Effectively managing your money is no simple task. And just like with hamsters, the more you have, the harder it is to maintain control. These 15 celebs have a whole yacht-load of excuses as to why they did what they did. And while some reasons may be valid, others are just straight up bullsh*t. You be the judge.

Remember, there are only three certain things in this life: Death, taxes, and Aaron Carter owing people money.

Martha Stewart

She owed: $220,000
Martha Stewart should be just as comfortable in a courtroom as a freshly blooming lilac garden at this point, as everyone’s favorite chef/craft-maker can’t seem to stay out of trouble. She apparently didn’t realize she needed to pay income tax on her posh pad in the Hamptons, which is decidedly not  a good thing, at least for her.

Lindsay Lohan

She owed: $250,000
This mean girl has practically set up residence inside Los Angeles courtrooms over the past decade, and it should come as no surprise that she ran into tax troubles, with The Man claiming she did not make good on her taxes in 2009 and 2010, before seizing her accounts. Her number is relatively small compared to most of the celebs on this list, probably because she spent most of her assets on house arrest anklet accessories.

Pamela Anderson

She owed: $607,860
The original Tool Time girl, Playboy model, and documented lover of Tommy Lee seems like a genuinely nice person, but she’s not so great at doing her taxes. She likely had to do around 10 hours of slow-motion running to foot this hefty bill, probably.

Aaron Carter

He owed: $1 million
All obvious and easy jokes aside, you kind of have to feel bad for the little Carter bro—his funds were grossly mismanaged by his childhood manager (allegedly), and he ended up owing a bunch of dough. He also got dumped by Lindsay Lohan AND Hilary Duff. Then his career completely tanked. Looks like Aaron’s party was over, before it could even properly begin.

Lil’ Kim

She owed: $1 million
According to Greg Focker, she’s phat. According to the IRS, she’s a stone-cold tax evader.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

They owed: $1.7 million
Oz and Sharon—metal’s power couple—reportedly owed nearly $2 mil in back taxes, and were at one point in danger of losing their beloved L.A. home to the IRS. Ozzy patiently tried to explain to federal agents that he tried to pay his taxes several times, but no one could understand him when he talked (probably). Luckily, they got it all settled, I guess Sharon translated.

Richard “Naked Guy On Survivor” Hatch

He owed: $2 million
It’s one thing to try and hide some cash away from Uncle Sam, it’s another when the entire country literally watched you win said cash. He ended up spending more than 50 months in federal prison, where he sadly could not get naked in most scenarios.

Annie Leibovitz

She owed: $2.1 million
Probably the most prolific celebrity photographer in the world, Annie Leibovitz was forced to commit the copyright to all her previous and future work to the IRS in order to cover missed taxes from 2004-2007. What does the IRS want with 300 black and white photos of Meryl Steep topless in a swamp?

Lauryn Hill

She owed: $2.5 million
Obviously, the miseducation of Lauryn Hill included financial planning, as the iconic rapper whiffed on her taxes for several years. She pleaded guilty to tax evasion in 2012, and severed a three-month jail sentence in Connecticut.

R. Kelly

He owed: $4.8 million
I am not sure you can fully blame R. Kelly for igniting nearly $5 million in tax debt, my sources tell me he was trapped in a closet for much of the new millennium.

Nicolas Cage

He owed: $6 million
Cage blamed his 2009 tax snafu on his ex-manager and accountant, though he did end up making good on the money he owed. Probably why he resorted to this.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino

He owed: $8.9 million
Gym. Tax evasion. Laundry.

Chris Tucker

He owed: $15 million (combined)
Do you understand the words coming out of your accountant’s mouth? Apparently, Chris Tucker did not. The Rush Hour comedian owed the US.. Government several years of missed taxes, totaling a whopping $15 mil.

Willie Nelson

He owed: $16 million
Though the Red-headed stranger has a decidedly enlightened way of living life (for the most part), he got into some hot water with the U.S. Government in the early 1990s, with the IRS claiming Nelson didn’t pay up from 1978 to 1982, totaling some $6 million in back taxes owed, with over $10 million in penalties added on top. Nelson released the aptly titled album The IRS Tapes: Who Will Buy My Memories? and sold off most of his possessions to foot the bill.

Wesley Snipes

He owed: $17 million
The Blade and White Men Can’t Jump thespian had a stellar reason for avoiding tax payments from 1999 to 2004, as he is a member of a national group that opposes and challenged the government’s right to collect taxes. Unsurprisingly, the U.S. Government opposed his opposition, and ended up sending the dude to the slammer for three long years.



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