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Being married seems like a true ride, it’s one I’ve never been on so I’m typing this out of pure speculation.

First, you fall deeply in love with someone because you love the way they look at the world, how they laugh and the way their stupid hair falls around their face. Then, after parsing out your love feelings through dating, you both make the decision to leap into a lifelong commitment of love, partnership, and inevitable annoyance.

Regardless of how much you love them, living with another human being long-term is HARD. There’s a reason there are so many dramatic roommate stories floating out there in the abyss. This difficulty is quadrupled when you add in long-term romance, (probably) some kids, and the ongoing stresses of adulthood.

Needless to say, it’s fairly common that traits that originally felt endearing take a turn when you’ve been with someone awhile. That carefree attitude you thought was romantic in your 20s might translate to a partner that forgets how to budget for bills because they were too busy looking at designer

When the Reddit user frieschomper asked married people to share their partner’s traits they once found cute, but now induce eye-rolls, the floodgates opened up.

Here are ten examples that will make you feel less alone in your marital frustration.



His happiness in the mornings, used to make me feel a bit more cheery as we both were up at the asscrack of dawn and he’d just be happy to start his day while I wasn’t too happy, I’m not a morning person, but I have rarely gotten to sleep in past 5 o’clock since I was 14, and now I unfortunately wake up at the time even when I don’t have too. Now instead of making me more cheery in the mornings I just feel irritated, which is completely dumb, because he’s just being his normal happy self, but fuck, dude, quite being so damn pleasant so early in the damn morning it’s pissing me off. It also pisses off our toddlers, who hate mornings just as bad and want him to stop singing to them while they eat their breakfast, but when that happens I feel better, because damnit if I’ve gotta listen to him be happy so do you, ya little shits

My husband hates social interaction (even relaying information to and from friends sometimes) and will avoid it at all cost. At first it was cute, he would beg me to make the calls to order food or find out information. Now I find it very inconvenient – especially when I’m not in the mood to talk to people either.

Honey if you are reading this I love you very much. What do you want for dinner?

The sarcasm.

It would be nice to bring up a topic and not get a zinger in response. “What do you want from the grocery store?” “Five pounds of filet mignon, some motor oil, and, oh, a million dollars.” No, duckface, its 100 degrees out and the kids need food. I’d much rather sit next to you on the couch. WHAT DO YOU FUCKING WANT!

She talks c o n s t a n t l y. I’m a guy who can appreciate a good silence but she hates it. She has to fill every silence by talking or humming or singing or playing music or putting on a TV show. Most of the time she isn’t talking to me, really. Example; as I type this she is playing Fallout and just kinda narrating her experience. It’s still pretty cute and charming at times, tbh, but when we first started dating I found it far more adorable.

This issue is that since she’s constantly making noises with her mouth, I have grown accustomed to just tuning her out or doing other stuff or leaving the room mid-sentence because, once again, she USUALLY ISNT REALLY TALKING TO ME. Unfortunately, sometimes she IS talking to me and then I look like the dickhead for not listening. But I think if I listened in-depth to every tiny thing that came out of her mouth to verify she was or was not speaking to me I would lose my mind.

Her anti-confrontational attitude. It was a breath of fresh air to be with someone who had a pretty laid back attitude about things and didn’t seek to make a fight out of the smallest things.

11 years later, still can’t get her to properly communicate her own desires and/or gripes during an argument, or confront a family member about something out of line they’ve done.


****** Edit: Would like to add we are definitely working on this together. It used to be much, much worse. Since this seems to have resonated with a surprising amount of people, wanted to just add one little thing that has had an impact. ******

We now try to proactively have touch-base conversations. I’ve accepted that in the heat of an argument she will absolutely clam up, and that in the middle of a potential concern or issue, she may not immediately communicate her dissatisfaction. So instead we try to touch base every couple of weeks or so in an open and friendly conversation. * How you feeling? General happiness level? Anything bother you as of late? Anything I could be doing for you, or more of?*

That kind of stuff. Hope it helps.

My husband’s laidback attitude. I truly appreciate that he doesn’t stress about much; he definitely adds balance to my (pre)crastination.

At times though I wish he was more timely. We’re going on a road trip? Maybe we should book a hotel in advance, not 20 minutes before getting there.

We moved across the country and I set up the Relocube, pick up, and, drop off. I asked him to research potential apartments. The week we were to have our Relocube delivered we still didn’t have an apartment or even one in mind. Our Relocube was set to be delivered on Saturday, we signed our lease on Friday.

I’ve learned to take the lead on planning, but it would be a nice “break” for me mentally if I didn’t also have to do it.

She calls it tickling, I call it crabpeople auditions.

My husband always tries to make me laugh. I honestly hope he never stops trying, but there are times when it’s like “really?? You’re trying to make me laugh NOW?!”

His forgetfulness used to be cute and fun. Waking up to fresh gallons of milk sitting on the counter for hours is annoying as fuck now.

Dating: Wow he knows a lot! I love that he always seems to have the answer. We won’t have many problems to worry about when we combine our knowledge!

Now: Omfg babe it won’t kill you to be wrong. Not everything has to be an argument just because your answer has been challenged!

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