15 Female Celebrities Whose Real Age Will Blow Your Mind

15 Female Celebrities Whose Real Age Will Blow Your Mind

In pouring through the world of female celebrities, I have found that there are a great deal of them that are hanging onto their youth with everything they’ve got. Some have done better than others at this, relying on too much cosmetic surgery and not enough healthy living. Others have simply reached an age where they need to embrace where they are in life, but refuse. But then there are those lovely ladies that because of a combination of great genes, healthy living and perhaps a little help from plastic surgery (let’s not pretend it doesn’t happen,) make jaws drop!

Let’s also not forget the other side of the coin, which is what poor lifestyle choices and stress can do to personal appearance. Some celebrities have added far more years to their appearance than their actual age would indicate. In either case however, the act of pouring through the endless cavern of information on the internet has led me to some very shocking discoveries! Here are 15 female celebrities that you will be both shocked and amazed to discover their actual ages. For better or for worse, these celebrities will have you doing a double take when you find out how old they really are.

15. Lorde – 20 Years Old

Some celebrities do not look their age, but it isn’t because they are trying to look younger. In the case of Lorde, the singer from New Zealand, she looks and sounds like she has been on the scene for years! Listening to her voice, she gives the impression that she has been working professionally and with a lot of coaching for decades. Looking at her, you see a beautiful young woman who is obviously in her early 30s. Then you see her actual age and realize do a double take! Lorde is only 20 years old! But she’s not expecting to peak here and now. She is not just a great vocalist, but is trying her hand at record producing and writing as well. This young lady is definitely going places.

14. Alyson Hannigan – 43 Years Old

You may remember Alyson Hannigan from her breakout role as Michelle in the American Pie movies. For years, you couldn’t hear the word flute without thinking about her famous line in that movie! It is because of Hannigan’s character than the expression “this one time, at band camp…” has become iconic. Looking at the gorgeous Hannigan, you see a wholesome beauty with a girl next door kind of appeal. She’s got to be around 30 right? Wrong! Alyson Hannigan is 43 years old. She was 25 when American Pie came out, but yet she still looked like the youngest of everyone in the cast! She has got some wonderful genes, combined with amazing natural beauty. She will be one of those celebrities that we will all be talking about how young she looks for many years to come!

13. Lady Gaga – 31 Years Old

Stefani Germanotta (better known to the world as Lady Gaga), hit the pop music scene running with her debut album in 2008 and didn’t look back! With multiple number one hits, tens of millions of albums sold internationally and as the 2017 halftime performer at the Super Bowl, Lady Gaga seems like she has been around for decades. Maybe it is because of everything she has accomplished in such a short period of time, but Lady Gaga always looks much more mature. She is also known for very elaborate outfits and dramatic makeup, which has us all a bit fooled. Sure, she looks like she’s 40-ish (not bad, but just more mature), but Gaga is really only 31 years old! She works hard no doubt, and it’s got to be stressful doing everything she does. That’s got to make someone mature a little faster!

12. Christie Brinkley – 63 Years Old

Wow, is about the only word that can accurately be used to describe the beautiful Christie Brinkley! She is known the world over for her amazing modeling career, but she is also a noted actress and has endorsed a number of successful products. Brinkley has been around for decades now, but to look at her, you would have no idea. It is as if time stopped for her a few decades ago and decided to protect her youth and beauty. One look at this lovely woman and you are sure that you are looking at a 35 to 40 year old woman in amazing shape. Then you see that she was born in 1954 and your head starts to spin! She has been in the modeling business for over 40 years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Good for you Christie!

11. Shakira – 40 Years Old

Shakira is the Colombian singer and songwriter that has the world eating out of the palm of her hand. She is most notable for her incredibly unique singing voice, but also captivates audiences with her dancing. She has a remarkable beauty and this has been one aspect of her celebrity that has been talked about for years. But Shakira has always managed to look just as stunning as the first time we laid eyes on her. She looks to be in her early to mid 20s, most assuredly still getting carded when she goes out. (Well, with her entourage, I doubt that would happen even if she was underage.) But Shakira is actually 40 years old! It seems shocking, but she has indeed passed into her 40s. Don’t sweat it though Shakira, because 40 is the new 20!

10. Adele – 29 Years Old

Perhaps it’s the soulful sound of her singing, or possibly the British accent, but Adele has looked much older than her true age since she came on the scene. Adele is a monster in the music world and is poised to become one of the great divas (in a good way) of music. She is another one of the greats known simply by her first name. To look at Adele, one sees a beautiful woman that is presumed to be in her late 30s or perhaps even 40. She is by no means old looking, but she has a much more mature look to her, not to mention her powerful singing voice. But in all actuality, Adele is just barely 29 years old! She will likely go the way of Aretha Franklin, getting “respect” for decades!

9. Sandra Bullock – 52 Years Old

Hollywood A-lister Sandra Bullock has been seen as one of the big screen’s beauties for decades now. She is known to play a variety of roles, including the ugly duckling that becomes a die hard hottie, as well as uptight and tense characters that hilariously learn to loosen up along the way. In each role though, she is seen with a gorgeous presence that is wholesome and very natural. Bullock has maintained that natural beauty for decades now and it has people somewhat shocked when they learn her true age. She still looks to be in her mid 30s, but actually, Bullock is 52 years old! This Academy Award winner has her pick of any script she wants and has even gotten into producing! The sky’s the limit for this Hollywood royal for sure.

8. Lucy Liu – 48 Years Old

Known largely on the big screen for her role as one of the angels in the movie reboot of Charlie’s Angels, Lucy Liu has done a little bit of everything in the entertainment world. She has acted in films and on television, she has directed, produced and is even a vocalist and artist. Indeed, Liu is a creative jack of all trades. She is also a raving beauty! With a flawless complexion, and some really great genes, Lucy Liu gives off the appearance of a woman in hear early 30s. People look at her and believe that she is as much as 20 years younger! But truthfully, Liu is 48. Age is just a number of course and Lucy’s number doesn’t at all match what she puts out to the rest of the world and to herself.

7. Demi Moore – 54 Years Old

It doesn’t seem like Hollywood icon Demi Moore is going to grow old at any point in her life. It’s like time kind of froze 25 years ago and refused to let her show any additional years. Looking at Demi, you see a gorgeous young woman that couldn’t possibly be older than 30. On her down days, she might look as old as 35, I suppose. But Demi Moore is amazingly 54 years old! It has to take a lot of self discipline and sheer hard work to maintain such a healthy body and outward appearance, but she has no trouble at all managing. If you put her up next to daughter Rumer Willis, it may look like the two are sisters (and it may be hard to tell which is older).

6. Halle Berry – 50 Years Old

Halle Berry has been the new kid on the block for almost three decades now! Maybe this is because she looks stunningly beautiful and incredibly youthful every time you see her in a movie. It kind of feels like she is a fresh young star every time she shows up in a film. Truthfully, Berry is not only insanely beautiful, but her acting talent is beyond compare. She has won the Best Actress Academy Award for her role in Monster’s Ball in 2002. Looking at the beautiful Berry, you would have to believe that she was between 30 and 35, but in truth, she is 50. She is a model and spokesperson for Revlon cosmetics and for good reason! She is one of the most stunning examples of beauty in Hollywood.

5. Gwen Stefani – 47 Years Old

There is “no doubt” that Gwen Stefani is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry! Gwen was the singer for the band “No Doubt” which became huge in the early 90s, then went on to have a huge solo career! She has been a judge on the NBC hit show The Voice, and is now a spokesperson for L’Oréal Paris. Looking at Gwen, one sees a gorgeous young woman that almost looks Barbie-esque. She looks the same now as she did in the early 90s and she appears every bit as healthful as well. There is no way Gwen could possibly be over 30 right? Think again…Gwen Stefani is 47 years old and has given birth to three children! Shocking, but she has obviously found the fountain of youth!

4. Candace Cameron Bure – 41 Years Old

DJ Tanner from Full House was the girl next door dream girl of the 1990s. Played by Candace Cameron Bure, Candace grew-up on television and has been typecast as this character for just about her entire career. For better or worse, she has returned to her role of DJ in the spin off series Fuller House, where she plays a widow with three kids, trying to make it with the help of her best friend Kimmy and sister, Stephanie. To look at Candace, it seems almost like she hasn’t aged at all. Maybe it is because we all remember her so clearly as her teenage self, but looking at Candace, she looks to still be in her mid-20s at the most. While not old, it is somewhat shocking to discover that she is actually 41!

3. Heather Locklear – 55 Years Old

Heather Locklear is and has been one of the great beauties of television and film. She has been nominated for multiple Golden Globe awards for her work on Melrose Place and Spin City, but has worked on other series and in several films. Amazingly, Locklear has been active in the industry since 1980, but to look at her, you’d assume she was just a baby at the time! Locklear is a beautiful woman that gives the impression of being in her early 40s. Despite some personal stresses, anxiety and depression, she still looks youthful and gorgeous! Locklear is in fact 55 years old, leaving us all stunned that this is her true age. She seems to have had some work done over the years, but nevertheless, she is still just as beautiful as ever!

2. María Celeste Arrarás – 56 Years Old

While not a mainstream celebrity in the United States, María Celeste Arrarás is a powerhouse as a Puerto Rican journalist and television personality. Her show Al Rojo Vivo con María Celeste, has 35 million viewers every day, which is not too shabby! She has taken the world of Hispanic television by storm, has authored several books and has been on television for over 30 years! Looking at her, it seems impossible though, because she couldn’t possibly be over 30 herself! Looking at Arrarás, she is an absolute beauty with a youthful glow, making it understandable that people couldn’t possibly believe that her actual age is 56! Indeed, whatever her secret to youth and beauty is, it would be nice if she would share, but this woman seems to have not aged in decades.

1. Ernestine Shepherd – 81 Years Old

Ernestine Shepherd isn’t a famous actress or singer, but she is somewhat famous for another very interesting reason. She is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest competitive female bodybuilder on the planet! Take a good look at her photo. She is obviously very fit and appears to be very happy. Ernestine is clearly loving the life she is living. Anyone looking at her would guess her age to be perhaps in her early 50s. In fact, she is just about to celebrate her 81st birthday! She is an inspiration to many, lives a very healthy lifestyle and does not take any type of supplement. Considering that she didn’t actually start bodybuilding until she was in her mid 50s, she is absolutely amazing and a beacon of light showing all of us what is possible at any stage of life.


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Erin Gray looks older now that she did in Buck Rogers, but I’ve met her and I’ll tell you she does not look anywhere near the 67 that she actually is

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