15 Japanese Commercials Starring American Oscar Winners


Actors are… special. They do some weird stuff, right down to dating people they’re pretending to be related to. Some of them so crave the recognition of awards that they’ll do anything to get them. And once they get it? Still not enough. Then they want themoney, yaaaaaaaaaaa’ll! I mean, look at the actors who’ve won Academy Awards DOING COMMERCIALS IN JAPAN! Did they think we wouldn’t find out about these? Think again, actors!


Tommy Lee Jones – “BOSS Canned Coffee”


Natalie Portman – “LUX”


Nicolas Cage – “Pachinko” (it’s like a slot machine thing?)


Charlize Theron – “Lux Bath Gel Stuff”


Charlize Theron – “Honda”

(The quality on this one is not great, but I thought it was important for us all to see an incredible actor work with a weird, guitar-playing puppet)


Sean Connery – “Biogurt”


Leonardo DiCaprio – “Honda”


Brad Pitt – “Edwin Jeans”


Paul Newman – “Nissan Skyline”


Jodie Foster – “Honda Civic”


Leonardo DiCaprio – “Jim Beam”


Frances Ford Coppola – “FUJI Cassette”


Brad Pitt – “Soft Bank” (directed by Wes Anderson)


Quentin Tarantino – “I don’t know”


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