15 Hot Turn-On Spots On A Woman’s Body

15 Hot Turn-On Spots On A Woman’s Body

Women are amazing creatures. They are sensual and beautiful. There is balance in life and we know in the battle of the sexes, women can be just as difficult as men. We all have our positives and negatives, but there is a special allure with women that nobody can deny. They are emotional creatures driven heavily by their senses. This is why it is so important for men to communicate and connect with women on levels far greater than just the physicality of sex or verbal communication. Women want, and frankly need, far more than just a rub and a quickie. They may be complicated in many ways, but there are important aspects to women’s bodies that men should pay special attention to.

There is so much made of a “G-Spot” on a woman’s body. But the reality is, there are many, many areas that could be triggers for a woman getting turned on long before you reach the hallowed halls between her legs. So if you are looking to flip a light switch, it generally doesn’t work that way for women and you will be one and done. Women are like a very slow dimmer that turns on with the most fragile of physical contact wrapped perfectly inside a swell of emotion. For men, it is a critical aspect to turning a woman on and by taking multiple steps prior to engaging in the sexual act, a man will certainly be welcomed for more than just one encounter.

These are 15 Places To Touch A Woman.

15. Feet – The Romantic Massage


A good way to get a woman hot is to give her a nice foot massage. Mood is everything with women, so firing on the football game while you casually pay attention to her toes isn’t going to get it done. Instead, put on a solid show or movie (yes, we are insinuating a chick flick here), or if you want to go the extra mile, light a few candles and flip on some Barry White or old school Usher. From there, things can get pretty serious, pretty fast. The environment is important to establishing the mood for a woman and with some good scented candles and the use of oils/lotions, it shows you not only care, but you have a solid romantic side.

14. Hand – Touching Goes A Long Way


It’s funny how a little love can go a long way. Guys, remember back in the day when you took a girl to the movie and it was a big deal just to hold hands? That is where it begins, at a young age, with simple hand holding. So it makes sense that when you are with a woman, simply holding her hand can go a long way. More importantly, migrate to her palm. A gentle rubbing of your index finger against her palm is enough to turn a woman on. The palms are sensitive spots and can be hot spots on some women. Maybe it’s the innocence of it all, but stroking a woman’s palm can drive them wild.

13. Fingers – Interlocking and Sucking


Well, there is a couple of options here. Let’s talk about interlocking fingers first. We would call this the “hugging” of the finger world. Interlocking fingers with a woman is a signature move showing solidarity and love. It gives women the kind of security that tells her she is with a man who values their relationship. Then we move on to the sucking. Whereas the interlocked fingers provide relationship security, the sucking provides passion. By sensually sucking on a woman’s finger it turns them on. When you creatively use your tongue against their fingers, it doubles down on the experience and gives them something to look forward to in the “oral department.”

12. The Butt – Touching and Palming


Okay, this can be a both ways thing. Rear ends aren’t exactly a sensual spot on a body. But what they do lead to is more passion and heat. Some women like to be slapped in the behind (again, this may be more of a man enjoying the act, but, some women are very much into it). Now, a gentle touching or grabbing of the rear is enough to turn two hot-to-trot individuals into a sexual frenzy. It is the international sign for, “let’s get it on.” Grabbing and squeezing someone’s rear end is pretty much a major green light to go crazy with one another. The gist is, grabbing of the butt is a signature move designed to signal the parties want to get it on.

11. Waist – Gentle Touching


Ah, the waist. This is probably one of the most undervalued body parts that can lead to so much good. Maybe it’s because the waist is a centralized location on the body. Maybe it’s because the waist is the gateway to both our rear ends on the back and the sweet spots on the front. It matters not. The waist is a very sensual part of the body. Walk up behind a woman you are down with and step up behind her. Gently place your hands on either side of her waist. Placing your hands on her hips is a move that normally will cause her to back her rear right into you. It is a spot on the body that normally turns a woman on and can be a highly sexual move.

10. Abs – Kissing



The abdomen. For women, they dream of running their fingers along David Beckham’s ripped abs. But men don’t seek to run their fingers along a woman’s stomach. Nor do women hope a man starts feeling up her tummy. However, if you run your mouth along a woman’s stomach, dropping soft landmines of kisses, it can be enough to drive her mad with excitement. It’s all about the lips and surveying her abdominal region as if you were manicuring a sacred landscape. The soft kisses are a huge turn on. And obviously, as you move south on her stomach you can dive toward the pleasure zone which only gets her going even more.

9. Earlobe – Kissing


The sensuality of kissing a woman’s earlobe is enough to drive the vast majority of females crazy. Some women not only like their earlobe getting kissed, a little nibbling or sucking will do just fine. The point is, seductive contact with a woman’s earlobe can bring about sexual feelings and jumpstart her right into the mood. It is a sensitive area and you are better to not be too eager. Biting too hard and slobbering like a dog can be a big time turnoff. The key is to go soft and gentle. Allow her to enjoy the moment and it is a great precursor to much, much more!

8. Small of Back – Massage and Kissing


Who doesn’t like a good back massage? Obviously, rubbing a woman’s back can relieve stress. It is an excellent starter to get things heading in the right direction. The back is also covered with muscles and nerves that love to be touched. As you massage a woman’s back, it is also good to cover the shoulders and neck area and move south. Hitting the area right above her buttocks just to the sides of the spine is an excellent turn-on spot. Of course, adding oils or massage lotion only amplifies it all. This not only will relax her, but increase the blood flow to the Southern Hot Spot. Now, when she is feeling good, a few kisses down her back and just above her buttocks will accelerate her from relaxed and in the mood to “go time!”

7. Lips – Kissing


Obviously, women love kissing. It isn’t just about “hellos” and “goodbyes.” Kissing can be so much more than a lead-in to sex as well. A woman’s lips are exposed and sensitive. They also have 100 times more nerve endings than in our fingertips. Lips can release endorphins throughout our body. The pleasure center of the face can send a ripple effect to the brain and it trickles throughout the body. Since women are driven so much by emotions and sensations, by effectively kissing a woman, you can open the door to so much. In addition to kissing, a little licking and biting of the lips can drive her just a bit more insane. Running your fingers along her lips can also provoke all kinds of sexual thoughts. The gist: the lips are good so pay close attention to them.

6. Head/Hair – Massage


Having your head rubbed or your hair played with can be a very relaxing, nice sensation. A man who plays close attention to a woman’s head lets her know you care about how she feels. Just simply running your fingers through her hair can be a big time de-stresser for a woman. And if you work the temples on the sides of her head, it can further relax her. A woman’s head can seriously smooth her out and put her in the right frame of mind to progress forward. From her head, work south to her neck and continue on.

5. Neck – Massaging and Kissing


The neck is a wonderful place to give a woman a massage. Just as a strategic head massage can relax a woman, working over her neck can also relieve a ton of a stress. But the real money is in seductively kissing and touching a woman’s neck. Light, gentle kisses can be a real homerun. Some gentle breaths preceding soft kisses will send chills down her spine. This is the perfect erogenous zone to get the ball rolling. This kind of stimulation can heighten things quickly. If you lift her hair up and kiss the back of her neck, she may even shiver a bit. With the neck being so sensitive, a man would have to be a fool not to make the most of this area during foreplay.

4. Pelvis – Touching and Kissing


I know what you’re thinking…duh. But the key in the pelvis region is similar to that of her inner thighs. This highly sensitive area is just north of the hot spot. And being so close will cause a man to be very tempted to go for the gold. But be patient young Daniel-san. With you so close to her ultimate pleasure zone, the teasing will only prime her further and build her emotional and physical sensations that much more. For women, it is so important to drive the excitement and it only further revs her engines.

3. Breasts and Nipples – Hands and Mouth


Well, this is an obvious arousal spot for men. We crave breasts like we crave a perfectly constructed sub sandwich. We want them all the time. From a woman’s perspective, it works a little differently. A woman doesn’t like to be squeezed like a clown horn so when you think about the nipples and breasts, we always preach gentle touches. Whether with the mouth or the hands, rubbing a woman’s breasts or sucking on the nipples should be done with sensitivity in mind (unless she gives the orders to go harder and twist). Each woman has a different preference, so this is definitely not a one-size-fits-all body part. But normally, playing gently with her breasts and then softly kissing her areola (licking, kissing, etc.) is a nice strategy for mutual enjoyment.

2. Inner Thighs – Kissing


The inner thighs are the quintessential location to get a woman turned on. This is as much a hot button as anything you can do. It is the last stop before you hit the bullseye. Slowly and gently kissing a woman’s inner thighs generally drives her insane. Even touching can get a woman all hot and bothered in the inner thigh region, but with the lips to her inner thighs, she will go insane with excitement. It is one of the biggest turn-on spots for women. The inner thighs are also a highly sensitive area. On a side note, if you decide to go oral on her, massaging her inner thighs as you do so only increases the blood flow to the region making the experience that much better for her.

1. The Big C – Touch and Oral


And we finally get to the Mother Ship of female sexual organs. Obviously, this is the pleasure center for women. There are over 8,000 nerve endings packed into one location. Each clitoris is different. Varying degrees of pressure at different times can lead to varying degrees of sensitivity. Here’s where it all comes to an epic conclusion. Start slow and easy (light pressure). Fingers are always a good warm-up act. The famed circle motion is always a good starting point. Different speeds and pressures will elicit different responses and adjust accordingly to her excitement levels. Naturally, going oral and using some power tools (our favorite little “Rabbit”) can drive her insane. If you provide some of the lead-ins above and build to this point, she is sure to thank you tenfold for the effort!


15 Hot Turn-On Spots On A Woman’s Body

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