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15 Made-For-The-Internet Mistakes That Prove Failing Is Funny

15 Made-For-The-Internet Mistakes That Prove Failing Is Funny

Mistakes are a universal reality that every human must face at one point or another. If you deny this statement, then you’re probably a huge dick, and being born was your first mistake.

As for the rest of us, we’re stuck here in an endless cycle of day and night, just praying that we don’t embarrass ourselves and make the same mistakes twice. Unfortunately for us, we are a truly flawed species too dumb to alter our behavior, so there is probably a good chance we’ll be reliving our bad choices once again.

Fortunately for everyone else, accidents are pretty funny, especially when people get hurt.

1. It’s 2017, we’re probably all peeing in front of each other anyway.

Reddit | Inspireflyy

2. It’s not the wrinkles that make me fear old age, it’s crap like this.

Reddit | [deleted]

3. One man’s mistake is another man’s highway entertainment.

Imgur | bsh0822

4. Some mistakes are too big for a giant eraser.

Reddit | sebisonabison

5. Marrying someone who publicly shames her was her first mistake.

Reddit | hnastywich

6. Something seems off. Can you point me in the right direction?

Reddit | seant1994

7. Biggest mistake, or new chair?

Imgur | thesilverfalcon

8. This sounds like the end of a sad made-for-TV movie.

Imgur | uniquenotmaybe

His biggest mistake was adding Dracula on Facebook.

Imgur | DocFlash

10. It only takes one mistake to kill you good.

Reddit | WhosJoeDaddy

11. When you only need one, but you got two and now you have your hands full.

Reddit | Iciclewind

12. The mistake was dating her in the first place.

Imgur | LinkinParkSunGlasses

13. The sad part is, someone probably made a bigger deal about two percent milk in her chai latte.

Reddit | sephsta

14. Well, that’s the end of Christmas.

Reddit | Ziplock189

15. At first I was sad.

Twitter | wildwildwesnyle

Then I realized Tom’s a dick.

Twitter | wildwildwesnyle

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