15 Naughtiest Places Women Fantasize About Doing The Deed


Everyone has a naughty side; even women. So what is a better idea than to constantly be looking for a new place to have the ultimate sexual experience? Sex is often looked down upon when it comes to women, especially when a woman is vocal about it and admits that she wants it and loves it. It is less important for women to embrace sex than to feel comfortable with it. When sex is embraced by women they are treated like lepers; they are treated like sex obsessed freaks that need help, stat! Unfortunately for society, sex is a topic that creeps into almost every discussion whether it has a place or not. Women are no longer sitting back and acting like they do not know what it is. They are not shaking in their boots or frightened for their future because they have slept with more than one man. They are gripping onto the idea that they too can have a naughty bucket list, feel empowered by the act of sex and feel confident enough in themselves and their surroundings to be forthright about what turns them on and off, and most importantly where turns them on and off.

A woman with a naughty side will always make for some very interesting experiences and what is more interesting than attempting to enjoy one of life’s pleasures in the public eye? Because women are feeling more confident and taking back their sexuality, they are willing to test the waters when it comes to sex and having sex in public; here are a few places that women have admitted to ticking off their sexy bucket list.

15. Car


Everyone fantasizes about doing the deed in a car; for some people it is a reality and for some it is yet to happen. Having intercourse in a car is usually looked down upon; he either has nowhere to take you (i.e. his own place) or he does not respect you enough to take you anywhere but a secluded field where he has probably taken plenty of girls. However, there is that small percentage of people whose sex life needs a little boost and in addition to some pretty other public places, car sex is possibly the easiest one on the list they want to check off.

14. Public Park


There are some pretty wild women out there; wild enough to want to have sex in a public park. They just cannot get enough of their man and they have to do it everywhere no matter the risk of getting caught. Having sexy time in a public park is not unique; people get caught several times a year relieving their stress in a park, usually at night because they assume the risk of getting caught is minimal. Park sex can be pretty hot; the risk of getting caught definitely does something to your adrenaline but make sure to take a long hot shower afterwards cause you will be lying in dirt, sand and bugs.

13. Bathroom


Yes a public washroom is filthy, unsanitary, and you are risking every part of your soul partaking in anything that requires you to expose your skin in them. Women get a kick out of how dirty and filthy their surroundings can be, they can get off mentally since it makes them feel like a bad girl and physically the kind of sex you are having in a public washroom is not cookie cutter so being turned on is kind of a requirement.

12. Amusement Park


There are so many places to get down and dirty in an amusement park it is insane. We already mentioned public washrooms; but let’s not forget on the rides. Some rides go so slow you could engage in full intercourse while on other rides it is too risky to do but a handy J is always an option. Your adrenaline is already pumping so at this point you cannot blame her for being down for just about anything. The excitement of being in public, on a fast ride or surrounded by other riders but hidden just enough to play around really gets her going.

11. In Their Office


Nothing is hotter to a woman who is high profile, has a great job, her own office and works on her own time than having uninhibited sex in that office. The idea of having sex while your co-workers are just outside the door is tantalizing; you try not to be loud, you giggle, maybe you forget to lock the door in hopes that someone walks in. The risk you’re taking is a huge turn on and while you may not admit that you hope someone walks in you would weirdly welcome it and not worry about the consequences until later.

10. On A Roof


Having sex on a roof is one of the most public places possible. Some people consider it romantic; you are underneath the stars, the night sky is beautiful, the silence of nature is intimate. What better spot could you ask for? Sex on a roof leaves you so exposed and open for scrutiny and admittedly some women love showing off their body in several capacities. Sex on a roof top is just a bonus. The risk of getting caught is minimal for the simple fact that there is no real reason for anyone else to be up there.

9. University Library


Most University students spend hours in the library usually studying but sometimes they get up to other things. It is so easy to have sex in between the aisles of the quiet library and go unnoticed as long as you can keep your moans to a minimum. While risk plays a huge factor in this meeting the idea of throwing your books down and tossing education out the door (for the moment) is one the best feelings in a University students life. The calm of the library can make any woman feel mischievous and a little naughty. Think about it; dusty old books and you with smart looking glasses on, just don’t knock it until you try it.

8. The Drive-In


Let’s face it, the drive-in is made for sex. If you are not having sex at the drive-in then what are you doing? Not only is it an opportunity for her to get down and dirty in a car, it is an opportunity to fulfill one of her possible fantasies. The drive-in sets the mood; a movie is playing, dim lighting and of course cars close enough for your neighbors to see what you are doing. The foggy windows would be a great indicator to your neighbor that something is going on and who knows? Maybe that gets her mojo flowing.

7. On Foreign Soil



Vacations are not just to see the world anymore; women want to come back with a naughty story to tell their girlfriends, especially if they went on that vacation with their significant other or even if they had sex with a random cutie; either way who does not want to brag about meeting a hot European guy (or girl) and taking your clothes off for them. There is always a romanticized feeling around going away to another country and being swept off your feet, only this time it might involve grass, sand, a grotto but never a bed. Don’t knock her hustle.

6. In A Row Boat


This is very do-able and the danger that surrounds it only makes for a better time. The risk of capsizing is a very real threat but how hot is it being in the middle of a body of water getting down and dirty? Some women still believe in the damsel in distress theory, so if you want you can certainly play on her love of gender roles and save her from the sure death of drowning; she is certain to be turned on. If that does not work, try just being in the boat when the water starts swaying the right way and the moonlight hits your eyes at just the right time; you know you’ve got her then.

5. Sauna


If you regularly use your local community pool or you belong to a country club then chances are you also have access to a sauna that many people may not even know exists. You are in better luck if you have a co-ed sauna because no one will be able to question you and your boyfriend being in the sauna together. Why would a woman want to have sex in a sauna? Simple, it is a huge turn on to be in there with her hot, sweaty man and after a few hours of physical exertion in the gym she is good to go.

4. Movie Theater


Going to a movie is a pretty common boring date; however, she may like to spice it up a bit by engaging in some sexual activity in the back row of one of the darkest parts of the theater. Realistically there will not be full blown intercourse but we all know there are other ways to make her happy. This can be a huge turn on for a woman if she is looking to spice things up but keep it relatively simple. Fellas, just do not blow it by not being able to control your outburst and keep in mind that women hate being embarrassed in a public place.

3. On The Beach



Sex on the beach is fun; there is even a drink named after it and of course, that drink is geared towards women. Women like to take a walk on the wild side every once in a while, and getting down and dirty on a beach is probably on every woman’s bucket list. Luckily for them there are beaches geared towards adults that encourage you to be nude and we all know when a bunch of nude people get together there is always that one inappropriate couple that wants to take it further. That could be your girlfriend; hey, at least it makes for a great naughty story when she and her friends dish about their bedroom life.

2. The Fitting Room


Fitting rooms have become a popular place to get down. Whether you are young or old you always have time for fun in a fitting room. Any girl who claims they have not thought about it is lying; there is even a rumor that states lingerie shops like Victoria’s Secret and La Senza created their big changing rooms for women who want to show off their lingerie to their men in private. Obviously they are not encouraging their customers to let loose in the changing rooms but you have to admit one or two women must have tried and probably succeeded.

1. In Public. Period.


Woman love letting their inner bad girl come out. No matter how reserved they are, sex is something that no woman is above. Sex in a public place is something that every woman has fantasized about and making this fantasy a reality is risky but if she can pull it off she has ticked off one more thing on her bucket list. Women can be just as deviant as men can be and just because they are not so forthcoming about it does not mean they do not think about it, or better yet engage in it. Sometimes women just want to let their wild side out.



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