15 Important Yet Little-Known Facts Explained In Layman’s Terms

#1. Why are banks only open Monday through Friday from 8-5?

#2. Why do I get sleepy after studying for 2 hours or studying but I can play games all night without getting tired?

#3. What is the difference between regular soap and shampoo? Is that long list of chemicals actually doing a better job of cleaning my hair?

#4. What’s the difference between shampoo, conditioner, and body wash? How manufacturers make a 3 in 1 bottle for all of them?

#5.  Why do soft drinks like Coke need 10 teaspoons of sugar per can when 3 spoonfuls is more than enough to make a cup of tea/coffee super sweet?

#6. When I get a headache, what is actually hurting?

#7. Why does diarrhea come so quickly when food takes hours for the stomach to digest and days to pass through the intestines?

#8. Why computer always seems to get slower and slower?

#9. Why does phone voice quality still suck, while Skype and FaceTime sounds like the person is right next to me?

#10. What is happening when I lie in bed awake for hours? Am I still getting rest or is it just a waste of time?

#11. Where does white zit pus eventually go if you don’t pop the zit?

#12. Why does Coca-Cola still advertise?

#13. What’s the difference between Coke Zero and Diet Coke?

#14. Why does my drink seem a lot colder when I have mint gum in my mouth?

#15. Why don’t car manufacturers make all cars as visually appealing as Ferrari’s or Lamborghini’s?

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