15 Killers And Their Chilling Selfies


One of the most popular ways to take a picture is to engage in a selfie. It’s normally a fun, light-hearted way to show people what you’re up to. Or for people on our list, it’s something you do only moments before (or after) you murder someone.

We’re going to warn you, several children had their lives tragically cut short by the people on our list. Including one man who scared his former partner out of the house with a gun, took a selfie with their daughter and then committed a murder-suicide. Or another who engaged in a wild police chase that ended after he took a selfie with him and his daughter, and he too, decided murder-suicide was the best option. Granted there is also the man who killed his parents and then decided to throw a party.

We’ve also included some bone-chilling selfies from some of the worst individuals alive – including Omar Mateen (who killed 49), Elizabeth Wettlaufer (who killed 8) and a selfie from the tragic day in Nice, France that features the van that crushed over 80 people.

15. Kirsty Edmonson – Just Sitting On A Dead Body

You can’t see what is sitting below Kirsty Edmonson, but you’re definitely going to be glad about that. That’s because Kirsty is chilling not on a couch, but on a dead body.

Christopher Sawyers alongside Edmonson were involved in the death of Kenneth Chapman who died following a drug cocktail. But instead of getting rid of the body, the two hung out with it for a while including robbing Chapman, having sex in the same room and taking selfies.

The prosecutor in court attacked them, saying they were “Carrying on their lives whilst Kenneth Chapman lay dead. o twisted were they that they even took selfies of them enjoying themselves in the same room as the cadaver. These photos are trophy photos.”

Edmonson was cleared of the murder charges in 2014 – instead, receiving theft and fraud charges – but Sawyers received life in jail.

14. Daniela Poggiali – Former Nurse, Took Selfie With Dead Patient

Daniela Poggiali earned the moniker the “Angel of Death” and is currently awaiting trial after she was investigated for the death of up to 38 patients that were under her care.

A now former nurse, police believe that Poggiali was responsible for poisoning her patients with potassium chloride. But Poggiali also made headlines due to above photo. While we have cut out the dead person (you’re welcome!), taking a photo of you smiling and giving a thumbs-up is never going to be a good look.

When talking about the photo, Poggiali said

“It was a terrible mistake and I admit it. But I must say a few things. My colleague took it and not me. And then I never imagined it would get out. It was a private thing between me and her. However, I admit it was an error in judgment.”

13. Bahsid McLean – Took A Selfie With Mom’s Head

Bahsid McClean was arguing with his mother, Tanya Byrd, one night about his poor parenting skills in regards to his 3-month-old son.

McClean then pulled out a knife and stabbed his mother in the neck, killing her. He then proceeded to dismember her body using a Black & Decker electrical saw before disposing of her body parts in trash bags all over New York.

But not before he made sure to take a triumphant selfie of him holding his mother’s dismembered head.

McClean was sentenced to serve 25 years to life in prison. As a sad twist, his son, who at the time was 4 years old was beaten to death with a broomstick and then left in a tub of water earlier this year by the mother.

12. Maxwell Morton – Bragged About Getting His First Body

When you see something in life that you’d like to share with your friends, it may be your natural reaction to try and share that information on Snapchat.

But if that information includes a dead body and a selfie of yourself, you can probably leave me out of that Snap! Maxwell Morgan was 18 years old when he decided to fatally shoot his friend and then take a selfie.

Morgan made the argument that him and his friend, Ryan Mangan, were just playing around with the gun when it went off; but another person testified saying that Morgan bragged about how he “got his first body” and sent the Snapchat of the selfie.

11. Elizabeth Wettlaufer – Former Nurse, Responsible For Murdering 8 Patients

Elizabeth Wettlaufer is not the only nurse to earn a spot on our list, but she is the only one to be sporting some Minion scrubs! Wettlaufer also has the distinction of being the most “recent” serial killer having been convicted in June of murdering 8 senior citizens who were under her care.

Wettlaufer claimed that she felt a red surge prior to committing the murders that she originally attributed to God trying to speak to her. Something tells us if it was God, he probably wouldn’t have been on board with that whole murder thing.

One of Wettlaufer’s more extreme cases also included a woman who she murdered because she was being a difficult patient.

10. Tyler Hadley – Killed His Parents And Had A Party

When you decide to throw a party, you may want to stock up on some alcohol and in the case of some individuals, perhaps some mind-altering substances. If you’re younger and living at home, you also want to make sure your parents aren’t going to crash your buzz.

Which may be why after Tyler Hadley popped three pills of ecstasy, he decided to bludgeon both of his parents to death with a hammer. Instead of then completely cleaning everything up, Hadley hosted a party.

During the party, Hadley told a friend – who took a selfie with Hadley – about the incident and showed him some of the blood in the room. It wasn’t long before word got out that there were dead people in the house and Hadley was promptly arrested.

9. Lashonda Williams – Took Selfies Joyriding In Victim’s Car

If you murder someone, you may do everything you can to distance yourself from that crime (you know, unless jail sounds fun). But for Lashonda Williams and Roger Reed, they decided to celebrate murdering their local pastor by then going on a joyride in his car – which they promptly blasted selfies of all over social media.

The assistant chief of police, Delando Wilson, associated with the case spoke out about the selfies,

“It just shows how egregious this crime is, you know, that some people, their conscience doesn’t bother them. They have been suspected of a heinous crime. To joyride in the victim’s vehicle is pretty heartless.”

They were arrested 4 days after the murder while driving around in the vehicle.

8. George Thomson, Brahnn Finley, and Daniel Johnston – All 3 Involved In Murder Of 14-Year-Old

The above photo may be a bit blurry, but perhaps the adrenaline was pumping because these 3 men were about to go and murder 14-year-old Jordan Watson.

The charge was led by George Thomson (aged 19 and located in the middle in our selfie) who was obsessed with Watson’s girlfriend (who was also 14). We’re not too sure how murdering her boyfriend was supposed to lead to her falling for you, but we also don’t know how these 3 friends thought taking a selfie together was a good idea.

Plus, if we’re being honest why is a 19-year-old going after a 14-year-old to begin with?

All 3 were charged with Thomson receiving the most significant sentence life in jail (and a minimum of 27 years).

7. Amanda Taylor – Stabbed Father-In-Law And Posted Selfie

The photo may be blurry, but make no mistake about it; Amanda Taylor is standing in front of the camera and proudly brandishing her murder weapon.

Taylor’s victim was her 59-year-old father-in-law, Charlie Taylor. It was reported that one of the motivations for Taylor was to impress a potential partner, Sean Bell who had lied to her about his combat experience and past experiences with killing but was also involved in the murder of Taylor.

Bell and Taylor then went on the run, with Taylor having aspirations to kill more people but when Bell got hesitant she shot him in the face.

Taylor also elected to take a picture of his face after she had shot him.

Thankfully for Bell, the bullet passed through his jaw and he survived, but it was not long after this that Taylor was arrested.

6. Jamie Reynolds – Couldn’t Handle Another Rejection

Jamie Reynolds pursued Georgia Williams in person and on social media for weeks with her always turning away his advances.

In exchange, Reynolds would often post online about how he would always be forever alone and nobody would love him, including saying

“Plus I’m still kinda recovering my confidence even now from the girl I fell hopelessly in love with, and fighting didn’t save that!” – in reference to Georgia. Unfortunately for Georgia, she made the fatal mistake of believing that Reynolds would help take photos of her for her potential modelling career.

Once together, Reynolds strangled her to death and took photos throughout the process.

5. Frederick Roy Miller – Took Selfie During Police Chase, Killed Daughter At The End

Frederick Roy Miller is truly a despicable human being, but we suppose that’s what you signed up for when you entered this list. After abducting his 3-year-old daughter Laila, Miller engaged in a pursuit with police that ended in a shootout that took his own life. But prior to that, he made sure to send a selfie of him and his daughter to someone close to him.

Prior to shooting with the police, Miller also took a knife to the throat of Laila and if that wasn’t enough, then proceeded to also shoot her in the head. There was a long-running issue over child support and custody issues surrounding Miller and Laila’s mother that is said to have played a factor.

4. Joanna Dennehy – Goal Was To Kill 9 Men (Succeeded With 3)

Joanna Dennehy’s first victim was her then-boyfriend Lukasz Slaboszewski. After promising sexual favors, Dennehy stabbed him and disposed of the body in a nearby wheelie bin.

Unfortunately, that is far from the only murder that Dennehy committed. She also murdered her housemate, as well as her landlord and then went on the run to another town were two more men were stabbed.

Thankfully the latter 2 survived, but Dennehy was clearly one messed up individual. It reported after her arrest that Dennehy had aspirations of killing 9 men.

3. Mohamad Lahouaiej-Bouhlel – Drove That Truck Through A Crowd Killing 87

On July 14th, 2016 Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel drove a 19-ton cargo truck through a crowd of people in Nice, France.

87 people, including Mohamed, were killed as a result of the incident which was linked to Islamic terrorism. Along with that, over 400 were injured as a result. The above photo was taken the same day and features the future murder vehicle in the background.

It was reported that Lahouaiej-Bouhlel was mentally unstable, including suffering from an addiction to both drugs and alcohol.

His brother has also come out and said that he received selfies of Bouhlel laughing among the crowd only hours prior to the attack.

2. Merrick McKoy – Killed Daughter Seconds After The Photo

Merrick McKoy was having problems with his ex-girlfriend, Kim Phanthabongsa, and their 19-month-old daughter. It got bad enough that the two separated, but in November 2013 Merrick broke into Kim’s house and woke her up by pointing a gun at her head.

Kim fled the apartment, but when she did, she left their daughter behind. Which gave Merrick the idea of taking a selfie with his daughter, uploading it to Facebook and then killing her, as well as committing suicide.

Along with the photo, Merrick posted “I told u I can’t live without u lol u thought I was joking now me n Mia out this b****.”

1. Omar Mateen – Murdered 49 People At Pulse Nightclub

Orlando is no stranger to tragedies but none may resonate with you more than the shootings that occurred back in 2016. Omar Mateen opened fire at the Pulse nightclub taking the lives of 49 individuals.

Mateen was known by people who frequented the club, including Ty Smith who said

“Sometimes he would go over in the corner and sit and drink by himself, and other times he would get so drunk he was loud and belligerent,”

Mateen was killed in the ensuing shootout with police.


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