15 Of Hollywood’s Steamiest Scenes Performed By A Body Double

In order to succeed as an actor you need the secret sauce to make audiences love and adore you. Sometimes some serious acting chops along with the right opportunities falling at your feet are enough to launch you into super stardom. Odds are, in addition to this, as a successful actor you’re a good looking individual who rocks a body that is significantly hotter than the general population. This means fans want to see more of you, often with little to no clothes on.

A good portion of your job as an actor is to be able to look effortlessly good and sexy for the cameras. No matter how good the workout routine, no matter how hot the body, sometimes actors decide to bow out of scenes where they are wearing little more than a smile. Some have very specific nudity clauses written into all of their contracts. While many actors are happy to bare it all for their adoring fans, it turns out others are a little more shy or have other reasons that have them tagging out of that shower scene. Here are 15 famous sexy scenes where the actor had a body double stand in their place for infamous buff scenes.

15. Lindsay Lohan, Machete

Sometimes the use of a body double is seamless, and such a fine match for the actor that people would never suspect that they’d been duped. Other times, like in the campy grindhouse movie Machete, this type of visual trickery raises an eyebrow or two. Nudity watchers, like the internet site Mr. Skin, were quick to proclaim that it wasn’t Lindsay Lohan in her numerous naked scenes throughout the film. Lohan’s character was in the buff for a good portion of the film, however it became obvious that it wasn’t her whenever shots included what was supposed to be the actor’s nipples. In those specific scenes, viewers would never see Lohan’s face, and note a shorter, blonder hairstyle in the revealing shots. When speaking scenes were required, Li-Lo’s long hair was strategically placed to cover her “modesty”.

14. Isla Fisher, Wedding Crashers

While Isla Fisher’s husband Sacha Baron Cohen has no problem stripping down for the sake of comedy, she felt a little differently and wouldn’t strip down when her role called for it. The actor opted to use a body double in the sex scene between her character and co-star Vince Vaughn. While she can be seen a little, most of the bare body viewers see belongs to someone else. In explaining her reasoning for the decision the star said, “My argument was, if you see a character’s breast, she’s no longer funny. You see her as someone sexual rather than as someone funny.” This seems like a pretty thin excuse to us; maybe she’ll change her mind for the right part and finally bare it all.

13. Gwyneth Paltrow, Shallow Hal

This body double story is yet another reason people have to hate on Gwyneth Paltrow. The movie Shallow Hal was intending to highlight the importance of inner beauty, even though some critics believe that it missed its mark and often mocked overweight and those with unconventional looks, when the lead character is only able to see people for their inner beauty. For the majority of the film Gwyneth Paltrow wore a fat suit for her portrayal of the amazingly awesome character Rosemary, even though Hal sees her as thin actor Gwyneth Paltrow. In particular scenes involving more intimate moments between Rosemary and Hal, it’s been reported that a body double was used for lingerie scenes involving Paltrow when she’s turned around. Something about not using your own body in a film that’s supposed to be body positive leaves a bad taste!

12. Kate Beckinsale, Whiteout

For whatever reason, the use of a body double in Kate Beckinsale’s film Whiteout sparked some controversy. First off, most would believe there wouldn’t even be nudity in a murder mystery that is set in Antarctica, but there is. In a shower scene where Beckinsale’s characters shows off her unclothed rump, a body double was used. While some rumors circulated that Beckinsale was simply too shy to take off her clothes, the people behind the film wanted to clarify that the body double was not a request made by the brunette beauty. A statement was released saying, ‘The claims appearing on the internet today that Kate Beckinsale requested a body double for filming on Whiteout are absolutely untrue. As is standard practice on many movies a body double was hired for several scenes by the production and not at the request of Kate Beckinsale.”

11. Natalie Portman, Your Highness

Natalie Portman has provided her real self for several revealing film roles, including the movies Black Swan and Closer. When starring in the stoner flick Your Highness the actor wanted a body double for a scene when her character is in a very tiny bikini and then jumps in a lake. Apparently the reason for the body double, who was an Irish film student named Caroline Davies, was that the water in the lake was too cold and Portman didn’t want to take the jump into the icy cold water. Davies was paid around $500 to show off her rump and to go jump in a lake. The student had to train to jump into a pool of water that was fairly shallow and knew she’d proudly recognize herself in the scene when watching the movie.

10. Keira Knightley, Domino

Keira Knightley is split on her feelings about nudity in films. The star has a particular policy surrounding what she’s willing to show audiences where, “You can have the top half but you can’t have the bottom half.” When her character, Domino Harvey, performs a strip tease in the 2005 action flick Domino, it isn’t Knightley’s bum, it belongs to a body double. Knightley admits that she was looking for a woman with a bum that was roughly the same shape as hers, “just a bit better” and proudly declared, “The girl we picked had a lovely bottom”. Keira Knightley has also used a body double in other films, like in the film Atonement when she had someone stand in to portray her feet.

9. Mila Kunis, Friends With Benefits

Mila Kunis proves that even one of Hollywood’s hottest actors can feel a little modest when baring it all for the cameras, particularly when it’s in front of a hottie like her Friends with Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake. Kunis openly admitted that she used a body double for the sex scenes in the romantic comedy about two friends who decide to pursue an entirely physical relationship. Kunis joked that she was prepared to show a little side-boob but not her naked butt, because she wanted to “let it all out in little pieces”. In talking about the casting process she said, “These lovely women had to show us their derrière and we chose the one that resembled my body the most without looking like it is fake.”

8. Emilia Clarke, Game Of Thrones

Here’s the thing about Emilia Clarke, sometimes it’s really been her in the buff for Game of Thrones, and other times it’s been her former body double, the beautiful Rosie Mac. For the first several seasons of GoT, odds are if nudity was involved it was Mac and not Clarke, that is until season five of the show. This was the season that Mac announced her departure from the hit show, which may or may not be directly linked to a run-in with an aggressive reporter. Shortly after that Clarke announced that she was okay with nudity if “it adds insight into the characters”. As for a more recent scene (spoiler alert) where she burns the Dothraki council to death and materializes without a scratch and in her birthday suit, Clarke said, “This is all me, all proud, all strong. That ain’t no body double.”

7. Jennifer Aniston, We’re The Millers

Jennifer Aniston works hard for her fantastic figure. At 48 years old, she has a body that puts most fit twenty-somethings to shame. As a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic she completes at least 40 minutes of cardio each day and sometimes adds yoga and Pilates to her fitness practice. So you’d think she’d want to show it off, and for the most part she does, but not always, particularly in the film We’re The Millers. Stunts involving the lingerie wearing character in the film involved a body double who is blonder, and about 20 years younger than Aniston. The crew decided that they wanted to make sure their stars weren’t injured when dangerous stunts were a part of the script and asked them to sit out.

6. Olivia Wilde, The Change Up

With modern technology, body doubles may become a thing of the past. CGI technology is changing film to allow for more modest actors to have their naked bodies digitally created for audiences. In the 2011 film The Change Up both stars Olivia Wilde and Leslie Mann have topless scenes. For Wilde’s topless scene the actor decided to wear pasties, and then had her nipples digitally created using CGI technology. In fact, Wilde even got to select which digital nipples her character would get for the film. Leslie Mann’s breasts were digitally altered to more realistically reflect versions of those belonging to a breastfeeding mom. Wilde spoke up about approving her nipples saying, “I think it’s pretty close” to her own nipples.

5. Drew Barrymore, Poison Ivy

After overcoming her addiction struggles in her teens, 18 year old Drew Barrymore decided to trade in the little girl roles she’d become known for in favour of something racier; the cult coming of age erotic movie Poison Ivy. Barrymore has gone on record to reveal that the breasts featured in the film are not hers. The star says she was nervous at the prospect of taking off her top for the film, and since those particular scenes were only supposed to be released for European audiences she opted to use a body double. After the shots became a part of both versions the star had some regrets saying, “I have prettier boobs than she does. I’m pretty bummed that America is going to think those are mine.”

4. Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman

A lot of people know that Julia Roberts‘ legs used in the promotional posters for one of her most famous roles in the film Pretty Women aren’t her own, but that isn’t the only time she had a body double stand in for her. The most intimate on set shots were performed by a model/body double named Shelley Michelle, who is one of the most famous body doubles in the industry. Body double Michelle has talked about why she was selected for the role saying, “My legs are a little curvier, I was a little more busty. It made her look a little more curvaceous, just gave her the body that she needed.” Roberts isn’t losing sleep over having a stand in and says the reason audiences don’t get to see her in a bathing suit or in the buff for a film is because, “It’s just not my thing”.

3. Jamie Dornan, 50 Shades Of Grey

Jamie Dornan has a fantastic body. It’s no wonder that his alter-ego Christian Grey loves to show off those washboard abs in the red room while adorned by his trademark jeans, that mean business. It turns out a Canadian model and actor who is appropriately named Peter James Gray served as a body double for Dornan in particular onscreen intimate encounters when his face wasn’t visible. Gray, who’s quite handsome himself, really wanted to distance himself from this gig, and his IMDb profile doesn’t even acknowledge his work on 50 Shades of Grey. A spokesperson for Gray said, “He’s now pursuing a serious acting career so I’d prefer to keep the emphasis on that.” Fifty Shades’ cinematographers have also admitted that Dakota Johnson had a double for the infamous spanking scenes, and a stunt driver was also hired for the film.

2. Brooke Shields, Blue Lagoon

Hollywood producers have a number of rules they need to follow when it comes to working with minors concerning education, hours worked, and what they are and are not allowed to do onscreen. Since Brooke Shields was only 14 years old when she was filming the erotic coming of age film The Blue Lagoon producers needed to ensure that body doubles were employed for some of her more intimate and revealing scenes. Apparently the casting crew did a fantastic job of securing body doubles who accurately reflected the young Shields’ youthful glow, although some would argue that maybe it was too realistic. In fact, Brooke Shields needed to testify to Congress confirming that all of the body doubles performing in the film were over 18 years of age.

1. Luke Wilson, My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Perhaps that awkward charm that both Wilson brothers have made a career out of displaying isn’t just an act. When a scene in the 2006 film My Super Ex-Girlfriend involved the disturbed ex-girlfriend portrayed by Uma Thurman whipping off Luke Wilson’s clothes, the actor decided that audiences would get to see a body double’s buff butt instead of his own. Wilson admitted that although he’d had a great year, he hadn’t made it to the gym very much and said, “I thought it might be a good time to sit on the bench for that scene and let some other kind of more athletic guy take over there.” In casting for the ‘seat to fill’ Wilson commented that they poured over a lot of rear ends before finally landing on the right fit.

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