15 Insane Rules People Had To Follow In School

15 Insane Rules People Had To Follow In School

1. At least everyone was prepared when the spring musical came around, haleycannoli

In middle school we weren’t allowed to clap during assemblies because the vice principal thought it was too disruptive. We could only do jazz hands.

2. You don’t get participation points for having your dick out, class. Via ToyVaren

As a teacher, I had to make this rule:

Underwear must be worn on Halloween.

This was for college students.

3. If you’re gonna make an insane rule, at least name it better, Skullcruncher30

The Six-Inch Rule – we weren’t allowed within 6 inches of another person

1) we aren’t American, we don’t use inches 2) how could you stop hundreds of students from being close proximity to each other 3) You’re making a rule for adolescent teenagers, called “The six inch rule”. Hilarity ensues

4. Mom, dad I’m sick! A vile temptress hugged me!! From AngryKonchu

No same sex hugging… Really weird rule, apparently some kid got sick, and their parent blamed same sex hugging.

5. Nothing would make me transfer schools quicker, pusmottob

They didn’t allow the boys to have door on the bathroom stalls in high school. They let teachers use those bathrooms. Nothing like walking in on your 300 lb history teacher dropping a deuce.


6. PM_ME_YOUR_BBWS, don’t let the man get you down

No stomping on soda cans laying on their side and walking around with them attached to your shoes.

7. Now it’s an entire school full of dirty ass Pigpens. From TheQueryWolf

Someone emptied all the soap in the boys bathroom onto the floor my freshman year, and the school retaliated by leaving the dispensers empty for the next 4 years. It was disgusting. Travel soap kept in my bag through high school.

8. Sounds like the 6th graders are fuckin hiding something, 193699

We had a hallway only for 6th graders in middle school. It was really strange because it was in the middle of the entire school, but if any teachers found you there, you were sent to the principal’s office.

9. WOT U FUCKIN WANT 2ND GRADERS?!? Via measuredsharky

Way back in Elementary School we weren’t allowed to walk around the school in groups larger than 3 because it “intimidated the primary grades” like fucking what?

10. Make this man teacher of the year, HaneTheHornist

When I was in high school the phrase “epic fail” was a thing. One of my teachers became sick of it and banned it. It was quickly replaced with “catastrophic error”.

11. This is…very not good, KingMab1

In 5th grade we had a rule where everyone had to wear underwear but couldn’t wear the same pair more than twice in two consecutive days. The only way to enforce this was to have daily underwear inspections, which was basically two students walking around and checking to see if you were wearing underwear by having you pull out the strapy part of your boxers out. And if they suspected you wore them twice in a row, they’d mark it with a marker, so you had to change it. In retrospect, it seems fucked up.

12. husker_chew, so essentially this rule was no Switchfoot shirts

No band shirts at my christian school. But the only ones that would be recognized were christian bands. So you could get away with almost anything else.

“Red Hot Chili Peppers, eh? That into cooking?”

13. afkstudios just do what all normal kids at recess do: sit and stare into the void

No running in the schoolyard or playground during recess or lunch. How tf do you expect to stop 500 children from running while they’re out there playing?

14. Standing in squares, however, is a totally different story, HandsforBricks

In elementary school we were not allowed to stand in circles because

“Standing in circles leads to the gang life.”

15. Good, good now how do I go about becoming head boy, BrownFountain

My school dates back to the 13th century so we had some archaic rules still floating around

My personal favourite was that the head boy gained the right to grow facial hair and graze his sheep on the headmaster’s lawn

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