15 Must-See Photos Of A Young Charlize Theron


An immensely popular actress who has been doing her thing since the mid-nineties, Charlize Theron has been seen in a bevy of films, all of which she has arguably made better. Appearing in memorable movies like 2 Days in the Valley, The Devil’s Advocate, The Cider House Rules, The Italian Job, Hancock and Prometheus, there is little doubt that she has made an impact on film. However, it is two films where she proved just how palpable an actress she actually is, Monsterand Mad Max: Fury Road, the former of which won her an Oscar and the latter many thought should have. Shedding her movie star good looks for each of those roles, she proved that her looks were not what makes her so good at what she does. That said, we’d be lying if we tried to pretend that this gorgeous woman doesn’t owe any of her fame and fortunes to her appearance.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that she has had her photo taken an awful lot over the years and there are legions of people who anticipate more images of the world famous actress. While we love many recent photos of Charlize, when putting together this list we decided it would be more interesting to feature images from her past in an effort to introduce some or remind others of them.

In order for a photo to be considered for this list, it needs to have been taken in the year 2010 or earlier. Charlize turned thirty- five that year and this list is focused on photos of her at an early age, so we’re making that our cut-off. We are also open to screengrabs from her work as an actress, as in many cases images of actors working become their longest-lasting looks in the pop culture world.

15. Zen


The simplest photo on this list by a long shot, that doesn’t stop this image from completely deserving its hallowed place among the rest you will find here. Looking perfectly made up but completely natural, Charlize looks totally at peace with herself and her surroundings which makes this photo oddly comforting which is really remarkable. Wearing a button up top that has been opened just enough to give us a look at her chest and make it look like gravity is doing its best to completely unsheathe them; we love every bit of what we’re looking at. Initially, at a loss for words, which was fine considering our mouths were completely agape, everyone knew we found gold when coming across this photo without saying it to one another.

14. Bashful


If the fact that this photo is fourteenth on this list doesn’t make it clear that we’ve found some amazing images of this world famous actress, then we don’t know what will. Published as part of the 2010 issue of Elle Magazine released in Russia, we are treated to a view of Charlize in what appears to be sultry lingerie while she covers up her bare chest with what we’re assuming is just a towel. Set in an interesting locale from an architectural perspective, we’re far more interested in how her body is put together than anything else around her. And we know you are too.

13. Perspective


Ok, we’re not going to pretend like the angle through which we are looking at Charlize is perfect. We would love it if she was showing off her tight stomach (more on that later), and wish her face was more visible and considering how perfect it is, we feel disappointed by that. So, you may be wondering why we chose to include this photo at all. If you are then you seriously need to open your eyes and not depend on us to explain everything to you. The almost bird’s eye view that we are getting here provides a great view of her rack for one thing. For another, it almost looks like we are lying in a bed beside one of the hottest women on this planet. If that isn’t good enough for you, and it totally should be, then her legs are right there to peer at too.

12. Split


A photo taken from the pages of Entertainment Weekly 11 years ago in 2005, we’re not entirely sure what project inspired her inclusion in the magazine but if they included her just to respect her beauty we get it. Wearing a distinctive dress that appears to be backless, the view of her side is quite enjoyable but that is not what inspired its inclusion here. Instead, it is the way her legs are positioned, split apart with part of her dress falling between them, that got our minds going and our lips smiling. She may not be pulling off full splits here but she is definitely doing enough to make this an image of her one for the ages.

11. Sheets


Photos published in 2000 by Talk Magazine, Wearing nothing on her body but a smirk and knowing look, it is only the carefully held bits of sheet underneath her that serve to stop us from seeing more than she meant us to. Seen totally nude from the side in the top half, we absolutely love being able to trace the various hills and valleys that make up her body. On the other hand, the ability to see a hint of her nether regions in the bottom half is every bit as fantastic. If you can pick one over the other, then you are a more decisive person than we are.

10. Reflection


The star of Snow White and The Huntsman as well as its sequel, Charlize could be heard in those movies asking who the fairest of them all was and in it she is told Kristen Stewart’s Snow White is. While Kristen isn’t an ugly woman by any means, she can’t hold a candle to the true beauty in real life of the actress who played the evil queen. If there is any question of that, just look at the reflection this lucky mirror gets to contain. Wearing a white top that she is holding part way up her sexy torso, we can just imagine her slowly slinking her hand up revealing more and more of her. Additionally, revealing her butt in a pair of black panties, they clearly knew exactly what we wanted to see when taking this photo.

9. Gold


Yup, looks like she is wearing nothing at all this time around. Not only that, but there is no garment in sight or any piece of fabric draped over her body. Instead, the only thing that stands between us and a look at her gloriously nude body is the strategic placement of her limbs which is both maddening and arousing in equal measure. Seemingly covered in some kind of gold bodypaint at first blush, when you look closer, it almost seems like she is just so angelic that the human eye was not meant to see something so beautiful. Including a slight view of a portion of one of her breasts, it amazes us that part of the photo takes a backseat. Instead, our greatest delight comes due to the sexy way her hand is running through her hair.

8. Busted


Looking as though it could have been pulled right out of an overwrought neo-noir film, this photo looks like it could be a relic of the golden age of Hollywood. With her breasts covered by her bra only, the resulting feast for the eyes is divine but it is the angle that we are seeing her from that really makes this photo stand out. As a result of the slight turn of her body, we get a great view of both her boobs from the side but are also afforded a very welcome look at her cleavage which is delightful too. Throw in the fact that it looks as though she is only lit by light coming from a window on the other side of those blinds and it makes us envision laying in a room as a passing by car illuminates her.

7. GQ Cover


While it is a well-documented fact that many of the most successful people in the modern acting world are very attractive, especially when it comes to women, this photo is simply mind boggling. Looking as though she puts nearly any supermodel to shame, she not only looks superb but it almost seems as though the clothes she has on are happy to be adorning her body. Just about skin tight, we have to imagine that both pieces of clothing had to be literally peeled off of her and she might have required someone’s assistance to accomplish that feat. Our favorite element of what we are looking at is the subtle curve that marks the beginning of her excellent derriere. That is far from the only part we love though as virtually everything we see here combines in a perfect mixture of sexuality.

6. Æon Flux


A movie that was largely considered a failure in every way, Æon Flux took a loss at the box office and was destroyed by critics as evidenced by it only having 10% on Rotten Tomatoes. That said, there was one thing that was pretty great about it, it starred Charlize Theron and featured her wearing skin tight clothing pretty much through the entire thing. Case in point, this promotional image for the film that featured the actress in all black clothes, jet black hair and an outfit that leaves very little to the imagination. One of the best views of her butt that she’s ever given, that alone ensured its inclusion here.

5. Barely Covered


One of the most recent photos on this list, this time around we’ve brought your attention to one taken in 2008 for GQMagazine. Where do we start here? Should we talk about the come hither look first? Should we touch on the fact that the sheet she is using to cover her body provides a great idea of what her chest may look like underneath it? No, alright let’s get to the best part of the photo, the idea that the aforementioned sheet is the only thing standing between the camera and this stunning blonde. If that idea isn’t enough to get your motor running, then either woman aren’t your thing or we just don’t understand your tastes. After all, she certainly seems like she knows exactly what effect the implication of this moment in time would have on people, judging by that look on her face.

4. Theory of Hot


A photo taken all the way back in 1999, it proves that Charlize’s looks did not develop later in life. If you want to know the greatest testament to the fact that this photograph is absolutely stunning to look upon, we’ve got just the thing for you. How long did it take you to notice that Albert Einstein’s face adorns her top and that he is sticking his tongue out on it? If you are anything like us you may have been ignorant of that fact until you read it just now. Wearing very little at all, the highlight here has to be the bottoms she has on. The fact that it seems as though we can see her flesh through them due to a series of small holes is great enough but it is made all the better by the placement of her thumb. Look at it, it seems to be subtly beginning to peel her undies off. Of course, we weren’t present when this was taken but that actually makes it easier to pretend that her thumb continued to go towards her feet right after the shutter snapped.

3. Major Introductions


A largely forgettable movie that did very little business at the box office, making barely over eleven million dollars, there is one thing people took note of in 2 Days in the Valley. Featuring a virtually unknown actress at the time, of course, we are talking about Charlize, she was all over the poster and advertisements wearing skimpy and all white clothing. It should, therefore, come as very little surprise that she is the only one in the film that actually came out the stronger because of it, especially when looking at a photo like this. We’re not even going to bother explaining what is great about this image as it is that self-evident.

2. Bikini Beauty


We’re just going to say it, holy hell Charlize Theron is hot. A photo that was taken for Esquire Magazine in 2007, this image is hot enough that it has absolutely stood the test of time and falls ever so slightly short of being quite possibly the sexiest single photograph we’ve ever seen of this talented actress. Set in a sauna or shower of some sort, we’re treated to a fantastic photo of her in nothing more than a bikini which is a true blessing to behold. Showing off her taut stomach, which is lacking in each of the other photos we’ve chosen here, it makes us wonder how every photographer after this shot was taken ever made the mistake to exclude it again. Topped off by the sultry look on her face, which totally communicates her comfort with her body as well as desire to share it with us, there is very little we can think of that is hotter than that.

1. Sexiest Woman Alive


When Esquire named the sexiest woman in the world in 2007, they knew what they were up to. When they then decided to pay someone to take photos of her wearing nothing but an undershirt and a pair of panties, they must have had a stroke of genius. Showing off her fantastic figure in almost all of its glory, this image is definitely one that epitomizes everything that makes Charlize so sexy. Look at those glorious legs, that supple skin, her beautiful hair, and how striking the one eye we can make out is. This is the type of woman who served as the inspiration for the tales of yore. This is the type of woman men went to war for and woman wanted to be with. This is the type of woman that we knew we could no longer ignore and completely deserved to have a list like this one focused on her. Finally, that is the type of photo that absolutely demands to be placed in the top spot on a list like this one.


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