15 Guys Reveal Their Nastiest Sex Fantasies

15 Guys Reveal Their Nastiest Sex Fantasies

I want to get lucky with a celebrity, and she enjoys me so much that she tells her famous girlfriends about me, so I get hooked up with them too, and pretty soon I’m plowing my way through Hollywood.— Defends_ForceAwakens

A girl that gives a very sincere BJ. I dated a girl for a while that did but as a 24 year old I was more into thinking the BJ was just something that lead up to or was in place of sex. Now I’m like I’d give anything to have that sloppy, gagging, totally unabashed “I’m going to let you use my throat like a pussy” experience again, but understand and be aware of it.— tweedchemtrailblazer

Having a girl (maybe two) giving me a handjob from behind, while whispering seductive things in my ear.— Uniithedragon

I kinda want to fuck a real trashy chick. Like a step above pennsatucky. IDK why.— tm647

Filthy one night stands with exes and some old crushes I never had the confidence to try anything with.— steve19832015

I want to jump and slide across at least 12 naked lubed up chicks while my erection slaps each titty all the way down the line.— natural_distortion

I just want to bang a cougar at least once… I’m 25 now though so I’m rapidly approaching the point where it wouldn’t be a “cougar” situation, just an age appropriate lay, which makes me sad.— PM_ME_MOIST_VAGINAS

Lately I’ve been real interested in the idea of fucking a girl as she’s wearing/using a dildo to fuck another girl.

It’d probably end up awkward and uncomfortable, so it’s probably best to leave it as a fantasy.— tatsuedoa

Having my girl dress up as Velma from scooby doo. Then bang her nerdy fucking brains out.— TheUrbanPrepper

I want a bj from 3 chick’s at the same time. 2 with their lips on the side of the shaft kinda kissing at each other and the 3rd at the head. The worst part about this fantasy is I know I would nut in 30 seconds and wouldn’t have a chance to enjoy it.— gen3stang

I’d like to have sex with a girl in an elevator. Seems pretty tame to some but I’m too much of a pussy to try it and risk getting caught in the act. — A-MinorBish

I’m an uber driver and I like to imagine some hot girl would want to give me a “special” tip. Like show me their tits or give me a blowjob. I’m in a long term committed monogamous relationship that I would never ruin, but the fantasy of a situation like that is definitely something I’ve thought about.— MistaDirtyZiggy

I’ve posted similar before, but going up to a random hot guy, leading him to a bathroom, ripping his pants off and just absolutely servicing him is so hot to me. I don’t think a lot of strangers would appreciate this.— tssmith1989

For some reason, I’ve often fantasized about turning into a woman, and having lesbian sex with someone. I don’t know when this started, or even why, but I’ve thought about it so much that it’s actually really embarrassing.— Ephemeral_Ash

Having a woman randomly force me down on my back, maybe tie me up, climb on my face and make me lick her for hours. Not that I’d be unwilling to do it anyway, obviously, but that’s hot. You would think that would be a really easy one to do, but some people can be very self conscious about even letting someone go down on them unfortunately. — jerks_off_hotdogs

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