15 Messed Up Things Casey Anthony Did While Her Daughter Was Missing


We’re all familiar with the case of Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony. If you’re not, we’d be surprised. This murder trial was broadcast over every social media platform you can imagine, and it hasn’t lost any of the horror it initially instilled. Families everywhere were degrading, destroying, and doubting Casey Anthony’s parenting skills, and we can’t say we blame them. Caylee Anthony, the sweetest two year old the nation ever saw, was killed after being reported missing by her Grandmother. The first suspect on the case? The girl’s supposed babysitter. This nanny was a no-no though, as she had never even heard of the Anthony family! Caylee’s death was all of a sudden shrouded in mystery, with little hope of being figured out. And Casey Anthony, Caylee’s Mom, became suspect number one in the eyes of all of America. With good reason. This is a list of 15 of the most messed up things Casey Anthony did while her daughter was missing. Read on, if you dare, and decide for yourself if she’s the monster everyone thinks she is.

15. Lied to her parents

CBS News

You’d think that once you’re grown, with a child, you’d know better than to lie to your own parents. Especially if your kid is getting to be the age where she might start lying to you! While Caylee was only 2 years old at the time of her death, we bet she had started figuring what lying was, since she learned from the best: her mother. Before the investigation even happened, Casey was already lying. Casey never even called the cops! It was her mother, Cindy, who had pulled the flare to let people know something very, very wrong was happening: the car smelled like a dead body, and Caylee was missing. Casey had been making excuses for Caylee’s absence, until she finally broke down and told her parents their granddaughter had been missing for weeks. As you can imagine, that was a rough conversation. Maybe Casey really was torn up about her daughter going missing or maybe she was just terrified of getting caught in her lie. Either way, this woman straight up lied to her parents… And that’s not the only lie she was caught in!

14. The police were lied to as well

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Casey told her mother that a babysitter she left Caylee with had kidnapped her and taken her away, never to be seen again. When she told the investigators that, they were (rightfully) skeptical. After doing a little digging, police discovered that Casey had lied about many things. First and foremost, her place of employment. She also lied about the nanny’s place of residence, which raised big red flags for the inspectors on the case. It was then discovered that she had lied about the last time seeing Caylee or even seeing Caylee at all… The supposed nanny didn’t even know Casey Anthony existed! The lies are no surprise though, if you had been following the Casey Anthony case, you would have seen that she was charged with lying and misinformation causing impediment to an investigation…Not murder! This caused huge outrage amongst the people of the world, and was part of the reason Casey Anthony’s case was so media famous.

13. Using Google


You know when people say what you put onto the internet stays out there forever? In Casey Anthony’s case, it’s certainly true. She ended up getting into the messiest part of her situation when some of her Google searches were discovered. That’s right folks. The delete button doesn’t actually fully delete stuff! Just because you’ve closed your tabs doesn’t mean your searches disappear. In fact, we’re inclined to believe that they stick around long after we think we’ve gotten rid of them. The police certainly found them alright! In Casey Anthony’s case, this meant a whole lot of explanation. While we’re sure you’re not googling “How to make chloroform” or “fool proof suffocation”, Casey Anthony certainly was. All her google searches had been used in her trial, and they painted a pretty guilty picture. Who does that?! Who thinks “well, better figure out how to make some chloroform so I can knock someone out– I’ll just google it”

12. Got a Tattoo


This might seem like a strange detail to include, but when we look at the timeline, it really doesn’t make sense. The content of the tattoo is pretty weird as well. Let’s assume for a second that Casey Anthony did murder her daughter, Caylee. Her last day in which she was seen alive was June 16th, about two weeks before Casey got this tattoo. Who knows what was going through her head. The content of the tattoo? “Beautiful Life” in Italian. Was it done in memoriam of her daughter? Was it to celebrate the newfound freedom she gained by killing her child? Who knows. Whether the beautiful life is her’s or was Caylee’s, it’s hard to say. We certainly know that both grief and guilt can make people do weird things. Maybe this tattoo is one of those strange things, with a beautiful text covering up the strangeness. One thing is for sure though…

11. Hide-and-seek


She definitely didn’t search as hard as she says she did. Remember when we said she lied to her parents? She lied about tons more, and was eventually found guilty of those charges. But one of the strangest things she said was the fact that she told her parents she had been looking hard for Caylee over the course of the last few weeks. What does her timeline say though? Nothing but that tattoo. Oh, and a “hot body contest” at a nightclub she went to. While we don’t know what it’s like to have a child go missing, we’re pretty sure that searching high and low doesn’t include checking out nightclubs and tattoo parlors. Hey, maybe she needed a break from searching for her daughter, right? No doubt that over the course of the 4 weeks it took until Cindy (her Mom) finally called the cops Casey covered a lot of well-searched ground.

10. …Right?

CBS News

Wrong. Casey Anthony didn’t search for her missing daughter one little bit. In fact, on top of all these nightclub and tattoo parlor visits, she got into even more trouble with the law by breaking and entering. Not anywhere too bad, but bad enough that Casey and her dad had a bit of a spat the next day. She and her boyfriend had broken into George Anthony (Casey Anthony’s father’s) shed in order to steal cans of gas. No wonder she wanted them as well! It’s suspected that at this time she still had the remains of her daughter in her trunk, which would explain why she was so desperate to move the car in the first place. Apparently the cans of gas stayed in her trunk until the next day, when her dad came and accused her of stealing them. She couldn’t deny it, but instead of letting him go and get them out of the trunk like any reasonable person would, she ran over and got them out for him. Weird, huh?

9. The Dad Conundrum

CBS News

Casey Anthony wasn’t the only Anthony to act weird, though. George Anthony, Casey’s father, was also acting a little suspiciously at the time. While we don’t know exactly what his involvement is or whether or not there’s any tie in to Caylee’s disappearance, we do know that the defense seems to think he was the one who took care of everything. Why? Casey’s phone record shows that a short call was made by George to Casey, which only lasted 26 or so seconds. What was the content of this call? Supposedly, something along the lines of “I took care of everything, don’t tell your Mom”. Suspicious? Yes. What’s even weirder is the fact that he didn’t seem shocked by the smell in Casey’s car when they went to pick it up. George didn’t do anything about the death smell. Cindy, Casey’s mom, was the one to call the police. Not to mention the fact that after Casey’s bail was posted, and her terms of probation established, George screwed it all up… Big time.

8. The Gun


One of the terms of Casey Anthony’s probation is to ensure that she’s not near any firearms. It’s absolutely not allowed for her to be within reach of a gun, no matter who the owner is. If it’s within her place of residence, it’s a violation of probation. George Anthony knew that, but still kept a gun in the car. Now, there’s a few possibilities here. One possibility is the fact that he legitimately didn’t clock the fact that having it on the property would defy her bail, as it was under his name. The other possibility is the fact that he was doing exactly what he said he was doing with it. The statement he gave to the officer was something to the effect of “I want to use it to get Casey’s friends to tell me what happened to Caylee”. While this is an almost excusable option, it seems a little far fetched. George Anthony was not a violent man, despite false claims that he abused Casey as a kid. Threatening people with a gun for information doesn’t really sound like his speed. The final option is the idea that maybe it was actually Casey’s, and George was just taking the fall for it. Were they in cahoots? Were they planning another murder? Well…

7. We Don’t Know


After the gun incident, which was already almost two months since Cindy called the police, nothing much else happened with the family. This is the part of the timeline during which everyone refused to take any lie detector tests, and shortly before Casey turned herself in on different charges. We don’t really know of anything about George and Cindy, and we don’t particularly want to. They seemed to wash their hands of the whole thing. That is, outside of an alcohol and medication fuelled rampage George Anthony went on. He turned suicidal for a while, writing a long note (but unfortunately not giving anything away). As we mentioned before, both grief and guilt make people do weird things. Was this George Anthony being unable to cope with the stress of a potential murder? Or was he just torn up about his baby girl’s baby?

6. Carefully Constructed Evidence


The final person to get involved before things really went crazy was Dominic Casey, the family’s private investigator. While the Anthony’s attorney says that they didn’t send him there, his excuse (a psychic sent him) seems much less plausible. We’re inclined to believe someone not so psychic gave him the tip off in order to carefully construct some protective evidence. You see, he searched the area where Caylee’s remains were later found, even though it was under several inches of water. If this doesn’t sound weird to you, think about this: the water could cover up many mysterious lumps and bumps, and protect people from seeing mysterious bones. By filming the search (which he did), there’s proof that the area had already been covered. Maybe the Anthonys hoped it would keep people away, and would protect their grave from being undug.

5. Fraud and Defamation

Fox News

All that premeditated evidence didn’t help though. Caylee’s remains were later found there, thanks to tip offs and secret bone bags. DNA testing confirmed it was in fact Caylee, and all of a sudden Casey was back in hot water. She had got into some different trouble before that though, with a serious lawsuit against her from the babysitter Casey said had kidnapped Caylee. Fun fact: she definitely wasn’t involved in the Caylee Anthony kidnapping, since she didn’t even know who the Anthony’s were! Not only that, but Casey was also caught writing cheques from her friend’s account. These false cheques were eventually what made Casey turn herself in. The fraudulent nature and theft were the perfect things to make the world hate her even more. Besides, how dumb do you have to be to get yourself tangled up in more legal battles when you’re already under scrutiny from the police… For murder?!

4. Bankruptcy


After all the bonds, bails, and battles, no doubt Casey Anthony was in for a rough time with money. She ended up getting caught up in a bankruptcy case, claiming she was totally broke near the tail end of all these legal issues. While the court decided whether or not to affirm her bankruptcy case, she ended up getting roped into a publications battle. Her story was bought for $25,000 in order to protect her (and maybe so the company that bought it would be able to make some money off of it). Unfortunately, her two-faced attitude came out again, and she gave several on-record interviews about the situation. This was not cool, as part of the agreement with the new copywriting of her tale was to have an owner of the company sign off on any interviews she gives. It’s a little weird, but at the time it made sense to Casey. $25,000 for the rights to a story she doesn’t want to think about ever again? Made sense to her.

3. The Non-Profit


After the bankruptcy and trials and everything settled, George and Cindy came out of the woodwork to announce that they had established a non-profit in order to memorialize Caylee, and to help other families who went through the same thing. It might sound like a sweet idea, but something doesn’t quite sit right. They appeared on Dr. Phil to talk about the situation, the results, and many other aspects of the case the public had never heard before. The didn’t do it out of the goodness of their hearts, though. They did it for the money. $600,000 went right into the Caylee Anthony fund, which was under ownership of the parents. While we can’t say for sure they did or didn’t profit off of it, the fund later disappeared. It dissolved into a mysterious abyss, and who knows what happened to the money. They weren’t supposed to profit, but maybe they thought they were the most deserving of the Caylee Anthony memorial fund…

2. “I’m okay with myself”

In Touch Weekly

One of the last things we’d expect to hear from her is the fact that she doesn’t hold any sadness or guilt. If we were dealing with a missing and murdered child, we’d certainly feel some level of painful, lasting sadness. But months (and years) after the trial closed, Casey Anthony seems to feel okay with the outcome. She states that she doesn’t actually care what people think about her, she doesn’t care about what happened, and she feels okay with herself. She doesn’t even have any of those pesky, anxious thoughts that keep her up. She says she sleeps pretty good at night, and doesn’t plan on doing anything different with her life now. Who knows if she’ll ever have another baby or ever feel bad about the loss of this one. Considering the fact she’s so calm and cool already, it might be the kind of thing where she knows she’ll never want to do it again. Or maybe she didn’t care in the first case at all.

1. Moved in with OJ’s Investigator

Daily Mail

Possibly the most effed up thing Casey Anthony did was after the whole thing was over and done. The world was disappointed by Casey never getting taken in on murder charges, and we admit that we were too. There was a lot of shoddy evidence on both the prosecution and the defense, and it’s resulted in a mixed bag of emotions regarding Casey’s outcome. Many people are upset that she was only stuck with a year of probation, and are unsatisfied with the report released that said it was just Casey’s neglect that resulted in the death of Caylee. Everyone except OJ Simpson’s investigator, who was also working on her case as a lead defense investigator. Not only does she now live with McKenna, the investigator, she’s also doing investigative work with him! She says she wants to one day become a private investigator herself… But who knows. We’ll see what happens. Maybe one day they’ll open the case again, and we’ll all see Anthony for whom she really is. Or, maybe, she honestly didn’t mean to neglect her baby, and we’ll forgive and forget she even existed.

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