15 Hot Celebrity ‘Belfies’

15 Hot Celebrity ‘Belfies’

For years, selfies have turned from just some minor bit to a constant on the Internet. Folks just love posting photos of themselves, even ones that they probably shouldn’t show off. They take a variety of modes, the more popular being the “belfie.” This is pretty self-explanatory a selfie that enhances the rear end. For celebrities, it’s a pretty big deal, particularly younger starlets who enjoy showing off a lot as it is. Some are better at it than others as frankly, some ladies don’t have the rear ends to really pull it off despite beauty in other areas. Others just aren’t that good at selfies as it is and their attempts to join the social media world are low to say the least.

But others have proven themselves true masters of the belfie. Not surprisingly, many are already adept at showing off on social media and so this isn’t a huge jump. Many prefer to show off in barely anything while others can be more clothed yet very alluring. Actresses, models, music stars, they go across the board and show how a hot butt can look even better in the right circumstances. While many pics are NSFW, most starlets know it’s best if their belfies can get around more and make it a tad conservative. But they’re still very notable in how their sexiness can appeal to so many. Here are 15 starlets who know how to produce a first-class belfie and do it in great style.

15. Bella Thorne

The Disney Channel starlet has been on a spectacular rise in the last few years. After playing the ditzy CeeCee on the comedy Shake It Up, Thorne has undergone a major change into a quite hot and sexy lady. She’s just finished the first season of the Freeform series Famous In Love and moving into movie work. But what’s gotten attention is Thorne being an expert at promoting herself online. Her Instagram and twitter accounts are packed with numerous photos of herself, many in very risqué outfits. Thorne enjoys doing things like dying her hair a variety of colors and no issue showing off her many piercings and revealing outfits. She actually tends to keep her clothes on for a belfie, showing off in jeans, dresses and such but not above showing off in a bikini either. Whatever else about her career, Thorne is showing herself an expert in how to promote herself up via social media and a belfie from her is a big deal.

14. Katy Perry

The sultry singer is known for her wild style. She is a woman who rose to fame with hits like “I Kissed a Girl” and “Roar,” showing her amazing persona off. Katy Perry is hugely popular for a great singing voice and going wild in her videos and performances (see the Super Bowl). She gets attention for her chest, a rather ample one that’s flaunted in tight tops but her rear end isn’t anything to ignore either. She shows it off a lot in dancing and a variety of sexy outfits, flashing in jeans, tights and other styles. This is a fun one, her biking in a dress but flashing a bit of her panties to show off nicely. Perry does enjoy showing off on social media but in her concerts too to prove that her body is as great as her voice to make her among the hottest beauties around.

13. Jennifer Lopez

She’s about to hit 48 but Jennifer Lopez shows no signs of letting her sexiness fade. It’s been twenty years since she burst to stardom with Selena but her career isn’t slowing down by any means. She’s a judge on World of Dance, stars in her hit NBC drama Shades of Blue and still does great concerts with a sexy style putting women half her age to shame. That’s not including her past of dating some of the sexiest men alive like Ben Affleck. That famous rear end has been her calling card for quite a while, complete with music videos flaunting it and Lopez is proud of the fact it’s just gotten better with age. Women of any age should be proud of that figure but for Lopez to continue to look so stunning in her late 40s is proof that J’Lo is one of a kind.

12. Emily Ratajowski

You can’t talk about women who know about belfies and not include this stunning supermodel. Born in London but raised in California, Ratajowski shot to stardom appearing in the music video “Blurred Lines” that showed her nude body off quite a bit. It led to major deals that had her walking runways and flaunting the best fashion lines. Before that, she had some acting roles like the teen sitcom iCarly and some praise to her part in Gone Girl. She claims to be a feminist and advocate but some might argue given how she appears to have an inability to post a selfie in anything near fully clothed. Her gorgeous booty has been on display in numerous pics, many of them showing way too much cheek for publication in most magazines.

11. Shay Mitchell

The Pretty Little Liars star has been a stunning beauty for some time. Unlike her co-stars, Shay Mitchell wasn’t well known when she was cast in the series, only a few appearances on small TV shows. That changed landing the part of Emily, staying through the series entire run. Mitchell got attention in the part as Emily found herself wrestling with her sexuality and coming out as a lesbian. This led to Mitchell showing off a bit more in some very risqué scenes with co-stars. Mitchell has shown off a lot on social media, usually at events hanging with friends like Selena Gomez and others. There’s also her with BFF Ashley Benson as the two have a good time together. Mitchell is great with selfies including showing off showering in public and her exotic looks help her look alluring whenever she posts. Whatever her career path next, Mitchell is sure to keep up the truth of looking very hot.

10. Ariel Winter

Few actresses have blossomed before the eyes of viewers like Ariel Winter. She started off as the young teen star of Modern Family where the idea was her Alex was the genius of the family but ignored a bit more in looks. She dressed down in sweaters and glasses but as she grew, Winter soon proved much hotter than on-screen sister Sarah Hyland. Indeed, her chest had such a growth spurt that Winter required a breast reduction. She also endured bad press by becoming emancipated from her mother with accusations of abuse abounding. The show is now embracing Alex as much sexier despite her smarts, no doubt due to how Winter has been putting herself out there a lot more. She loves to post selfies of herself in a variety of hot outfits with an affinity for halter tops, jean shorts and very revealing bikinis. Winter enjoys showing off a lot including a rear end just as shapely as her chest and no matter what, Winter brings the heat.

9. Kim Kardashian

For years hosting The Soup, Joel McHale made it a point to also introduce a clip of Kim Kardashian by noting how she was “famous for having a big ass and a sex tape.” But one has to give credit for Kardashian taking that and turning it into a multi-million dollar empire. A reality show icon, a fashion stylist, married to a hot rapper and a mother, Kardashian has managed to make literally anything she does newsworthy. Her selfie style has paved the way for so many and given she has one of the most infamous rear ends in all of the world, it makes sense her belfies are a big deal. That includes the famed “break the internet” nude spread that showed it off and a variety of outfits over the years. She may have toned down a bit with motherhood but Kim just can’t resist it, flaunting her rear end a lot with her bikinis and mirror shots. Say what you will about her but when it comes to a nice belfie, Kim is in a class all by herself.

8. Sarah Hyland

Unlike her TV sister, Ariel Winter, Sarah Hyland was nearly twenty when she began her role as teenager Haley on Modern Family. She won raves for the part of the woman as a total ditz getting by on her looks and rather egotistical to boot. She’s grown nicely in the part, very hot outfits and some sexy bits as well to get more attention. Hyland is also popular at award shows and red carpet events, making herself a favorite for paparazzi pics. Hyland also took on a feud where she mocked Lea Michele for the latter’s constant red carpet poses. She’s popular on her social media status with many photos showcasing her nice rear end. Hyland is rising up and seems likely to have a good career going for her once the show finally ends. This pic is great showing her rear end in a bikini with a light sheet over it and how Hyland is a lot smarter than her character getting herself over.

7. Kylie Jenner

Some will complain about the youngest member of the Kardashian family now joining in the “family business” of being famous just for being famous. While her older sisters were stealing scenes on Keeping Up With the Kardashians just for their looks, Kylie was more the innocent girl putting up with this madness. But a growth spurt has caused her to enjoy the same sexy looks and body of her siblings that she’s used well for success. She has her own clothing line, cosmetics line and front row for just about any fashion show on the planet. Just like her sisters, Kylie is adept using social media to enhance her brand and put herself out there. She’s not as revealing as her siblings but does enjoy showing her form off, especially the rear end. She’s good in just jeans and a shirt, able to utilize any setting to make a belfie look great and this shows that in many regards, Kylie is keeping the family tradition alive.

6. Lea Michele

The Glee star has gotten a lot of flak on her attitude. Stories abound of her being a true diva and rubbing co-stars the wrong way. However, Lea Michele is still notable for her stunning looks as she enjoys showing off a body much better than most thought it could be. She’s even posed nude at times for magazines and the occasional posting as she enjoys hitting the gym a lot. Her bikini shots are always eye-catching and she’s made a belfie something nice. Usually, it’s her doing yoga and showing off in a variety of poses while other times she can show off in a swimsuit or even an evening gown. Michele has shown off more acting chops as a nutcase on Scream Queens and elevating herself via concerts with a spectacular voice. So she may be a diva but Michele also showcases that her belfie style is as glamorous as anything else she does.

5. Demi Lovato

Many a Disney Channel starlet has acted up later on. But for Demi Lovato, her showing off is more about empowerment and pride. She started off as an innocent lady with Camp Rock and her own comedy series Sonny With a Chance. She was presented as a wholesome pop starlet but then checked herself into rehab for issues of cutting and depression. Emerging stronger, Lovato has embraced her sexuality and promoted it as a way to help young women be themselves. She’s used social media quite a lot with her various tours, known for a great concert style flaunting her curves. Lovato famously posed for Vanity Fair in a nude spread including a shot of her nice rear end. She also posted a belfie showing that same rear end off. She does the same in bikinis and this shot backstage at one of her concerts shows that even clothed, Lovato is able to use a belfie quite well.

4. Nina Dobrev

For a lady who grew up in Canada, Nina Dobrev sure does embrace a sexy summer style. The feisty brunette got attention on the long-running teen drama Degrassi as a single mother. That led to her role as Elena on The Vampire Dairies, a huge hit. Dobrev showed herself off well on the show, including the evil vampire double Katherine and some very risqué scenes. She also got attention for her fun style, showing off in bikinis and other revealing outfits and has made a belfie a notable bit. Her most famous sadly can’t be shown as she and Julianne Hough posed together in bikini tops and no thongs underneath. But even a “normal” shot of Dobrev is great with her bright smile and sexy manner. She got attention as the funny tech in XXX: Return ofXander Cage and ready for more parts to show she has plenty of bite, especially in the rear end.

3. Selena Gomez

Among the better recent graduates of the House of the Mouse, Selena Gomez got started as an arrogant singer on Hannah Montana. That led to her breakout role as selfish witch Alex on Wizards of Waverly Place and a variety of movies. At first known for some family comedies like Monte Carlo, Gomez sexed herself up majorly with the wild Spring Breakers to elevate her up. Since then, she’s become a major singing star and known for her wild style of outfits even as she produced the smash hit 13 Reasons Why. Her amazing looks are on full display and whether giving the camera a sexy pout or a bright smile, she lights up a photo. She’s also good showing off her nice rear in belfies, usually with clothing but can flaunt it with a bikini bottom or thong. Whether her hair is long or short, the brunette is a knockout and that nice rear end makes a social media post from her something truly magical.

2. Nicki Minaj

The outgoing rapper’s style was so amazing that it inspired its own episode of Glee. With her billowing hair that regularly shifts in color and her wicked style, Nicki Minaj has taken off majorly for the MTV age. That includes her rapping with “Anaconda” basically a celebration of her round rear end. So it’s no surprise that Minaj has shown that off constantly for her various selfies and media postings. Usually, she sticks to tight pants that often seem on the verge of breaking apart from the pressure they’re under. She also enjoys flaunting it in a variety of bikinis at the beach and using the settings well. That includes backstage at concerts, hotel rooms or even the guest rooms of talk shows. Minaj famously nearly had a wardrobe malfunction at the MTV Video Music Awards as her booty is out of this world and helped push her to amazing stardom.

1. Amber Rose

The outspoken model and actress rose to family in a variety of music videos. This has led to relationships with several rappers like Kayne West and married to Wiz Khalifa. She’s also open about being bisexual and proud of her mixed race ethnicity. Rosealso got major controversy with a years-long feud with the Kardashians that involved many a wild Twitter rant. She’s made millions off emoji apps and hosting her own TV show as well as Loveline. So it’s no surprise that Rose took off with social media and showing herself off quite a lot. Her rear end is famous for amazing roundness and she loves to flaunt her curves. Rose can be in a bikini, a designer dress or nearly nothing at all but that sizeable rear end will always grab the camera. Many of her belfies are very risqué but she uses it to rise her brand up and how this Rose has bloomed majorly as a millionaire.


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