15 Fake Viral Photos That Totally Fooled The Internet

Ever since we were first able to begin documenting reality, we’ve been able to manipulate what is seen by either altering the photograph before or after the picture or video is taken. With the use of social media as well as just the internet in general, we’ve been able to rapidly begin sharing videos and pictures with our friends, family, and strangers in a matter of seconds. Sometimes, these pictures are moments we’d always like to remember. Other times, they might be pictures and videos of things that upset us or surprise us. Every once in a while, we might share completely fake viral videos or photos with people on the internet.

We’ve all fallen for a fake viral photograph at some point in our lives. It’s understandable. With the technology available and the talent of some Photoshoppers, it can be hard for the experts to even decipher what’s real and what’s fake. With all of these pictures being presented to us by our closest friends and family members, most of us just believe whatever we’re told. The reality is, however, most of what we’re told isn’t real or truthful at all. When you can hide behind a computer screen, you can create whatever reality you might want. Even partially truthful stories are sometimes so passed around and embellished that they’re no longer even close to the reality in the beginning.

Which of these photographs did you have a feeling were fake all along, and which were you surprised to find out were fakes? Here are 15 Fake Viral Photos That Totally Fooled You:

15. This Is Not What The Behind-The-Scenes Looks Like For National Geographic

When watching most nature documentaries, one of the greatest mysteries isn’t what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling. The greatest mysteries are what happens on the other side when they are! How are the cameramen set up? What do they use? And do they ever run into trouble when shooting the animals? When this photograph surfaced, many believed it to be the result of what happens when things go south during the filming of a National Geographic documentary. The reality behind this picture is that it’s all completely Photoshopped. Not only is the bear just a stock image used with a green screen, but you can tell that the boys aren’t actually in the setting it looks like they’re in. They’re clearly Chroma-keyed in over a green screen and not in the wild at all. Although there might be times behind the camera when something like this happens, this is not one of them.

14. Paris Hilton’s Shirt Didn’t Say What We Thought It Did

The photograph above appears to show Paris Hilton wearing a tank top that says, “STOP BEING POOR.” Paris Hilton has always been known as the daughter of a wealthy man who seemingly has never had to work for anything in her life. When this photo popped up, she quickly came under fire yet again for being so insensitive to the plight of the poor. In reality, though, she’s not wearing a shirt that contains the offensive line at all. In reality, the shirt actually says, “STOP BEING DESPERATE.” It’s more of a dig at desperate boys that chase her around and lack confidence rather than making fun of poor people. Although she’s still a problematic person who doesn’t quite understand her privilege, she’s not as awful as you might’ve thought based on what the shirt says above.

13. There Aren’t Spiders Like This Crawling Around Your Yard

The photograph above made its way around Facebook with the caption:

“This morning, I heard something climbing around on the outside of my townhouse. I thought maybe it was the maintenance people repairing the Hardiplank siding, but when I got outside, I saw this giant spider! The very rare Giant Hawaiian Cane Spider can grow up to six feet across. They are ‘mostly harmless’ but scary as hell.”

In reality, the photograph is just a ‘Shopped picture of a wolf spider on the side of someone’s house. There are no known species of spider that exists that’s larger than the span of someone’s arm. Although that’s still large, they especially won’t be found in common areas. The sad part of this is that people just believed and shared the post without thinking for a second that something this massive and terrifying couldn’t possibly exist. Scary? Yes. Real? Absolutely not.

12. This “Science Experiment” Is A Halloween Decoration

This creepy photograph went super-viral with a disturbing backstory about a Russian sleep experiment gone wrong. The story basically stated that several prisoners of war were given a gas to keep them awake for fifteen days. Throughout this time, things got pretty scary, and the sleep subjects got really weird. Apparently, this photograph is a picture of one of the subjects. In reality, the creepy looking dude is nothing more than a freaky Halloween decoration! With the use of a creepy setting and black and white filter, this photograph certainly looks a little more authentic on the left versus the right. The story originated on Creepypasta, a fun site where people share scary stories and tales that are mostly fake, sometimes loosely based on reality. For many people who weren’t familiar with Creepypasta, they believed the story to go along with the picture to be completely real.

11. No Such Cross Exists

The photograph above was another shared photo that many people thought was real. The cross mostly caused outrage, as many people saw it as a form of child abuse. They were certainly right. Although it’s not considered abuse to try to prevent your child from excessive masturbating, it’s abuse to basically strap your child up. Even if it were real, who really thinks a child wouldn’t be able to break out of a Velcro mechanism? It’s not like they used chains and locks. The website in the photograph isn’t even real either. More people shared this photograph because they were outraged that someone would actually create something like this than they did in support of the cross. Although it’s not real, it certainly is a hilarious prank. Whoever created the viral photo in the first place really did a lot to make you think this might be the real deal.

10. “Monsters Inc” Is As Innocent As You Remember

The first photograph pictured above has been going around recently, supposedly a captured still from Monsters Inc., and in it, a scandalously graphic children’s drawing appears in one of the main characters’ bedrooms. Below the faked photograph, however, you can clearly see that the picture was actually just a normal children’s drawing. Most of us would not take the time to either rent the movie or find the DVD somewhere and take the time to check out that scene to see what the drawing really is. Disney would never be dumb enough to put something like this in their movies anyway. They get enough heat when they miscast a role or create characters that people don’t like. Imagine the lawsuits that would’ve been filed against them for emotionally disturbing millions of children who’ve watched and will continue to watch the movie. There are definitely instances of creators hiding small things in movies, but this is not one of them.

9. Not Marilyn Monroe and JFK, Just Two Actors

There’s been a rumor going around since his presidency that John F. Kennedy had a steamy romance with Marilyn Monroebehind his wife’s back. Miss Monroe was known as a beautiful starlet who wasn’t afraid of her sexuality, famously singing “Happy Birthday” to the president in a much-more-than-friendly manner. It’s always been thought that they might’ve had something going on, but there wasn’t any proof. That is, until these photographs surfaced. Many people believed these were actual photographs taken of the two cuddling in the oval office when he was alive! The reality is that they were completely staged. They were taken by a photographer who liked to recreate fantasies and various scenes of famous starlets using actors and actresses that look creepily similar to the real people. Although this may have happened in real life between the actual people, these are not real photographs of it.

8. Decapitated Head Of First Possessed Nun Is Just An Art Piece

The photograph above is a disturbing picture of what was believed to be the decapitated head of the first known possessed nun. This would be an absolutely terrifying discovery to have! Not only is it someone’s mummified decapitated head, but it’s also supposedly possessed? That’s absolutely horrifying! The reality, however, is that it was created by an artist who enjoys making terrifying art. The truth is that it was all staged and that there isn’t even documentation of the first alleged “possessed nun.” It made its way around the internet as the truth, however, and people to this day believe that something horrifying like this exists. The prop can actually be purchased from his website and even comes with a small vial of holy water. Even though we know for sure that it isn’t real and was completely faked by an artist, there’s still something pretty eerie about having such a disturbing-looking object in your possession.

7. A Sick Lion, Not A Logo Lion

The photograph above made its way around claiming to have been the “behind the scenes” of the MGM-logo creation in which a lion is pictured. Some claimed that it was animal abuse to have the lion strapped down and pictured for the sake of one company’s logo. In reality, there’s no animal abuse happening. In fact, the opposite is occurring in the real version of the picture. The lion is one from captivity undergoing much-needed surgery by licensed vets. The most disturbing part of the faked photograph is that they would actually think that the reversed side of the logo would be pictured behind the scenes. Why someone would create such a badly ‘Shopped photo is unbeknownst to us, but millions all over every platform of social media totally believed this to be the real case.

6. Alan Rickman Never Said This; He Never Even Read The Books!

Alan Rickman was an incredibly talented actor that we unfortunately lost last year. He has had countless roles, but for many of the social media savvy people in the world, they knew him best for his role as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies. The quote in the picture goes on to say how Alan Rickman loved the series and how he was always going to read it to his grandchildren. Alan Rickman never actually said this. There is no record of him saying it in any interview or to just anyone in real life. The reality is that he stated he never actually read the books! Some actors who play adaptations in movies refrain from reading the books so as to stay close to the on-screen character written. Many fans loved that he said this, but sorry to tell you, he definitely did not.

5. “First Women To Wear Shorts Cause Accident” Is Staged

There was a time recently when the photograph above was shared over and over again with a pretty strange and funny story along with it. The claims made about the photograph were that the girls in the picture were the first two women to ever wear shorts. These women shocked and startled people, so much so that one man crashed after seeing the ladies. The reality behind this picture is that it was completely staged. The idea of women wearing shorts and having it be controversial was a reality for our society at one point in history. However, most of the evidence that the photograph is real doesn’t exist. The car appears to have absolutely no damage, and the man staring out the window totally looks like an actor. In a time when cars weren’t built so safely, he definitely would’ve been in more trouble than what he appears to be in the picture.

4. This Horse-Labeled Horse Was For A Photoshop Contest

This photograph surfaced claiming to have captured a horse with the word “horse” actually in his coat! It’s certainly a convincing photo and would be quite shocking if it were real. The reality is, however, that this photograph was created for a Photoshop contest. With the incredible detail of the pattern, it’s no surprise that this was one of the top contenders! The fact that it’s been passed off so many times as the real deal is evidence enough that whoever created it no doubt has immense talent and deserved to win the title! It wouldn’t be too surprising to find out something like this existed in real life. We find strange patterns in our pets’ designs all the time. However, having the entire word “horse” written out on an actual horse would be pretty wild. Maybe we’d have an easier time believing it if it were written on a different animal.

3. Grasshoppers Have Never Been This Big

The picture above went around for a while with claims that grasshoppers used to be so large in the early to mid-1900s that some people actually needed to hunt them using shotguns! This one is pretty hard to believe is real; however, plenty of people actually bought it! Don’t you think if it were real we’d have much more evidence of such massive creatures than just this one photograph? We have entire skeletons of dinosaurs that existed millions of years ago; however, we can’t get our hands on some giant grasshoppers or other big-sized bugs? If you put something on the internet, however, at some point, there’s a good chance that someone will believe that it’s real. It’s really not that hard to convince a stranger over the internet. People have always and will always believe in the most absurd things.

2. This Cult At A Wedding Was Just Another Art Piece

The photograph above has probably popped up on every mysterious pictures list in existence. The photograph is actually real and not Photoshopped in any way, shape, or form. It’s certainly not what most people had originally thought, however. The photograph set on the left shows a wedding in progress, while zoomed in behind the scenes, you can see darkly cloaked figures hiding in a different section of the building. For a while, many people thought that this was evidence of a creepy cult caught on camera. In reality, however, it’s just an art installation set up in a different part of the building. It’s a relief knowing that it’s not actually what we believed to be at first; however, it seems silly that no one at the wedding or who saw the pictures knew that this creepy exhibit was just around the corner.

1. Unfortunately, You Can’t Buy This Baby Dog Costume…Yet

The disturbing advertisement above gained a lot of attention when it first began getting shared thousands of time across various social media platforms a couple of years ago. Most probably just assumed this was another strange product for a crazy dog lover, and it’s hard to blame them. The post is incredibly detailed and even included several reviews that gave descriptions of the product as well as star ratings. In reality, the photograph is completely fake as the actual costume doesn’t exist. The true origin of the advertisement remains unknown, but many believe that it was the result of Adult Swim. The image of the dog wearing the costume looks real, but you can soon realize that it’s probably a doctored up image in order to make it look hilarious and absurd. Even if it were real, however, we’re sure there’d be someone ready to buy it.


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