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15 Instagram Accounts To Follow If You Love Fiery Redheads

15 Instagram Accounts To Follow If You Love Fiery Redheads

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Redheads are rare among the populace, only about 2 percent of the population in the United States. Thus they stand out more in photographs and film and there’s something about them that just makes them special. A redheaded woman just seems to have an extra spark to stand out and that includes their work in movies, TV, music and other forms of entertainment.

The rise of social media has allowed us to see a lot more of these lovely gingers from mega stars to the less famous. That included Instagram as celebrities love to share photos of themselves along with stories and other items for their fans. It humanizes them a bit while still retaining the factor that appeals. Here are fifteen of the hottest gingers to check out on Instagram and remind you how much fun a redhead can be in every way imaginable.

15. Maitland Ward

The actress is best known for her role on Boy Meets World, stunning with her height and amazing beauty. She’s still incredibly hot today with her bright red locks but even better is her utter and complete lack of shame. Her page is packed with photos of her in next to nothing and when she does dress up, it’s often in wild costumes. Without a drop of makeup, this woman is nothing less than gorgeous and a wild attitude that just won’t quit, proving, as the Boss once sang, “when it comes to getting the dirty job done, you need a redheaded woman.”

14. Amy Dumas

Better known as former WWE Diva Lita, Dumas still has the edge (as proven by how her Instagram handle is machetegirl) that made her a star. She still looks stunning as ever with her red looks, that bright smile and that amazing tattoo and can still rock a bikini like few others. Her photos show her love of motorcycles and dogs, the gorgeous Florida coastline at sunset and how she’s adapted well to a life outside the ring. The firecracker hasn’t slowed down in her post-wrestling career and still the extreme lady we all loved to watch.

13. Debra Messing

The Emmy-winning star broke out in the long-running hit sitcom Will & Grace but hasn’t slowed down even after kids, currently starring on the NBC hit The Mysteries of Laura. Her pics are great, everything from on set to her family, dogs, what she’s eating and more. Look out for “Throwback Thursdays” where she shares outfits from award shows of the past and magazines. Her bright smile is always on display and shows a sexy side that just won’t quit and as hot as she ever has been, making this a must-watch page.

12. Lindsay Lohan

She’s hit hard times and has shifted her hairdo to blonde at times but no denying there’s still something about Lohan that entices you. Her page is packed with some hot photos (often with little clothing) but it also shows her growth with inspirational messages, owning up to her mistakes and wanting to move on with her life. For fans old and new, it’s a showcase for how Lohan has grown and no denying that when she gets hot, it’s very steamy.

11. Kayla Collins

The former Playmate is moving to acting and her page showcases her great talents. Even dressed up, her body just won’t quit with very nice bust and round rear along with great legs, standing out very nicely in a crowd. She has a dazzling smile on display whether hanging with fellow Playmates, at a ball game, riding or just hanging out. You’re hard pressed not to enjoy her in a bikini (or less) and she shows that while Playmates are often blonde, the redheads more than get the job done.

10. Angelica Bridges

The former Baywatch babe is still an amazing beauty and shows it off on her page. From hot Halloween outfits to various parties, a great smile and dazzling eyes, Bridges is amazing to see even today and her lush mane of red hair offsets a body that still works a bikini quite well. Whether an old fan or new, Bridges is proof of how hot redheads are and still quite the looker.

9. Eva Marie

She’s criticized for her ring work but there can be no denying Eva Marie’s amazing beauty and she uses Instagram well to up her presence. She’s proud of her Texas roots with shots of her at Mavericks games and constant from the road, both on her own and other Divas. You get the sense she does love her job and the perks that go with it and always connecting with her fans with constant updates. Sure, the shots of her in bikinis and little else are a highlight but it’s the way she shows off day-to-day that makes Eva a great standout and a page much better than anything she does in the ring.

8. Annie Wersching

The actress had her big break playing FBI agent Renee Walker on 24 and has had slews of TV appearances with her current big role on The Vampire Diaries. Her page shows her cool but enthralling beauty with bright eyes and a sexy smirk, loving showing behind the scenes photos from Diaries and her family life (check out her great Black Widow costume for the last Halloween). A classic Southern belle, Wersching’s page is a delight for her fans and shows a seriously sexy redhead.

7. Jessica Chastain

The award winning actress has broken out big time in the last few years in various hit movies, earning a Golden Globe and two Oscar nominations. She’s also a fun gal to enjoy, a great sense of humor in interviews and it comes out on her Instagram page. Sure, we get stuff from red carpets and film sets but it’s just her day-to-day life that wins you over, her love of books and Elvis and animals and that infectious grin wins you over big time and makes this one page well worth following if you’re a redhead lover.

6. Maria Kanellis

The former Diva was known in WWE for being a ditz but much smarter than that. She’s blossomed nicely in Ring of Honor showing her amazing body off and her Instagram page is a delight. Besides ring pics, we get stuff of her goofing off as well as everything from her favorite foods, hanging with fans and boyfriend and so much of her sexy side. Seeing her as this knockout with killer legs and abs is always a delight and her page shows how this is a woman you’d love to hang out with.

5. Leanna Decker

This model is a terrific face and body, an alluring smile and the tattoo at the back of her neck just adds more spark. Her page is a delight, packed to the rim with hot images of her in bikinis, various shoots, hanging with pals and other models, showing off her favorite books and art and just having a good time. But when she doffs it to nearly nothing, she’s always an amazing sight and showcases how redhead models are rare but more than worth staring at when you see them.

4. Karen Gillan

The Scottish actress broke out big time as popular companion Amy Pond on the British hit Doctor Who. She moved on to her short-lived but liked comedy Selfie and going bald for Guardians of the Galaxy. Her Instagram shows some great pics with nice humor, Gillan’s Scottish charm obvious and a winning style to remind you why the gingers are so popular abroad and her sexiness bridging any ocean gap.

3. Felicia Day

Considered a “geek goddess,” the actress is known for her appearances on Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible, The Guild, Supernatural and more. Her quirky humor has been shown in various blog posts and books and the sheer joy she has for the medium has made her a favorite. You never know what she’ll post next from a convention photo to her favorite new book to a wild costume and that adds to the fun. Her Instagram page is great with pics from her various conventions, quirky observations and more to remind you how much fun a redhead can be and always a fun look.


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Playmate Elizabeth Ostrander is currently sailing from Tahiti to Australia. We recommend following her adventures on her Instagram. We’re just gonna go ahead and leave it at that.

1. Bella Thorne

Having just turned 18, the Disney star is exploding big time with various movie and TV roles and even a published author. Her beauty is amazing with long red hair, a good chest and amazing rear end with long legs. She shows them off constantly on her page, slews of pics and videos from the set, always enjoying showing her clothes and hanging with friends, videos of her laugh and a good dancer to boot. She’s young but already a hot star that looks ready to just take off more as time goes on. Get in on the ground floor with her page that boasts over 3300 posts already and more to come as this is one Thorne you don’t mind sticking with.

15 Instagram Accounts To Follow If You Love Fiery Redheads


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There is an old saying “Redheads have a firey temper”, but every redhead I have met is sweet as hell. A few of these might be a bit firey though. They sure look hot to me.

I don’t see many redheads these days. Of corse where I live I don’t see much of anyone anymore.

I wouldn’t mind doing a redhead once, but that’s like a woman saying she wouldn’t mind trying a black man once. I couldn’t see myself marrying a redhead, or being seen with one in public.

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