The 15 Most Insane Black Friday Stories From Past Years


Black Friday can definitely be a great time to try and make sure you get some of your Holiday shopping done. But for the love of God, if you are going to do it, definitely think long and hard about trying to take advantage of those online deals and avoiding the madness in the stores.

Below we’re covering the 15 craziest things that have ever been done on Black Friday, and sadly for some of our top candidates, that Black Friday was their last one. Several of our examples below involve people being open with pepper spray or weapons. Others were just  caught being jerks, like walking past a man who was dying on the ground from a heart condition (but hey, gotta get those deals, right?). In fact, our top two examples that include a 6 foot 5 man being trampled to death and an 8-month pregnant woman miscarrying happened at the same Walmart!

This year when you see deals that are to die for, make sure you don’t mean that literally.

15. Man Gets Shot For A TV That The Thieves Couldn’t Take


Can you imagine the insane mindset that you must have to be in to decide that you were going to go out and murder someone to try and get yourself a new TV? It definitely is not the smartest decision, especially when you learn that these three geniuses were unable to fit the TV in their getaway car.

The three men approached Bentley White, age 64, on November 27th, 2009 when they decided to shoot him and steal his new 47-inch television. But then when the men tried to get the TV in the car, they realized it would not fit and instead left the TV on the street.

Thankfully White was able to make a healthy recovery from the shooting.

14. 10 Injured In Stampede Over Gift Certificate Dropped From Ceiling


Have you ever seen that scene in Jingle All The Way when the department store decides to sell their limited supply of Turbo Man dolls to the customer who is able to receive the lucky bouncy ball from the lottery, but then the lottery ball gets knocked over and the balls go everywhere creating a stampede?

Imagine that but in real life, because that is what happened when the Del Amo Fashion Center (ah yes, that popular place) decided to drop 500 gift certificates from the ceiling right when doors opened and 2,000 people rushed inside.

It’s incredible that nobody was significantly hurt, but 10 people were injured including one elderly woman. Gina Silva who was able to retrieve a balloon, revealed that it was only for a $25 gift certificate for sushi. Score!

13. Transgendered Woman Has Jaw Broken/Teeth Ripped From Mouth


Akasha Adonis and her mother just wanted to get some savings at the Kohl’s store out in Jackson on November 26th, but instead got to spend plenty of time and money in a dental chair.

Adonis got into a confrontation with another shopper who attempted to ram through her and her mother. For an unclear reason, a man then proceeded to pull Akasha backward by her hair. He then decided to put his hand in her mouth, rip three teeth literally out of their sockets and break her jaw while shoving her to the ground.

The man then entered the store to keep shopping. Adonis claims that she was discriminated against by the police once they realized she was transgendered. She opened up about the experience, saying

“When the officer first arrived on the scene and asked about the assault, he addressed me as she then asked for my i.d. and my name. [When] the officer saw that it was a male name, and I was a male to female transexual, he immediately changed his demeanor in how he treated me and the other witnesses. He rolled his eyes and turned his back to not look at me and said that he had ‘other places to be.’ There was no more conversation directed to me but to fellow officers and [other] people. He was short and rude/dismissive to witnesses and to the officers I was the ‘He not She.’”

Adonis’ dental surgeries ended up costing her more than $6,000 as none of her teeth were able to be saved.

12. Off-Duty Cop Uses Pepper Spray


If there is anyone that you would hope would be able to have a level of composure in a large group of people, it’s a cop. But sadly back in 2011, one of the worst incidents from Black Friday happened when an off-duty police officer elected to pull out his pepper spray and spray it over a crowd of shoppers in a Wal-Mart.

The officer had been hired as additional security for the expected Black Friday madness. The police station officially said nobody required medical attention, but someone at the scene told a different story, saying “He was raining it over the whole crowd, so it will rain down on their heads. Some of it got my granddaughter in her face and eyes, and she had to go the emergency room because she’s asthmatic.”

While the above photo is not from the event, it was reported that roughly 20 people were impacted including several children.

11. Walter Vance Dies, Nobody Cares


When you get deeper in this list you’re going to read about the times when people literally killed each other on Black Friday, and for Walter Vance, while nobody pulled the trigger, they definitely did not help him either.

Vance was 61 years old and battling a heart condition when he decided to go shopping at a Target back in 2011. Unfortunately, Vance collapsed to the floor, badly requiring assistance, but everyone around him decided shopping was more important. In fact, some people literally stepped over Vance’s dying body to continue their shopping.

When talking about their friend and his passing, Vance’s co-worker Sue Compton said, “Where is the good Samaritan side of people? How could you not notice someone was in trouble? I just don’t understand if people didn’t help what their reason was, other than greed because of a sale.”

We are sure you don’t have to know Vance to be thinking the same thing.

10. Drunk Driver Hits 2 People In Walmart Parking Lot


When it comes to situations that are probably going to lead to you making some poor shopping decisions, getting hammered and then deciding to go shopping on Black Friday is probably not the smartest. Especially if you are then going to get behind the wheel of a car and try and leave what is going to be a PACKED parking lot.

For one 71-year-old man though, that was exactly his plan. While nobody in the incident was named, the 71-year-old driver hit a 45-year-old woman, as well as her partner who was also in his 40s. The woman was pinned under the car, whereas the man rolled up onto the hood.

Both individuals were flown to a nearby Trauma center and thankfully were able to make a full recovery.

9. Two Men Arrested In Stabbing/Gun Pulled Out Over Walmart Parking Spot


How much are you willing to defend your right to a parking spot that you feel is justifiably yours? For 35-year-old Christopher Jackson and 61-year-old Ronnie Sharp, they both elected that they would be willing to die for that amazing parking spot in the Walmart parking lot in Claypool Hill on Black Friday back in 2013.

The two men started screaming at each other until Sharp decided it was time to get violent and pulled out a knife, badly wounding Jackson. Sharp then elected to show off that he had a rifle on him, but thankfully he did not manage to shoot it.

Both men were released on a $5,000 bond, which ironically is probably more than they were planning to spend at Walmart.

8. Woman Pepper Sprays Crowd For XBOXs


What I don’t understand is, did this woman really think she could whip some pepper spray out in a giant crowd and have the situation play out well for her? Back in 2011 one woman in Southern California certainly thought so as she pepper sprayed a crowd to try and grab some XBOX consoles. More than 20 people were injured in the incident, with firefighters needing to be called to the scene to treat 10 people.

One person that was in the Walmart was available for comment, saying “I didn’t see her personally, but I sure got the scent of the mace. I got it in my throat. It was burning. I saw people around me, they got it really bad…Some woman was crying ‘my eyes, my eyes.”

The lady later turned herself in to police, but was not reported whether she got to play her new gaming system first.

7. Marine Gets Stabbed Stopping a Thief


If you are going to try and do some stealing on Black Friday, you might want to make sure that there aren’t any Marines around.

Back in 2010, a shopper in Augusta decided that instead of paying for his laptop (which you can imagine was on sale), he would much rather try and slip it under his jacket. When he was then confronted by Best Buy security, the shoplifter tried to make a break for it, but he ran into four Marines that were operating a Toys for Tots bin outside the main doors.

Phillip Duggan, an active Marine, was stabbed in the incident when the shoplifter decided to pull out a knife. You can imagine this story would be a lot higher on the list had the injury been more severe, but thankfully Duggan was not significantly hurt and they were able to hold the shoplifter in custody until police arrived.

6. Man Shot Trying To Take Back TV


You can understand that one of the best feelings is getting a great deal on a product that you have wanted for a long time. But is there really a product out there that is worth you risking your life for?

For one shopper in Las Vegas, he was definitely devastated when several men approached him and fired off warning shots until he dropped the television that he had snagged at a Black Friday sale.

The men then took the TV, but the rightful owner chased after them. Sadly for the owner of the TV, more warning shots were fired and one struck him in the leg which required medical attention.

As you will learn from this list, the man should be happy that he lived to see another Black Friday.

5. Two Die In Car Crash Following Shopping


When you decide to do your holiday shopping this year, you better make sure that you aren’t sacrificing sleep in order to make your savings come true. If you do, you run the chance of ending up on this list and we assure you, you don’t want anything to do with this list.

Sadly for Arvind Tandel, this list is exactly where he is because on November 23rd, 2012 after an all-night shopping trip, Tandel fell asleep at the wheel and crashed his car. In the car were his wife and four daughters, aged 12 to 24.

Two of his daughters, Nisha aged 24 and Tandel aged 20, passed away in the accident. They were not wearing seat belts or in a proper seat because the family needed to make room for their purchases. To make the story all the sadder, part of what the family was shopping for was the 24-year-old daughter’s wedding.

Arvind was charged with vehicular manslaughter.

4. Man Shot Outside Of Walmart


When you think of situations in which you must really hate die, being shot in a Walmart parking lot has to be pretty high on your list. Yet for one man that very nearly became a reality during a 2am Black Friday sale at Walmart on November 25th, 2011.

For these customers it was not the madness inside they had to worry about, it was the criminals on the outside. They were walking to their car when several suspects approached them and demanded their items, when the men refused, a gun was pulled and one man was shot. Thankfully he was able to survive his injuries.

On the same day, two shoppers were also robbed at gunpoint outside of the Walmart in South Carolina.

3. Two Dead In Shooting At Toys R’ Us


How far would you go to protect your significant other during an argument? For two men they were both clearly ready to die for their woman when they went shopping at the local Toys R’ Us in 2008 on Black Friday. The two women engaged in a shouting match, which led to both of their partners pulling out their guns and shooting at one another.

Both men (but neither woman) were shot and killed in the incident. An eyewitness at the scene said, “We thought it was just a fight and then someone yelled, ‘He’s got a gun. He’s got a gun.’ You really couldn’t see nothing because there was a crowd.”

It was also reported that the fight between the women did not originate over a toy. When you consider both men were openly shooting in an absolutely packed store, it is miraculous that more people were not hurt.

2. Crowds Cause A Woman To Miscarry


The top two incidents on our list are so extreme partially because they come from the same incident. It was at Long Island Walmart where thousands of shoppers made a mad dash for savings, even if it meant pushing everyone over in their path. Sadly for one 28-year-old woman, the decision to go and try to save some money caused her to lose her baby. She was 8 months pregnant and was shoved to the ground in the chaos. Three other people were also significantly injured at this particular Walmart.

When eye-witness news did a report on the scene on the day of the accident, it was reported that there was no official security at this particular location and that it was just left up to the workers to try and handle the crowds.

1. The Death Of Jdimytai Damour 


Jdimytai Damour may have been 6-foot-5, but he was helpless against the stampede of customers who crushed him to death in a Walmart on November 28th, 2008. Damour was standing in one of the primary vestibules when the doors opened and the panic to get flat-screen TVs and cheaper PlayStations led to over 2,000 people rushing to his section. Damour was defenseless as people stampeded over him, even after he went to the floor.

Walmart agreed to implement a new security plan, as well as pay $1.2 million in order to avoid any criminal prosecution charges in the death of Damour. Of that settlement, $400,000 was put aside to compensate the family, but you can imagine that hardly makes them feel better about losing a loved one to such a senseless act of violence.

Here’s hoping those responsible enjoyed their new TV.


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