The 15 Hottest Cheerleaders On Instagram


Nowadays, actually for quite some time, sporting events aren’t solely about the sport itself. Sure, it’s most people’s main focus, but there’re now plenty of distractions. Everywhere you look, there are things going on to add to the spectacle of it all. Purists find themselves shaking their heads at such things, but they’re the people that have got to come into the 21st century. Nothing makes a match more memorable than turning up and seeing the sports stars put on a great show, wow the crowds, and make them feel that whatever they shelled out for a ticket was well worth it. That’s primarily what the paying customer wants to see. But there are other ways a sporting event can stick in people’s minds. It’s the razzmatazz, the glitz and glamor of such events that people lap up, that makes many people tune in and watch.

Nothing makes a sporting occasion more glamorous than a sexy bunch of cheerleaders, getting the crowds amped up and cheering on their team from the side-lines. If the match is getting a bit dull, people can always cast their eyes in their direction, and they’ll certainly brighten the occasion up. A lot of these cheerleaders are so hot, that you’ve got to say some even outshine some of those playing the actual game. They’re super hot, especially when they’re strutting their stuff, pompoms in hand, but aside from that, they’re just generally sizzling hot from head to toe, and boy do they know it. They’ve got it, and never tire of flaunting it, whether it’s on the side-lines, or in front of a camera away from the arena.

Thankfully for us, many decide to share their sultry pics with their many adoring fans. Where would we be in today’s day and age without social media?! Here are 15 stunning cheerleaders from different sports, but all with one thing in common: they have huge fan followings and some of the hottest Instagram profiles of people in their profession.

15. Peyton Mabry

Feast your eyes on Peyton Mabry’s Instagram pics and it’ll instantly become apparent why she’s got close to half a million followers. Every single pic she takes looks like it was snapped by a professional photographer. She looks drop dead gorgeous in every single shot, and looking at them, setting eyes on her hot body and beaming smile lighting up the screen, you’d have no clue about all the trials and tribulations she’s faced over the years.

Peyton began cheerleading in high school and continued through university. But then, last year, she had major surgery to correct her scoliosis, and has since been on the mend. However, the cheerleading has started up again, and she didn’t take long to get back on track. Peyton’s also become a bit of a style guru, and her blog, on which she shares her journey, road to recovery, beauty, style and workout tips, has really taken off. to offer. That’s endeared her to the fans, and it’s made her one of the most popular IPL cheerleaders, one with one of the hottest Instagram profiles.

14. Allison C. DeJesus

Allison C. DeJesus is an NFL cheerleader, and one of the hottest ones at that. She’s a cheerleader for the New England Patriots, and she’s certainly someone that’ll get the crowd amped up and get the players motivated, although seeing her do her thing on the side-lines may act as a bit of a distraction. The fans don’t mind though, they’re content to just take in the spectacular sight.

Allison looks super hot in her skimpy cheerleading attire, but when she’s off the football pitch, boy does she sizzle. She oozes hotness, and is one of the fittest cheerleaders around. What is it with cheerleading beauties and six packs? Allison’s another cheerleading beauty with a chiselled set of abs, and a drop dead gorgeous physique all-round. Her very noticeable assets make people go wild, as does her beauty and lean muscular physique. If you want some fitness motivation, or just want to ogle one of the hottest cheerleaders in the business, you’re going to find her Instagram profile awfully titillating.

13. Jamie Andries

Jamie Andries is one super cute, super sexy cheerleader. She’s an OU cheerleader, and people have gotten used to seeing plenty of her in recent years, which of course, is only a good thing. Jamie’s just gorgeous, and takes delight in showcasing her beauty, wowing her hundreds of thousands of fans with her stunning pics, which she posts regularly on Instagram.

There are plenty of things that make Jamie hot, and so popular. She’s not just beautiful, she’s got an awesome body too. She’s a bit of a fitness freak, and has a set of eight pack abs that would make any pro bodybuilder incredibly envious. Her body’s all toned, ripped to shreds, rippling with muscle, but she’s still been able to maintain some level of femininity. Jamie’s all feminine, and has had plenty of success – and not just as a cheerleader – off the back of her beautiful package.

12. Erin McGoldrick

Erin McGoldrick is a Tampa Bay Lightning Girl and Magnum Athlete. She has one of the hottest Instagram profiles around as a cheerleader, and as a fitness girl too.

Erin’s been heavily into fitness from a young age, and it certainly shows. She went pretty far as a gymnast, dabbled in other sports, then made her focus competing in bikini competitions. Stepping on stage and showcasing her hot body to many adoring fans, gave Erin newfound confidence. She decided to step out of her comfort zone, try something she wouldn’t have dreamed of getting involved in before, and that was cheerleading. Erin got picked up, became a Tampa Bay Lightning Girl and fell in love with everything about the NFL, and plenty of people from the football world fell in love with her too. Erin’s still a fitness babe, and is a cheerleader too, so there are plenty of situations where she gets hot and steamy, and luckily for her fans, she showcases these moments in the form of Insta pics.

11. Tracey Sharon

A lot of you probably don’t have any sort of interest in cricket. The stereotypical perception of the sport is that it’s a dull, boring game. But watch some IPL, the most exciting format of the game, and you’ll certainly change your mind.

The megabucks of the IPL – Indian Premier League – attracts a whole host of stars. It’s franchise cricket at its best. Teams are owned by celebrities, Bollywood stars, and plenty of other A-listers get involved. It’s about fast, exciting cricket, but it also brought something new to the game, plenty of glitz and glamor. Another new addition to the game through the IPL was the addition of cheerleaders.

Teams got in some of the best, hottest cheerleaders from around the globe, who are there on the side-lines during matches, cheering on their teams and putting on a show themselves. One of the hottest to be brought in was Tracey Sharon. The South African beauty was an instant hit among the fans, not only because she’s great at what she does, but because she fully embraces Indian culture. Her Instagram profile is filled with hot pics, but also pics of her on the streets of India, partaking in Indian culture, embracing everything the country has

10. Jessica Bianca

The Seattle Seahawks of the NFL certainly know how to keep their fans entertained, if not on the field of play, then on the side-lines. Their cheerleaders, collectively known as the Sea Gals, are probably just as popular as the football players, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out why. They have one of the hottest cheerleading outfits in the NFL, and someone who’s probably their most popular Sea Gal is Jessica Bianca. The brunette bombshell hasn’t been with the Seahawks all that long, but with the start of the new season fast approaching, you can bet her fan following’s going to go through the roof, especially if she continues to update her social media profiles with sizzling pics and steamy selfies. Her beauty, that body, and that smile – oh that smile– drive people crazy. Jessica’s just naturally seductive and pulls off that look effortlessly, but she is adorable at the same time. It’s why people just can’t get enough of Jessica B.

9. Citlaly Salazar

Did you even know that there are cheerleaders in soccer? Probably not. It just seems so right to have cheerleaders in that sport, it just fits. But does it actually happen? It does, but only in very few places around the world. You’re not going to come to an English Premier League game or a match in La Liga and see sultry babes cheering on their teams from the side-lines. You’re not going to see that happen at World Cups or other major soccer events, but it does happen in Mexico. It’s part of the game in Mexico, and it’s probably one of the reasons Mexican soccer is so popular, apart from the actual prowess of the players of course. One person who’s made a name for herself cheering on teams in the Mexican soccer league is Citlaly Salazar. It’s a miracle that players can concentrate and manage to put one foot in front of each other, with her on the side-lines. She’s just ridiculously hot and she knows it, and takes delight in showing off her sizzling assets on Instagram, much to our delight.

8. AnnaMarie Groenewald

And we’re back to cricket and the glitz and glamour of the Indian Premier League. For that month and a half every year, the Indian public and cricket fans around the world can forget their worries and immerse themselves in the larger than life characters involved in an IPL event. A lot of people also can’t stop ogling the cheerleaders – it’s the only time in the sport where we get to see cheerleaders do their thing. They whir into action whenever there’s a four, six, or wicket – for their team of course – which occurs a hell of a lot, keeping the cheerleaders busy. They leap up onto their platform, do their thing, and delight the fans.

Someone who’s been delighting fans for quite some time is AnnaMarie Groenewald. She’s a cheerleader for the tournament’s champion side, Mumbai Indians, and she’d sure like to think that she was at least partly responsible for the team’s success. If you get to see her after hitting fours and sixes, that acts as incentive enough to do just that!

7. Chloe Pineiro

Here’s a cheerleader from another major American sport, this time we’re talking about the NBA. American sport’s fans are lucky – they get to tune in and see some awesome sports but also have a load of sexy cheerleaders to keep them entertained – and those at the helm of such sports know that’s what the sport-loving public want too. In American sports, people tend to rate NFL cheerleaders as being the hottest, and the best at what they do. But fans of the NBA might have something to say about that. Watch a Miami Heat game for example, and you can guarantee that things are going to get sizzling hot.

That’s, in part, thanks to Chloe Pineiro. In the NBA, they’re actually known as dancers, but they certainly get the crowd going, and lead the cheers for their teams. The brunette bombshell that is Chloe Pineiro certainly getting the crowds amped up. She’s acquired quite a fan following too, and it’s little wonder if you’ve watched her strut her stuff on court, or if you follow her steamy Instagram page.

6. Justene Alpert

It’s pre-season time in the NFL, and for everyone involved, and from the looks of things, Justene’s preparation is going swimmingly. Look at her Instagram pics, and she’s in terrific shape, chomping at the bit for the new season to get underway. She’s a cheerleader for the NFL, specifically for the LA Rams, and her prep looks to be just as rigorous as the actual players, although hers is a whole lot more glamorous.

But Justene isn’t just an NFL cheerleader. She also fancies herself as a bit of an actress; well, I say fancies herself, she is actually an actress – she can be labelled one because she’s starred in quite a lot of movies and TV shows when her rigorous cheerleading training isn’t keeping her busy. Justene’s someone who wants to get to the top, and she knows that having an awesome Instagram profile is just one of the ways she can get herself out there and get a fan following which could contribute to her reaching those heights.

5. Rachael Leigh

Rachael Leigh, not to be confused with the actress Rachael Leigh Cook, was an NFL cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals. She’s recently stepped away from the sport to concentrate on, wait for it, a career in wealth management – a major transition and a far cry from the glitz and glamor of an NFL cheerleading gig. But Rachael will always be known as a cheerleader in the eyes of Cincinnati Bengals fans. Look at the sultry pics she posts on Instagram, and you’d think that she still was a cheerleader, like she’s in pre-season training or something. It’s evident that she still misses cheerleading, as she keeps posting pics of her time on the cheerleading circuit. She could, if this new career in wealth management doesn’t’ work out, jump right back on the horse. She’s still got the sultry physique, her looks haven’t diminished in any way, and most importantly, the fans would love to see her do so.

4. Teressa Cee

Wow! The Miami Heat of the NBA sure do have a great cheerleading squad to help motivate them and keep them in red hot form! You’ve seen Chloe Pineiro, but she’s alongside the likes of Teressa Cee, so you can see why they’re rated as being one of the hottest cheerleading squads around, not just in the NBA, but in sports. Teressa’s notable for her looks and her dancing ability, but it’s those assets that stick out to the fans ogling her in the stands. As fans, your eyes are instantly drawn to them, not that Teressa really minds. She plays to it, knows why people watch her, can’t get enough of her, and so she gives them what she wants, not just on court, but on her Instagram too. Her tens of thousands of followers on Instagram follow her for that reason, to get a load of Teressa in all her glory, and she’s happy to oblige.

3. Angie Cosculluela

Keep bringing on the girls of the Miami Heat! Here’s another stunner who amps up the fans with her dance moves at Miami Heat games. Just imagine seeing the likes of Chloe, Teressa, and Angie do their thing  – you wouldn’t leave your seat or take your eyes off the court for a second. Miami Heat fans really do get a bang for their buck when they come to watch their team do their thing; they marvel at the basketball on the court, but then they get a real treat, in the form of the cheerleaders too. Angie’s right up there in terms of being one of the hottest cheerleaders in the business. She’s certainly up there when it comes to having a sultry Instagram profile. Some of the pics she posts will just make you drool; Angie just oozes sex appeal, and the world of sports is all the better for it.

2. Shelbie Kovach

Shelbie Kovach looks like she belongs in a sultry spread in a lads’ mag; that’s what you’d think when setting your eyes on her, that she’s a glamor model. She is essentially just that, although not by profession. Profession-wise, Shelbie’s a cheerleader, one of the hottest babes on the cheerleading circuit. It’s not something she just got into either. She’s been cheerleading for a hell of a long time, and it’s something she’s always wanted to do, since she realized she had a passion for cheerleading and dancing. She’s made it happen for herself, and has put together quite an enviable résumé. After participating in dance competitions throughout college, Shelbie then joined the LA Lakers and was in the NBA for a couple of seasons as a dancer/cheerleader. She’s also been a cheerleader in LA in the NFL, and is therefore one of the most popular cheerleaders around. Her Instagram’s certainly one to check out and follow!

1. Allison Renn

And there’s no better person to round off this list, to be in number one position, than Allison Renn. Words can’t describe how beautiful she looks as she’s doing her thing. Anything I say won’t do her justice, but I’ll give it a go.

Allison Renn is yet another NFL cheerleader on this list; football really does know how to get people hooked – other sports should take a page out of the NFL’s book! When she’s not cheerleading, she’s modeling, and her gigs often involve posing for extremely raunchy pics. Her and the photographers know what works, know what her fans want, and thankfully she poses for such pics and posts the results all the time. Therefore, her Instagram profile is one of the hottest profiles out there, because people just can’t get enough of Allison, her amazing physique or her bountiful assets. She’s hot from head to toe, and the NFL’s lucky to have her.

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