15 Inspirational Pinterest Quotes That Are Actually Terrible Advice

15 Inspirational Pinterest Quotes That Are Actually Terrible Advice

Pinterest is full of a lot of latte pictures, all-white home decor, and terrible motivational quotes. You’re probably better off not reading them, let alone posting them to the wall of your ~*~home workspace~*~.

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Right, that sounds totally reasonable. Just… never have a negative thought, and when you do, immediately suppress it and replace it with something vague and totally happy! That’s a surefire way to live a balanced life, and not end up repressing all your natural anger and sadness until it emerges in the form of murder.

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Okay, maybe this was written by Kerouac, but that doesn’t make it less like a piece of advice that a spoiled 13-year-old would give you. Never be sorry? Alright, we’ll see how many friends and jobs you’re left with by age 30.

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I don’t care if this is a Bible verse, honestly, it doesn’t make any sense. And even if it did, how in the world is that supposed to help someone? “You just broke your arm? Got dumped? Lost a job. Now, you are strong. That’s all the information I have, sorry, bye!!”

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First of all, isn’t this true of literally every human being on the planet? And second of all, how are “worst enemy” and “worst nightmare” different? Is the advice here “don’t treat your girlfriend shittily, and she won’t be shitty?” Because I don’t know if I needed a meme for that.

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Right, because it’s not like tickets cost money, or traveling requires you to take time off work, or our actions have consequences of any kind. Just do it, you asshole. Travel.

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Wouldn’t the person who followed this end up dead? We fear a lot of things for good reason. We fear sharks, and strangers at night, and the edge of tall buildings. We also fear more mundane things, such as draining our bank accounts to go on a vacation to Spain on a whim. Feel like we should not just “drop” these fears.

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Again, I don’t know how well you’re going to be eating if you’re spending all your money on these spontaneous plane tickets.

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Wow, this sounds like a great way to horribly injure yourself, and/or get so exhausted and strained on your first workout that you never, ever go back to the gym, and end up sore/unable to move for an entire week.

Don’t change! Don’t engage in self-reflection or improvement or even just a little bit of constructive criticism. You are perfect ~just the way you are~, and the only person who deserves you is just going to immediately accept your flaws and shortcomings. If they don’t, that means they aren’t your #soulmate. Duh.

Is this the Pinterest version of “someone has a case of the Mondays?” Because it’s just as irritating.

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Maybe it’s just me, but it seems a little bit in poor taste to use the Black Power fist to represent the idea that “everything” is within your ability if you are just willing to struggle enough for it. Umm, some things are not entirely in our hands… like, I don’t know, structural racism?

Yeah! Get down on the floor of your open-space office and just start doing some shirtless pushups! Grab a wild animal by its rock-solid, sharp tusks and start seeing how many reps you can get in! Get some jumping jacks in at your grandmother’s funeral! No excuses!!!

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