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15 Honest Confessions From Reddit’s ‘What Can You Openly Admit You Suck at Doing’

15 Honest Confessions From Reddit’s ‘What Can You Openly Admit You Suck at Doing’


Reddit is good for a lot of things; theories about TV shows, crazy right wing conspiracies, getting roasted. But the anonymity of the website can also lead to some very honest admissions. Here, we highlight some Redditors who went on the thread to cop to the fact that there are some things they’re just straight-up bad at.


1. Kissing With Tongue


Imagine not even giving pointers on how to do it better; just shutting it down instead.


2. Going To Bed


Civilization III nearly killed me for this reason.


3. Saying “No”


My nightmare is being the “friend” who doesn’t know that the other person is just afraid to say “no” to them.


4. Meeting Up With Friends


It’s good that this person doesn’t post using their real name, lest their friends discover their horrible secret.


5. Sticking To It


As someone who knows seven words in like five different languages that he’s started learning, let me just say *butchers “me too” in German*


6. Reading Comprehension


Damn, roasted.


7. Expressing Yourself


Ah, good one.


8. Math


Lots of people are bad at math, but it takes a lot of nerve to admit that you struggle with addition. Kudos to your bravery.


9. Measuring Pasta


Okay but who is good at this?!


10. Being a Good Boyfriend


Damn, can’t believe someone on Reddit is a bad boyfriend.


11. Braiding Hair


This is incredibly endearing.


12. Ironing


This is why I wear a lot of jackets and sweaters.


13. “Girly things”


I feel your pain.


14. Working


Maybe being on reddit it the real problem.


15. Posting




2 replies on “15 Honest Confessions From Reddit’s ‘What Can You Openly Admit You Suck at Doing’”

I totally suck at remembering names. I’ve lived on the same street for 16 years and get on very well with my neighbours. We chat about the usual stuff; they ask after my daughter who moved away, I compliment their gardens. There are two dogs and a cat that come up to be petted, everyone was very supportive when my dog died two years ago…you could not ask for better neighbours. The guy next door on my left is an electrician with his name on his van. Other than that I have no idea.Too bloody late to ask now.

lol,I have the same trouble with names have fall back on the old “hey buddy” when I can’t place the face with a name

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