15 Images That Perfectly Demonstrate Why We Have Trust Issues

15 Images That Perfectly Demonstrate Why We Have Trust Issues –

“$60 ’professional’ Halloween makeup — I asked for the photo on the left, with just a little fake blood. On the right is what the makeup artist gave me.”

Evidence that it’s much better to seek only professional help:

Remember to always read the description and check the sizes. Otherwise, you may end up with less than you thought…

This passenger chose a window seat but the window wasn’t there. The flight attendant found a way out.

It seems these motor boots would be perfect for working in a garden, and that’s about it.

Can it be that this haircut looks better from a different angle?

This looks like an ideal Halloween mask…

When you thought you’d be swimming in a big swimming pool:

“My mom ordered my nephew a backpack for school online and this is what came.”

No wonder this was on such a good sale!

This house seemed a little bigger on the property rent site.

It looked much cuter on the package.

A “bucket” of candy that turned out to be much smaller than expected

More evidence that one shouldn’t trust packages:

“Opened a can of green beans and there were diced tomatoes inside.”

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