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15 Incredibly Satisfying Gaming Experiences

15 Incredibly Satisfying Gaming Experiences

Videogaming is embedded in world culture for both good and bad reasons. It’s afternoon sessions with friends and censorship issues, challenging narrative structure and potentially challenging people’s perceptions of reality.

The ultimate goal of playing a game is to wring some joy out of it, right? There have been plenty of beautiful experiences in the world of video gaming, but 15 of these moments will forever stay etched in the minds of these Redditors.


1. God Level WorkNoReddityes

Those very, very, rare instances where I am doing well enough in multiplayer to get accused of hacking. Especially if they threaten to report me.

2. Driving on roads in Gran Turismo is like painting on a canvas, red_beanie.

when i was in an endurance race in grand turismo 2 and after lap 20 or 30 you really get into a groove and a flow state. its an awesome feeling knowing every single corner and exactly how to take it to flow perfectly on the racing line.

3. Detective_Hacc broke the record, that’s all that matters here lol

So I’m playing Gorn. A VR gladiator simulation kind of… Thing.

Endless mode, meaning the game doesn’t stop until I’m dead. The enemies keep spawning.

I’m at 250 kills. Really want to break 300. At around 270, five guys with spears charge me in unison and attempt to prod me. I’m being flanked.

I suddenly become scared shitless, try to duck and jump at the same time, trip over the heel of my foot, and then end up somehow doing some sort of flip on the floor during mid-fuck up.

Having dodged the spears, I grab a throwing knife from my left gauntlet and toss it right into the eye of one of them, killing the man instantly. I take out the rest with well placed sword slashes with a weapon I pick up off the ground.

My wife watched the whole thing, and I’ll never forget what she said.

“You look like a dork.”

4. I’m imagining enjoytheshow‘s love ended around the first time he met a Creeper.

The first 5-10 hours of Minecraft when it was in beta. When the simplest things were still difficult and you still found very new and unique things while exploring. I’ve played probably 1500-2000 hours since 2010ish and I will never, ever be able to replicate the sense of wonder that game gave me when I first started playing it.

5. Imagine doing it as Dante from Devil May Cry, Zaidus.

Anytime you kill a large monster in any of the Monster Hunter games.

6. SeeDeez is a soldier. I only ever did this to unlock Mewtwo in Smash Bros. Melee.

My first console was a Playstation and my absolute favorite game was Crash Bandicoot Warped. Only problem was I didn’t have a memory card so I only ever got as far as Chamber 4 on a good day. Then I eventually realized that if I covered up the power button, my Mom wouldn’t see the green light was on and wouldn’t turn the system off, which she always would at night. So I kept the thing running for like a week straight and was able to finally beat the game. Every level after Chamber 4 was like an awesome achievement because they were new challenges I hadn’t been exposed to previously. Felt really good when I beat it.

7. 2D-3D transition is a thing to behold, LewisCampbell90. Hindsight might not be so kind, though.

Starting up Super Mario 64 for the first time inn 1997.

Until that point, I’d only ever played 2-D side scrolling games like the previous Mario games and Sonic the Hedgehog or over the top view games like Final Fantasy and Pokemon. I didn’t think it was possible for games to have full 3-D graphics like we have today and Mario 64 was my first experience of that.

I must’ve spent about twenty minutes just running and jumping around the garden in awe.


Portal gun pointed at the Moon.

9. earhere over here remembering simpler days.

World of Warcraft Vanilla

  • I’m a level 60 Undead Mage in Warsong Gluch. I just have blues and a couple epics.
  • Dwarf Shadow Priest attacks me and is kicking my ass.
  • I’m at 10% hp he’s at 70%
  • I say fuck it and Presence of Mind Pyroblast him.
  • Crits for 2k he dies
  • I die to his DoTs seconds later.

10. I’m beyond jealous, MeppeKR

I caught Feebas in Pokemon emerald

11. COVENANTS FALLING OUT OF THE SKY. DominizZzle is a wizard.

Got a triple kill with one sniper shot playing Halo 3

12. My heart is full, ONE_GUY_ONE_JAR

I was born in 1985 and grew up with a hardy diet of NES, SNES and Genesis. However, I kind of got out of gaming around the time N64 and Playstation came out.

One night I spent the night over a friends house, and he had Final Fantasy 7. I was completely blown away. The world was huge and the graphics were so great. I loved every bit of it. I wound up staying up all night and getting out of Midgar. I got a PS1 that Christmas and played the hell out of it.

13. 1UP IRL. Stanley_Zbornak lived out a movie moment.

There was an XMen game on Sega Genesis back in the day. After a boss battle towards the end of the game there was a countdown to system reset, with a timer on screen ticking towards zero. I played that a million times not knowing what to do and always dying at the end of the timer. One magical day I tried actually pressing the reset button on the console as a “fuck it” last ditch idea. It actually worked and looked like a computer rebooting screen and then the game continued. It was glorious. Still one of the coolest things I have experienced in a game.

14. RoyJron may have set off the heist to end all heists.

A long time ago I was playing Ultima Online . as a thief. I found a guy killing skeletons in a graveyard and offered to heal him with bandages. Instead he asks me if I want to buy a sword. I say sure, show it to me and right there in the middle of nowhere he plops open a crate filled with swords and armor. So of course I steal one.

I skulk off and hide until I’m no longer gray (meaning anyone can kill me for committing a crime) then I return. I’m still gray to him, meaning HE can kill me for revenge, but no one else can.

He realizes what I’ve done because when I leave the screen and return it makes my name appear on his screen briefly, which shows him that I’m gray.

Of course he attacks me. But this is what I wanted. Once he attacks me, I’m allowed to defend myself per the game’s mechanics — so I take off running to town with this guy chasing me. I keep stopping to cast poison on him and his health is just draining real slow the whole time. He starts trying to call the guards, which won’t work bc I let my criminal status expire before I approached him the second time — but it leaves him open for a few bigger spells, so I blast him.

He starts to realize he isn’t going to win. And he realizes he has a ton of valuable stuff on him so he runs to the bank to try and deposit it — but alas, 1 second after he utters the command “bank” which opens your bank vault, I blast him with an energy bolt, ending his life.

I end up getting the entire crate of armor and weapons — but the story doesn’t end there.

This guy shows back up and says at the bank, “I’m paying $100,000 GP for the head of Onebadpoet!”

So this rando PMs me and says, “wanna split 100,000 gp?” and I agree. I ditch all my items in the bank and we fake a battle in view of this guy. I let him kill me, and after he gets paid he resurrects me and cuts me my half of the gold.

After I sold the items I ended up making 150k gp off this one mark. Best heist ever.

And before you ask — this was how you played UO. It wasn’t griefing back then.

15. t-o-double-g proving that games are always better when played with friends, or random powerful people.

Playing red dead redemption online back in the good old Xbox 360 days. I had joined up with a few randoms that were on the server and we all teamed up on one person the was using a modded controller to get headshots every shot. There was a girl in the group that called in her zebra mount for each person in the group, we orchestrated our attack and chased down and destroyed that cheating bastard. 10/10 would play with those people again.

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