15 Dumbest Things People Actually Killed For

Arguments are an integral part of life. They make us human. However, sometimes, lines can be crossed. Screaming matches or brawls just happen, especially when alcohol or drugs are involved. If you’re lucky, nobody’s hurt. However, that’s usually not the case. Law enforcement and jail time become realities, and the person you love the most can be seriously hurt. It’s just a scary situation.

Thankfully, when you’re embroiled in a spat, you’re only going so far with your quarrel. While you’ll probably apologize the next day for stupid things said, at least you and your friend can make amends. Other people aren’t as lucky, though.

Even the dumbest fights can end in horrific catastrophes. From a bag of chips to a can of beer, people have actually fought to death for certain items. Obviously, the outcome is never good. Nobody ever thinks about losing his/her life at the hands of someone else, but the crime happens all of the time.

Not only are people getting murdered (one person is reportedly killed every 60 seconds), but they’re dying in vain, quite literally. Their loved ones are left lost, and their deaths can be confusing even for police to understand. Why would a person kill for a $2.00 beer from a gas station, and why would a person kill for a $1.50 Diet Coke? Police are baffled. So are the families and friends of the victims, not to mention the rest of the world. Murder is horrible, but it’s even more so when victims have died for literally nothing.

15. Transphobia On Deck

Unfortunately, the LGBTQIA+ community is at risk every day.

They face ungodly realities of violence and, for the transgender community, said violence is common. While nobody should be hurt over their sexuality, identity, nor appearance, the crimes happen all of the time. Unfortunately, even their loved ones are in danger.

According to a History and Headlines article, a soldier was brutally beaten to death. Why? He was in love with “a transgender showgirl.” He was constantly harassed, but one soldier took his hatred too far. He ended up killing him in 1999 only because of his insecurity and heterosexism.

14. A Facebook Friend Gone Wrong

Your Facebook friends, for the most part, would be like your acquaintances in real life.

Maybe you met them briefly in class, or maybe you talked to them at a party. Regardless of the reason why, they’re now able to see your Facebook feed. However, what would happen if you unfriended those individuals? You’d think nothing.

Well, couple Billie and Billy unfriended Jenelle Potter from their own account, and they got much more than radio silence. Potter instead asked for help from her father and brother. She wanted them to kill the couple, and they actually did. They shot Billie and Billy dead.

13. This Story Stinks

Farting in public is embarrassing, but did you know that it’s also dangerous?

In 2012, a 16-year-old girl named Shaakira Dorsey got into a fight with another girl from her neighborhood. They were enmeshed in an intense battle because of a fart. According to an online source, “Dorsey made fun of the girl for farting,” so the girl beat her to death.

Their altercation, unfortunately, was unlike any other. Dorsey lost her life, and people can say that they were witnesses to such a tragedy. Not only were children and grownups watching, but her own stepfather watched too. The entire situation just smells rotten.

12. The Other Kennedy Assassination

Everybody knows about John F. Kennedy’s assassination, but not everybody knows about his brother’s assassination.

On June 6, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy was killed by Sirhan Sirhan, a Jordanian man who worked in the United States as a farmhand. While he didn’t kill Kennedy over chips or a channel, his reasoning was still equally messed up. His motive was purely political.

The Christian was upset that Kennedy supported Israel, so he shot the politician. While his move was disturbing, it was also shocking. After all, Christians are usually supportive of an area like Israel, so Sirhan’s dumb decision made him look like even more of a dunce. What a shame!

11. The Tip Jar’s Not Complementary

Remember that you can’t steal money from a tip jar.

The $5.39 is just not worth losing your life. However, people will still try to get away with their less-than-stealthy stealing skills. Just look at Texan Benito Pantoja. He was only 24 years old when he was fatally shot.

Apparently, he tried to steal money from a food truck, which only left him with a bullet to his back. “The owner of Tacos Del Indio, parked near the Ship Channel, ran him down as he tried to escape with the cash, fired into the getaway car and hit Pantoja in the back,” an article states. The thief literally lost his life over $20 in stolen tip money. Who knew taco pop-up shops could be so ruthless?

10. A Junk Food Junkie

People do crazy things when they’re high, especially when they’re on a sugar high.

A man named Dan White left his white-collar career, but not by choice. He was replaced by Harvey Milk, which led White down a destructive path. He eventually shot and killed Milk and San Francisco’s Mayor, George Moscone. Instead of mental illness, White blamed his actions on his diet.

“White used the excuse that his judgment and thinking were adversely affected by junk food, called by the press ‘the Twinkie defense,’” a report states. His excuse was crazy, but what was even crazier was the jury’s response. He only served 5 years in prison.

9. ‘Imagine’ John Lennon’s Killer

John Lennon, the main man of the revolutionary band The Beatles, was killed in the early days of December 1980.

His killer, Mark Chapman, said he shot the “Imagine” singer four different times because Lennon annoyed him. Chapman could be best described as a Christian zealot, a man who would do anything in the name of Jesus. He’d even murder for his religion, which is exactly what he did.

Chapman found Lennon to be a hypocrite, and he was extremely angry at the musical genius. “Chapman was irritated by Lennon singing about ‘Imagine no possessions’ when Lennon was rich and had many possessions,” a History and Headlines article states. To this day, Chapman’s still in prison. He’ll probably die in there.

8. Cheetos Is Truly ‘Dangerously Cheesy’

You and your friend haven’t bonded if you guys have never fought over food.

Between arguing over what restaurant to pick, takeout to order, or bill to pay, y’all just love food–especially junk food. Sometimes, you’re loving Ho-Hos more than your friend, which is totally okay. However, when you’re killing your friend for Ho-Hos, then you’ve definitely gone too far.

However, in St. Louis, Missouri, a man named David Scott murdered another homeless man, Roger Wilkes, for his Cheetos. Wilkes was stabbed for a bag of chips, which brings new meaning to the brand’s slogan, “It ain’t easy being cheesy.”

7. Buy Your Own Beer

Beer has any American’s heart, which is probably why alcohol addiction is so common in the United States.

While it’s no secret that people can be overdosed on alcohol, people can also die from alcohol in other ways. According to Houston Press, one man got shot over cases of beer. “When he allegedly grabbed a 12-pack of Bud Light and walked out, the clerk grabbed his gun and followed,” the article states.

The thief was then shot. As cops arrived on the scene, the convenient store’s employees gave away more information. Apparently, the deceased man would steal a 12-pack and a 20-pack of beer a day. His addiction got the best of him, and it got the best of the workers too.

6. A Killer Party

Thanks to Raul Rodriguez, one party turned into a bloodbath.

His neighbor was hosting a loud lively party, which really bothered Rodriguez. In fact, the man was so disturbed that he grabbed both his gun and camcorder. He was going to shoot the attendees, and he was going to document the deaths.

“He had lured several people outside with a flashlight and shot and killed one 36-year-old man, wounding two others. He recorded the whole thing,” a newspaper states. He wanted evidence, so when the cops showed up, he’d have proof of his distress. His plan didn’t go quite the way he wanted it to turn out. He was sentenced to 40 years behind bars.

5. Fanatic Kills Man Of Little Faith

When the Bible’s passage “O ye of little faith” is read, the words “shall be killed” don’t follow.

Justin Green would say differently. According to him, he shot a man named Jose Ramirez because he lacked faith in God. Not only did Green kill him, but Green’s friend also used his credit card to buy pizza.

However, what makes this story even worse is how many years Green avoided the police. Ramirez was buried five years before his murderer was ever caught, which is scarier than Green and his friend eating a slice of Papa John’s. For all the police know, Green could’ve shot and killed more “non-believers” or anyone else he disliked.

4. Cold Eggs And Ham

There’s nothing better than a home-cooked breakfast.

However, cold breakfast is enough to trigger your gag reflex, which is probably why a man named Stanley Neace shot his wife, her daughter, and their neighbors. “Neace got a little agitated when his wife Sandra served him a plate of scrambled eggs that had gone cold,” a Crave article states.

Obviously, the man had a few screws loose, not to mention an anger problem. No matter how poorly breakfast was made, who in their right mind would actually shoot and kill the people they (supposedly) love the most? Nobody. Well, except for Neace. Before police arrived at the trailer park, Neace had shot himself.

3. A Murderous Crapshoot

Honestly, there’s nothing worse than using the bathroom without toilet paper nearby, especially when you know your roommate was too lazy to replace the roll.

Franklin Paul Crow knows the pain from firsthand experience. His friend, Kenneth Matthews, forgot to leave toilet paper in the bathroom, so Crow had nothing to wipe himself with. However, unlike most people, Crow released his anger by murdering Matthews.

“Incensed by having to walk around poopy, Crow grabbed a sledgehammer and bludgeoned Matthews to death, finishing the job with a claw hammer,” Crave states. The two men were already having problems with each other, so Matthews’ inconsiderateness was what pushed Crow over the edge. He was definitely pissed off.

2. Channeling Their Anger

It’s painful sharing a television with your entire family.

David Makoeya, a 61-year-old South African, would tell you the same thing. He and his wife, son, and daughter were watching television together. They were watching a religious program on air, but Makoeya wanted to watch a soccer game instead.

He changed the channel, and by the way the rest of his family acted, you would’ve thought he killed a small village. His wife, son, and daughter repeatedly “stabbed him to death.” He was beaten by his loved ones over a television. The entire story’s hard to fathom. However, at least Makoeya no longer has to deal with his barbaric family. Now, he can watch soccer matches to his heart’s content…somewhere else.

1. Losing The Mom-Of-The-Year Award

No matter how much fun Facebook games can be, play at your own risk.

If you’re anything like Alexandra Tobias, you’ll value virtual reality over your family, friends, and children. In 2010, the mother was growing her crops on the outdated game FarmVille, an online world where Facebook users can grow agriculture and raise livestock.

When her infant Dylan kept crying, Tobias snapped. She was so enraged that she shook her baby countless times. “She shook him to death, taking a break in the middle of her horrific act to have a cigarette,” Crave concludes. No matter how many awards Tobias achieved in the game, she lost the (supposedly) most important award of her life—motherhood.

Games can be one hell of a drug.

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