15 Dumb Tattoos Of Celebrities We Can’t Believe People Paid For

Tattoos are permanent, we all know that so when it comes to choosing a tattoo for yourself, you want to make sure that it’s super awesome because it’s going to be there forever. Well, they are supposed to be anyway, these days anything can be removed with a lot of money and a little bit of pain. Despite the fact that tattoos are permanent it hasn’t stopped some people from putting some weird things on their bodies.

One trend going on is tattooing celebrity faces on your body. It’s something we never really understood. Sure, Taylor Swift is super cool but do you really want her face staring at you in the mirror. It’s kind of creepy if you really think about it. Why put anyone’s face on your body? You better at least hope that you have a good artist that can create portraits, or your celebrity face could be a little nightmarish. Keep repeating: tattoos are permanent, tattoos are permanent, tattoos are permanent. Some of these celebrity tattoos are even tribute to a loved one and god forbid they ever have a breakup then they’re going to have to look at that Jeff Goldblum tattoo for the rest of their lives.

Some of these tattoos are so bizarre. We want to ask why these people got these tattoo, why they want a creepy face on their bodies forever. We have a list of celebrity faces that are going to make you laugh.

15. Jeff Goldblum

You would be surprised how many Jeff Goldblum tattoos there are out there. There are also some Jurassic Park themed Jeff Goldblum tattoos that will put a smile on your face as well. Goldblum is famous enough that people want to see his face everywhere. It seems like a weird choice but all the power to you. When it comes to this tattoo we know logically that it’s Jeff Goldblum but it could also be a tattoo of a homeless person. We’re not sure why they would choose this particular image because it’s not exactly what he looked like in Jurassic park, but there is a little dinosaur symbol on his toque. The tattoo itself is a terrible creation and we feel a little bad that they put this one their body. But upwards and onwards, right?

14. Britney Spears

If you were to ever get a Britney Spears tattoo, what do you think it would be of? Possibly that image of her on stage with the snake in her arms or possibly when she was in her badass school girl outfit. There really are so many choices. But what you probably wouldn’t choose is crazy, shaved head, nervous breakdown Britney Spears. Look at those crazy eyes and the fact that she is baring her teeth. Why in the world would you want this tattoo on your body? But someone did it. Maybe they wanted to honor their own nervous breakdown, we’re not sure, but this is a bizarre tattoo to permanently put on your body. It’s very lifelike, it’s like seeing Britney take an umbrella to that car full of paparazzi all over again but wow, don’t do it people. Just don’t do it.

13. Kevin Spacey

Oh boy, the Kevin Spacey tattoos, there are so many. We have a feeling that whoever got this tattoo has some serious regrets right now. Seriously, the last image you want on your body is someone who’s being accused of heinous sexual acts against humanity. We have a feeling this person is wearing long sleeves even if they are living in Los Angeles. Sure, he was a great actor, but he’s not a very cool human being, so he doesn’t need to be represented anymore. If anything, people should start getting tattoos on their body that say, “Don’t get tattoos of living celebrities unless you have the money for a cover-up.” We have a feeling that this person is going to spend some hard-earned dollars getting this tattoo off their body. Make an appointment immediately, we beg of you.

12. Angelina Jolie

If we were ever going to get an Angelina Jolie inspired tattoo, this would literally be the last style that we would get. We don’t even understand it. She looks like a cross between a ninja and a gypsy. We don’t recall any role that she played quite like this so where did this guy come up with this idea. This tattoo is called a Chicano tattoo, and it’s definitely pretty, but we’re not sure why someone would want this on their body forever. Jolie has said this about her own tattoos, “Usually all my tattoos came at good times. A tattoo is something permanent when you’ve made a self-discovery or something you’ve come to a conclusion about.” We’re not sure this guy had the same feeling. He probably just thinks that Jolie is hot. Really make sure you love your tattoo before putting it on your body.

11. The Whole Cast Of Twilight

We can admit that we actually enjoyed the Twilight movies, but that doesn’t mean that we want the characters from the movie on our bodies forever. This is a huge tattoo, HUGE! This fan decided to get this tattoo all over her back and it’s just so big that we have to wonder what she was thinking. There are a lot of crazy fans out there that are obsessed with the movie, but this poor soul didn’t even go to a good tattoo artist. Now she has this huge tattoo on her back of characters that don’t even look like the characters. Bella (Kristen Stewart) is almost unrecognizable, Jacob (Taylor Lautner) looks chubby and we are so disappointed by Edward’s (Robert Pattinson) lips. Seriously what happened there. Here’s a word of advice, don’t get your favorite characters tattooed on your body. There are going to be lots of good movies out there and you don’t have enough room on your body.

10. Johnny Depp

Not only did this person tattoo a celebrity on their body but it’s a celebrity in character for a movie. We get it, Jack Sparrow is super awesome, but we’ll tell you one thing, he’s not awesome enough to tattoo him on your body for life. We will give kudos to the tattoo artist because the creation is awesome, but we don’t agree with getting a celebrity tattooed on your body. Imagine making love and looking down to see this tattoo staring up at you. Now Johnny Depp knows what you look like in your birthday suit. You suddenly feel violated and the mood has passed. Do you really need that in your life? We didn’t think so. You don’t see celebrities (or at least not a lot of them) with heads tattooed on their body. Cause it’s just plain weird.

9. Bob Marley

We can see why there are so many people that want to honor the man that was Bob Marley. He really knew how the world worked. Bob Marley was an inspirational person and he is still remembered to this day. People love the life that he stood for and they want to find a way to remember him always. There are some really good Bob Marley tattoos out there, but this isn’t one of them. This poor soul not only has a face on his body forever but it is an awful depiction of Marley. It looks like he was out in the sun for too long and started to melt. Bob Marley once said, “Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny,” but we don’t think he meant people getting ridiculous things tattooed on their body in honor of him.

8. Thom Yorke

We really need to understand this tattoo for many reasons. Firstly, does this person actually like Thom Yorke of Radiohead? If he does then why did he make his eye a nipple? If he doesn’t, then why tattoo him on your body at all. We’re not even sure where this person came up with such a bizarre and disgusting tattoo idea. We have to assume this is what happens when you go out with your friends and drink too much tequila. We’re also pretty sure that Thom Yorke would not feel flattered in any way that it appears as if this person thinks that he is a boob. Again, if you don’t like the singer then why tattoo your hate on your body? It’s easily one of the worst tattoos that we have seen lately and we hope that it gets removed. Though it will be burned in our memories forever.

7. Justin Bieber

We doubt that this is the first Justin Bieber tattoo and it probably won’t be the last. There is a lot wrong with this tattoo and we just don’t understand why people don’t get good tattoo artists to do theIr ink. We understand that tattoos can be expensive, but this is something that is going to be on your body forever. Isn’t it work paying the money to have it done right. Although we know that this is Bieber, it’s not a very good likeness to him. He also looks like he’s wearing prison garb and the “Married With Children” inspired emblem is not making the situation any better. We guarantee this is some teenager who thought it was cool to get her love for Bieber tattooed on her skin. Hopefully, her parents were willing to shell out the money to have it re

6. Miley Cyrus

If you thought things couldn’t get worse than what you have already seen, then you are dead wrong. No, please no. Our eyes cannot unsee this. Where on earth do people get these tattoos ideas from, they are just so horrible. There is nothing good about this tattoo and it’s showing off Cyrus in all her inappropriate glory. Why would you want this disaster on your body? Again, this has to be a teenage fan of the artist and again we hope the parents had it removed. If it’s an adult, then shame on you. Did you notice that the wrecking ball is actually crying in the tattoo, probably because it feels violated and so do we for having seen this? Of all the ways that you could honor your favorite artist, this one has to be the absolute worst.

5. Kim Kardashian

It’s a sad day indeed when out of all the celebrities in the world that you can choose to get a tattoo of, you choose Kim Kardashian. It makes no sense to us at all. We honestly don’t know why anyone would tattoo Kim Kardashian to their body but if that’s what you wanted to do, wouldn’t you at least want it to look like Kim? This is a hideous display of a celebrity tattoo and we guarantee this guy gets asked all the time who the girl is. Like all the time. We’re not sure what picture he gave to the tattoo artist, but we guarantee that he must have been disappointed when the tattoo was completed. There’s no way that he can say that this is a good likeness to any of the Kardashians especially Kim. He should probably just have it removed.

4. P!nk

So, is this like if P!nk was in the zombie apocalypse and got turned into a zombie. We’re confused. It’s definitely a tattoo of the singer P!nk, but it looks like she may have eaten someone. We’re not really sure what’s going on because she’s even crying blood. If P!nk actually saw this tattoo we doubt that she would have that “I made it!” vibe. It would probably be the moment when she called security and had you removed from the building. Why would you get a zombie P!nk tattoo instead of an awesome musical inspired version of her? It’s uber weird. The singer has obviously seen this tattoo at some point, seriously it’s all over the internet and she must have just had the words WTF cross her brain. The top portion of the tattoo is actually really good; it’s just the bottom portion where everything just went so very wrong.

3. The Spice Girls

Wow, this is such a hideous tattoo that it takes our breath away. Wouldn’t you agree? Seriously, this is on some guys stomach. We just want to put that out there before we get started. Could you imagine being the girl that gets naked with this guy and sees the Spice Girls on his stomach? The worst part is they’re not even famous anymore. When we think of Victoria Beckham, we think of the second half of David Beckham and the fashionista that attends events. These girls don’t even exist anymore. How much do you have to love the Spice Girls to tattoo them on your stomach? The tattoo itself is hideous, the colors are ragingly bright and there’s just no detail to it. We would have recommended a portrait. No, wait, scratch that. Please don’t do this to your body ever.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is considered to be a badass of Hollywood, he was the Terminator after all and he made some pretty epic movies over the years. If we had to guess we would think that this tattoo was inspired by the role he had in Total Recall, but correct us if we’re wrong. What we don’t understand is if you are going to get a tattoo of your favorite celebrity, why would you want one that has his face contorted? We would have nightmares if we woke up in the middle of the night and saw this face staring at us from our leg or stomach. Why not get a nice portrait of his role as the Terminator when his face doesn’t look like it’s going to explode? It’s not a terrible tattoo, it’s just creepy and weird and it sorts of scares us a little.

1. Snooki

We can’t for the life of us understand why anyone would tattoo Snooki to their body, especially since her 15 minutes of fame was up a million years ago. But what’s worse is that this person tattooed a beat up and black and blue Snooki instead of something awesome that could honor her time in Hollywood. The tattoo is absolutely hideous and we can’t believe someone put this on their body. Brad Ferro is the guy that received his 15 minutes of fame after he punched Snooki out in 2009. The guy is trash for doing that to a woman but why would someone want to have that version of her as their tattoo. Maybe they hated her and thought she deserved it, but why tattoo it forever on your body. If you’re a fan, why would you want this photo of all things to remember her by.



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