15 Embarrassing Stories Of People Caught Lying On Social Media

Don’t lie! We all like seeing other people fail. Especially on social media, where we are judged more harshly and more often than anywhere else in the world or history combined. So, when you say something stupid or lie, you will most definitely answer for it. We see lies every day on social media, but we as humans tend to ignore them. If they are by that ex or that girl you don’t like, you just text a friend with a “Oh my gosh! Did you see what they said? What a liar!” then move on. Sometimes you can say something and then quickly delete it. If the wrong person doesn’t see it, you’re home free. But if you happen upon a screenshotter, you’re history and the laughing stock of the news feed for years to come.

You see, sometimes, dumb things are ignored, but other times people just can’t hold back. They call people out in front of hundreds, or thousands, of people. And we must say, it’s hilarious. Considering it’s lying, they usually deserve it too. If you don’t want to look like an idiot, then don’t lie and don’t try to sound smart. Problem solved. Social media is pretty much the worst place in the world, but it is good for one thing: seeing some of the funniest things you’ve ever seen in your entire lifetime. So just enjoy these fifteen times people were caught lying on social media and be glad they aren’t you. But I’m warning you, you will sympathize.

15. He’s Not Even “Joking” About His Art

This is pretty sick – the art and the fact that he stole it! Some dude named Liam actually posted a beautiful piece of Joker art on Facebook and pretended he drew it. He added the caption “The Joker in copic markers” though the real artist used Prisma color markers. The faker actually found the image on DeviantArt but luckily the real artist found him and really dug into him.

This is a real thing on the Internet that artists face every day and it needs to be stopped. But for now, we can just screen capture these posts before they get deleted so we can all share a laugh at the instant karma. Don’t steal other people’s work! If you do, you deserve everything that’s coming to you. If you like the art, share it as theirs, they would love the support!

14. No Need To Be Ashamed About Getting Fired

Sometimes, you feel so ashamed of what you did that you make an enormous, immaculate lie to cover it up. Oh. You don’t do that? Well, this guy did! He made a cover story that stated he was telling the truth so that his boss’ cover story wouldn’t fly, pretending that he had played the hero and saved some poor damsel in distress.

Luckily, a co-worker saw his post and let the truth out. This guy was a less than model employee who was always late and never did his job. He was actually a pretty awful employee and no one liked him, not even the girl who he had “saved.” Pro tip: if you want to post a rant of lies, make sure no one who knows the truth is your friend.

13. We Have A Real-Life Hulk Here

This lie is less harmful but it really makes you look like a loser. Sorry dude who is probably a really nice guy. You work out and want everyone to know? Cool! You don’t need to lie about how strong you are. If it’s a joke, it’s a funny one and I applaud. If it is real lie, then you really need to calm down and stop exaggerating.

To imagine someone accidentally breaking a lightbulb with their hand is pretty humorous. To imagine someone trying to convince people they actually did, is hilarious. It gets worse when he starts bragging about everything else he accidentally breaks as if he’s greatly burdened by his uncontrollable strength. He has no doubt also posted Photoshopped pictures of his abs as well. It would only make sense.

12. Is That Peggy Carter?

Exactly what is the point in trying to convince people that your grandma is a beautiful war vet? What do you gain by that? Is there some sort of glory for being associated with someone like that? This dude thought there was something to gain as he posted a very obvious picture of Haley Atwell in Captain America. He could have found a photo that no one would recognized, but instead he picked a photo that thousands and thousands of people would recognize, a face that literally millions of people knew.

He didn’t put much thought into it. But I do wonder if his grandmother did serve in the war and if so, was she beautiful and courageous? Social media ruins your belief, expectations, and standards when it comes to other people.

11. When Generosity Is All For Show

Not everyone can afford to give big tips, but there’s no reason to lie about it. Hopefully, they just made a mistake and wrote the tip amount on the wrong ticket. The thought that they used the holidays as a way to make Facebook think they are generous is just wrong. Tip or don’t. Want to share so someone will pay it forward? Awesome! At least someone caught this person and corrected their mistake. I’m sure after seeing the comment the tipper ran to the restaurant and told them their mistake and offered more than that $100 they told Facebook they were giving.

Let this be a lesson to all of you! If you’re going to lie, do it well and make sure none of your friends are very observant.

10. I Hate It When People Sneak And Say You Have Nice Hair

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe someone saw that I was logged onto the library computer and changed my status! Rather than saying something rude or funny, like most people would, they flirted with me! They didn’t steal any info or quietly sign me out. I bet it was that cute girl that I had my eye on…or rather she had her eye on me. It had to be her, it couldn’t have been me on the way home as my mother drove me.

Obviously, he either thought he was having a good hair day and wanted to share that or was self-conscious of it. As for the flirting, he probably just wants that image of himself, as if flirts are attractive. It almost worked…until someone outed him by pointing out he was using his phone to write the status. Oops! Busted!

9. That’s Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

There are IQ tests all over the Internet, and thus, silent competitions as to how high your IQ is. If people get a score they are proud of after taking multiple different tests, they will post it on Facebook. But what happens when you get a low score? You post it and try to lie about what your score was. It doesn’t work that way! People read the big flashy “My IQ is 85” before reading your “125 in the iq test” caption.

Sorry, Charley, you may not have an IQ of 85 but FB says you do now all thanks to you. You should have checked that before posting. Unless you actually have an IQ of 85, then you should probably get off FB because people are mean and will take apart your every move!

8. Not Beliebers Here

Nothing wrong with listening to Justin Bieber, but the inconsistency between your name being “biebersgurl4ever1” and stating that you never listen to Bieber is just too much. It’s such an enigma we have here. Does she like JB or doesn’t she? Is she Bieber’s girl forever or is she a borderline hater? We just don’t know.

Own up to what you like, no need to lie about it. Or else someone will find out and give you an incredibly hilarious time on social media. To be fair, it could have been someone else using Biebersgurl4ever1’s account. So, there’s that way out if needed. Otherwise, they are a confused individual who made their account at the wrong time. It happens to the best of us, you don’t have to lie!

7. Talk About Sympathy Likes

Is there really anything worse than monetizing cancer for your own personal gain? Yes, lying about someone having cancer for your own personal gain. Someone posted a picture of this beautiful model and said that she had cancer and was still beautiful, so give her likes (meaning, to give the poster likes). This is so sick and so sad.

But we get to laugh when the real model comes on the page and tells them off for lying about her. She states she doesn’t have cancer and for everyone to stop using her photo to get likes. This likely isn’t the last time the photo was used, but it’s definitely the funniest. She does look beautiful, but her baldness is a choice, not a disease.

6. Tubby Custard Is Chicken

I am like 98% proud of this one. Someone created an elaborate lie about fast food chicken. They said that this grinder was used to create this weird mushy substance that was used to make fake chicken sold everywhere. It gets better when they state that the eyes, bones, legs, and everything else is ground together. Then it is recolored artificially as well as reflavored to taste like real chicken. With all the bacteria, they said that ammonia is used to get rid of that.

This is all believable and disgusting but the picture they used turns out to be a Tubby Custard machine from Teletubbies. That’s the real deal right here. Who knew that the Teletubbies ate ground chicken juice! I’m disgusted. I wonder what Tubby Toast is made from.

5. Classic Bae Right Here

You haven’t been on the Internet until you’ve seen pictures of people lying about their bae taking a picture of them. This is usually a picture they “don’t want taken” and is often taken while sleeping. But it gets better when they stage the entire thing perfectly. Laying chips carefully all over their face and chest. How messy were they before they fell asleep? Or maybe he put the chips on there because he’s just so hilarious. Oh wait, is that them in the mirror there taking the picture?

The whole chip thing that makes zero sense makes this photo even better than the guys who hold their phone with their feet for that extra genuine feel. That’s good, but the wide mouth, chip covered girl wins first place in the “Bae caught me sleeping” contest.

4. Surviving At 2600 Degrees Like A Boss

I don’t know if this person is for real or not. If they are, then they are trying to convince people that they were in Halifax two weeks ago. Not bad, sure, it happens when you don’t get out much. But what really gets us going is that they either thought that it was hot enough to melt steel outside or were trying to pull a fast one on friends. If this is so, then there’s no way that they could think that someone would actually believe that. Oh…wait…

If the other is true then they actually did believe it was hot enough to melt steel in Halifax! What are those people made of that they are unaffected when steel is? It’s a work of art, but I doubt the artist meant it to be mistaken as real lampposts.

3. When You Have No Reason To Lie

Seriously. I understand lying about how pretty you are, why you got fired, where you have been, and more. But this person lied about the most pointless thing. They said they unpacked. This absolutely does not matter and they had no reason to tell anyone that they unpacked when they didn’t. Their roommate outed them here which is really hitting below the belt. Cruel. They could have just seen the lie and ignored it with a chuckle, but nope!

Wait a minute! What if the roommate is lying just to make them look bad! That’s genius! Still, someone here is lying and I’m betting it’s the guy who said he unpacked. Either way, it’s a hilarious two-line conversation that you just can’t get over. Can someone say compulsive liar?

2. For Real, It’s 1979

Here’s another “no reason to lie” photo. They posted a photo of a grocery store. Cool, it’s pretty eerie and somewhat satisfying. But why in the world did they say that it was a photo from 1979. I hope this is a typo because these lies are getting too much for me. There is Powerade right there on the corner! A drink that was released in 2008! No one fact-checks anymore.

But even then, I don’t see how saying this photo is from 1979 benefits anyone. Sorry, dude, but your photo is invalid in so many ways. But I wonder who took this photo? Him in 2015? Or his mother in 1979? Or is it just a stock photo? Not that it really matters, but neither does the photo.

1. That Time That Cute Starbucks Boy Thought I Was Pretty

Another lesson is to not use popular photos when stealing them. This one is all over the Internet. Girls are posting this on their feed to make the world think that that they are valuable. This holds no value, but somehow, we think it does. But please…

Stop. Just stop before it goes too far. It’s really sad when you see posts like this. These girls really need someone to tell them they are pretty. Society makes us feel so unattractive that we feel the need to lie about what others think. Or at least what they say. It’s a funny post, especially since they were called out so directly, but still. It’s also sad. You know what, girl, you don’t need that Starbucks guy. I think you’re pretty!


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