woman was located, but the truth is, it happened in Oporto, Portugal. You must know that naturism is very big in Portugal. There are many individuals who believe that one should be one with nature, and clothing is optional. So many Portuguese residents really thought nothing of seeing a woman bathing in a fountain. In fact, in much of Europe, people feel less uncomfortable and more accepting of such a thing than in North America.

But, it is unknown as to whether it is legal in this particular area. So, she may have been arrested shortly after this was captured. Or she might have been joined, who knows? She could have been homeless and needed somewhere to wash. There’s only one thing for certain, this was not for our eyes.

4. The Harsh Reality of The World’s Inequality

via: Johnny Miller

If you’ve never heard of Johnny Miller, today is the day to learn about him. He’s a man who was brave enough to send out drones all over the country, all for one purpose: to capture the inequality amongst the nations. He has traveled to over 20 countries to capture drone footage of the inequality there(usually illegally).

This photo was taken in South Africa. It accurately represents the difference in the rich and the poor. But this is only one of hundreds of countries living like this. In fact, Johnny can prove that nearly every country in the world has this sort of inequality. Kenya and Mexico were two others that had a similarly drastic difference. We can only hope men like Miller can help shed a light on this problem, because we all know millions that wish to keep it hidden. The sad truth isn’t that the left side of this photo has worked hard for their lifestyle and the right side is full of slackers. It goes far deeper than that.

3. The Flash To End Them All

via: google

So, this drone did not catch the flash as far as we are concerned. However, this was a Google capture, so that driver got a full-on view. There’s a chance it was a Google drone instead of a driver. If so, she was flashing someone and not Google. Unless she was drunk and didn’t think about her chest being there for millions to find while looking for the nearest McDonalds. I can only hope that they did capture her right in the act and decided to somehow clip that part out, leaving us only with the before and after.

Perhaps Google paid for this image that was taken with a personal drone. It could happen. Tons of people own drones these days, and many companies do too. So, this could be a gem from Google themselves. How many times must drunk people make fools of themselves on Google maps?

2. Google Ain’t No Snitch


Who knew that Google’s drones wouldn’t capture faces? Maybe they’ll capture everyday faces, but not ones that are in the middle of an illegal act, right? This has to be one of the craziest drone captures out there. I mean, you only hear about escaped convicts caught on camera in movies. So it’s amazing to see that they can be caught in real life too. But why, Google? Why not rat him out? He was right under your noses and you left him there. You just can’t rely on drones these days.

To be fair, Google does blur out all faces, but really? Word is that this man is an escaped convict from a Michigan jail. So I guess he was caught thanks to Google and brought back to where he escaped from. I’m sure he’s now going to be doing a few more months than he had to before. Dude’s gonna have a docudrama someday.

1. Sunbathing Women Caught In The Act


There are so many theories about this drone capture that it’s crazy! Some people even say it was the set for a new type of porn called “droning porn”. If this were the case, it could be one of two things. It could be purposely caught and the actors are paid to be filmed by a drone, or this could be illegally filmed and sold as porn.

However, it could just be two women sunbathing privately and were caught by a private drone. There could be no porn-related story. It could just be completely accidental. And if you caught this with your drone while exploring, would you not at least share with one person? Maybe they didn’t mean to share it with the world, or maybe they did. Who knows? Only one truth is known for sure. Whoever this is, lying unclothed out in the open, they probably did not want to be photographed at this moment.

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Since we don’t know, we’ll all have to make up our own story?
Wrong. This type of thinking is the argument from ignorance fallacy. It may seem minor, but if you’re willing to think like this for trivial stuff like a picture on the internet, it’s a dangerous path to take fore more serious issues in your life.
The correct way to finish that thought is not to inject whatever wild fantasy your imagination can conjure, but to conclude that you just don’t know. Why is saying “I don’t know” so hard for people?

Stop censoring shit. You are falling in line with the G-man Everytime you censor something. Knock that shit off already.

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