15 Employees Who Went Psycho And Killed Their Bosses

Supervisors that breathe down their employees’ necks are the reason why people around the world can’t wait until the weekend. No matter how hard some of us try to put our best foot forward in the workplace, we just may have a manager or boss who is never satisfied. Most of us can take the criticism in stride and wait until we get home to let out our daily frustrations by screaming maniacally into a pillow, but there are others who can’t take the heat, so they have to get out of the kitchen. Unfortunately, they sometimes return to the kitchen with the sole purpose of killing the chef.

Not all of the people on this list killed their bosses because they all of a sudden hit a breaking point. Yes, some people were fired and returned to their former places of business in order to enact revenge, but others on this list were just trying to take advantage of the employers who once treated them like work-family. Robbery and greed are always motives for murder, and drugs can be a dangerous contributing factor. However, sometimes, you just never know if the people at the cash register next to you or sitting at the cubicle, staring at the computer behind you, are just dark-hearted individuals looking for an opportunity to take someone out in the most brutal way possible.

15. He Tried To Help A Down-and-Out Teen — And She Killed Him

Cici’s Pizza franchise owner, 52-year-old Harold Sasko, learned the hard way that not all good deeds go unpunished. Sarah McLinn, 19, was living a hard life. She claimed she was trying to get herself away from a life involved with gangs and drugs, so not only did Harold give her a job at his restaurant, he also invited her to live with him because she didn’t have a place to stay.

People became suspicious when no one heard from Harold for three days. Police found his body at his home with a deep wound to his neck. Sarah was nowhere to be found and Harold’s car was missing. When officers questioned Sarah, she admitted to crushing Ambien pills, putting them into Harold’s beer, and then binding his wrists and ankles with zip-ties. She then took a knife, stuck it through his neck, and sawed until it came out of his throat. Sarah’s defense was that she suffered from an identity disorder and that it was one of her other personalities, Alyssa, who was responsible for Harold’s murder. Sarah will spend 50 years in prison making her 70 before she’s released.

14. Clothing Store Couple Savagely Kill Manager After Robbery

In the summer of 2014, American Eagle Outfitters clothing store manager Ashlea Harris was upset when she found out that someone had broken into her Fort Worth, Texas location. Not only that, they managed to get away with $18,000 that they had stolen from the safe. While looking through security footage, Ashlea recognized the culprit as Clarence “David” Mallory, one of her employees and boyfriend of the store’s assistant manager, Carter Cervantez. Ashlea called the police and the American Eagle’s corporate office to report the crime, which inevitably got the employee couple fired. A few months later, Ashlea was found murdered in her apartment. Investigators blamed David and Carter for her death, saying the two broke into Ashlea’s apartment. There, they bound her with duct tape at the wrists and ankles, beat her, strangled her, and then set her on fire. Carter and David then took her keys in hopes of robbing the store again after the Black Friday sale. Carter was sentenced to life in prison. No word about David quite yet.

13. Assistant Said She Killed Celebrity Real Estate Agent Employer Over Racial Slurs

Natavia Lowery was working as the personal assistant to celebrity real estate broker Linda Stein when their relationship became strained. One day, 28-year-old Natavia lost it and beat Linda to death with a yoga stick in the wealthy woman’s Manhattan apartment. Linda had a lucrative career as the former manager of the legendary rock group, The Ramones, but she took her last breath in a pool of her own blood. It was a sad end considering Linda was battling breast cancer at the time of her death. Natavia eventually confessed to the crime and told police that the only reason she attacked Linda was because her employer was getting high on marijuana at the time and blew smoke in her face before calling her a racial slur. No marijuana was found in Linda’s system. Natavia’s family tried their best to blame the murder on Linda’s daughter, but a jury found Natavia guilty and sentenced her to 25 years to life.

12. Employee Shoots Former Boss Point Blank And Gets Into Shootout With Police

Steven Ercolino had just grabbed breakfast at a coffee shop near the Empire State Building in New York City and was making his way to work at Hazan Imports, a clothing design firm where he held the title as Vice President of Sales. He wasn’t aware that a former disgruntled employee, Jeffrey Johnson, was patiently waiting for him to show up. Jeffrey was dressed in a suit and carrying a briefcase, looking like any other professional on the block. However, he was carrying a .45 caliber pistol, and his case was filled with ammunition.

Jeffrey was fired from his job a year prior and blamed Steven for the failure of his t-shirt company. When Jeffrey saw his nemesis, he walked up to him shot him in the head and then stood over his body firing one bullet after another into his body. It was a tragic end to a long-standing feud between the two men. After killing Steven, Jeffrey made his way to the Empire State Building and then engaged in a shootout with police. He was killed in the carnage.

11. Rising Star’s Life Cut Short After Being Murdered By Fan Club President

Probably the most popular name and face on this list are those of Yolanda Saldivar, who worked as the president of international superstar singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez‘s fan club. For years, Selena and Yolanda were close friends, and the singer trusted her to take care of parts of her business, which included the handling of finances. However, when Selena’s management found out that Yolanda was stealing money, they wanted to get rid of her. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, in 1995, Selena agreed to meet with Yolanda at her motel to explain the situation. At first, Yolanda asked Selena to take her to the hospital because she’d been raped, but after an examination, doctors determined that no rape had occurred. The two women returned to the motel and were heard arguing inside of Yolanda’s room. Selena wanted bank records and took Yolanda’s bag and emptied it. Papers fell out, but so did a gun.

Yolanda pointed the weapon at her friend, and when Selena tried to run away, she was shot twice in the lower-right shoulder. Selena died at the scene. Yolanda locked herself in her pickup truck for nine hours and threatened suicide until police negotiated with her to turn herself in. Yolanda was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. She’ll be eligible for parole in 2025.

10. Girlfriend Enlists Son And Boyfriend’s Employee To Commit Murder

Curtis Bailey was managing the Lincoln Cafe in Iowa City back in 2009. At the time, he didn’t know that his girlfriend, 45-year-old Denise Frei, and one of his employees, 19-year-old Jessica Dayton, were plotting his murder. The two women were going to get Curtis drunk and then have Denise’s 19-year-old son, Jacob Hilgendorf, kill him.

Everything was going according to plan until Curtis woke up before they were able to carry out the sinister deed. A struggle ensued, and Jessica ended up bashing Curtis on the head three times with a landscaping rock. Jacob continued to beat Curtis until he was dead. Denise wanted to kill her lover because she was leaving him and got Jessica in on the murder after offering her $5,000 to help with the crime. Considering that Denise wanted her son to take Curtis’s life in the end, we don’t know why she would need another accomplice in Jessica, who got life in prison for her part in the murder. An alibi perhaps?

9. Man Strangles Boss And Tries To Light Coworkers On Fire

Russell Carter, a truck driver, was convinced that his boss, Kingsley Monk, owed him thousands of dollars in unpaid wages. He stormed into Kingsley’s office demanding his money, and after four long hours of arguing, Russell picked up a pipe, held it around Kingsley’s neck, and strangled him to death. As if that weren’t terrible enough, Russell attempted to kill three of his coworkers who happened to show up after the murder had occurred. He held them captive and doused them with gasoline before setting the building on fire. Fortunately, the petrol-laced employees were able to escape and, pointing the finger at Russell as their assailant, told authorities about their harrowing ordeal. Carter tried to plead insanity in the hopes of reducing his charges to manslaughter, but a jury didn’t believe him and sentenced him to 30 years in prison.

8. Landscaper Goes After His Employer With A Pick Ax After Being Criticized

Day laborer Ernesto Avalos was working as a landscaper for Woo Sung Park when the supervisor complained that Ernesto was working too slowly. Ernesto didn’t appreciate the criticism, so while Park had his back turned, Ernesto bashed him over the head with a shovel half a dozen times. At that point, he decided to change hit weapon, picked up a pick ax, and continued the murderous job.

By the time police arrived on the bloody scene, they had to wrestle Ernesto to the ground in order to subdue him. During his trial, Ernesto’s lawyers tried to argue that their client was high on meth at the time, so his crime was a result of a drug-fueled craze. They also said that Ernesto was afraid that Park was going to attack him. It was a nice try at a defense, but Ernesto was sentenced to 26 years to life.

7. Recently Married Woman Shot In Her Office In Murder-Suicide

On a disastrous day this past April, 60-year-old Matthew Kempf shocked the city of Dallas, Texas. He walked into the office building where he was recently fired, met with his boss, 48-year-old Lana Claudine McAree, in a meeting room and shot her to death. He then killed himself.

Everyone in the building was evacuated and police say there were witnesses who watched the frightening scene play out in front of their eyes. Lana was in a relationship with her partner for 10 years before they married just a month prior to her death. Coworkers told investigators that Matthew and Lana had worked together before at another business, but they had only been associates at this job for a few weeks. Lana’s newlywed husband couldn’t believe that he had lost the love of his life because an angry man was distraught over losing his job.

6. He Killed His Boss After She Learned He’d Stolen $40,000 From Their Non-Profit

Turning Points for Children is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania non-profit that helps families with children who have economic struggles. Kim Jones, 56, worked for the company as its program director when she discovered that her assistant director, Randolph Sanders, had stolen at least $40,000 from the non-profit. As Kim was waiting for her public transportation at a bus stop with headphones in her ears, jamming to gospel music, Randolph, who was dressed in a disguise, walked up behind her and shot her in the head. He kept strolling on undetected. On the morning of her murder, Kim was on her way to report Randolph’s crimes to the Department of Human Services. Randolph was eventually arrested and confessed to the murder. He was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

5. Fired Employee Brags About Killing Mother And Daughter Of Boss

This isn’t necessarily a story of a boss who got murdered, but it’s a horrifying tale of a vicious crime. Christian Rene Haley, 20, worked for Todd Erb’s family business, a nursery and gardening facility. He has only been employed for three months when Todd fired Christian for “attendance problems.” People get let go from jobs all of the time, and you’d think that Christian wouldn’t have thought much of this because he’d only worked at the nursery for a short time. That wasn’t the case.

Instead of walking away quietly after being let go, Christian, in the middle of the day, went to his boss’s house and murdered Todd’s wife, 52-year-old Marylyn, and Todd’s daughter, 23-year-old Kelley. Lying in their own blood, the women were found dead by Todd. Police focused their investigation on Christian after he had allegedly bragged about killing the women by “bashing” their heads in with “some cement or something.” He also stole jewelry and bank cards from the home. He received a sentence of life in prison.

4. Owner Treated Employee Like A Son For 20 Years

Back in 2000, Pepe’s Pizza in Baltimore, Maryland was owned by 72-year-old Peter Makris. He treated his employees like family, especially his manager of 20 years, 38-year-old Martin Hoffman, who looked up to Peter as a father figure. Speaking about his relationship with Peter, Martin is quoted as saying, “Whatever Mr. Pete did, I did; whatever Mr. Pete ate, I ate. Mr. Pete and I were inseparable.” When Martin’s father passed away, Peter even helped with the family’s funeral expenses. If that was the case, how did their loving relationship turn into a murderous one?

Despite their closeness, police say that Martin conspired with his brother, Michael, and his wife, 19-year-old Jennifer, to rob the restaurant in order to maintain their heroin addictions. Martin gave Michael a key to the restaurant to get inside, but when he arrived, he was confronted by Peter. Michael stabbed him to death.

“They treated [Martin] like one of their own kids. He didn’t have a family to help him,” said Sarandos Makris, 67, Peter’s brother. “My brother was killed by people he loved and helped.”

3. Worker Shoots And Kills Supervisor Immediately After Getting Laid Off

Val-Fit Inc., an oil field equipment distribution company, didn’t really have any problems with employee Rodney Jackson who had worked there for a year. Nevertheless, when the economy took a downturn, 49-year-old Rodney was one of thousands of workers who were laid off from their jobs. Losing his job devastated Rodney and immediately after getting the news that he wouldn’t be returning to work, Rodney went out to his car and got his handgun. Then, the person whom neighbors described as “a quiet man who kept to himself,” went back toward his recent workplace. When his boss, Jason Yanko, attempted to stop Rodney from re-entering the building, Rodney shot him multiple times. He stole a company truck and fled the scene. Police tracked him down, and a jury found Rodney guilty, sentencing him to life in prison.

2. Eric Allen Kirkpatrick

There are few things that hurt worse for an employee than being let go around the holidays. It’s no surprise that Eric Allen Kirkpatrick was a wreck when he was fired from TallGrass Distribution, a natural health products company, just a day before his coworkers were getting together for their annual Christmas party. The 61-year-old was no longer invited to the festivities, but that didn’t stop him from showing up to the get-together. His former coworkers were a little shocked to see him approaching as they were preparing for the party, but their amazement turned into fear when they saw him pull out a shotgun. Eric’s former boss, Benjamin Banky (above), and another employee ran away when they saw the weapon, but Eric chased them down. He fired a shot through a partition, wounding his former supervisor. Eric went on to shoot Benjamin two more times. After a two-hour standoff, police safely took Eric into custody. Eric was sentenced to life in prison but will get his first opportunity at parole in 15 years.

1. Tense Legal Battle Over Company Ownership Leads To Murder

Who’s the boss? Alex Huh and Howard Huh (no relation) were once business partners of sorts, although Alex was said to be Howard’s boss. However, the two men were entangled in a bitter two-and-a-half year legal battle over who really owned the Beverly Hot Springs Spa in Hollywood, California. The facility offers skin care, massage therapy, body treatments, and hair removal, but the tranquil atmosphere was interrupted when Alex was murdered at the property. The tension between Alex and Howard came to a deadly end when the latter pulled out a 9mm semi-automatic handgun and killed his employer. Howard was so overcome with grief about the situation that he walked to the nearest police station and confessed to the crime he’d just committed. He was found guilty of murder in 2010.


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